Food Reviews

Magnolia Caramel Cheesecake Ice Cream

Summer is here and I could definitely feel the burn of the scorching sun. Because of this, I have succumbed to the calls of the ice cream calling me. It is now the season to give in to the call of ice cream and just forget about the diet. …

Weight Watchers Smart Ones: Santa Fe Rice & Beans

Weight Watchers Smart Ones, Santa Fe Style Rice & Beans, are a microwavable meal with a serving size of “One Package, (Two-Hundred, eighty-three grams).” The meal contains three-hundred, ten calories, seven grams fat, fifteen milligrams Cholesterol, six-hundred, sixty milligrams sodium and fifty-one grams of total Carbohydrates. All Smart Ones …

Iceberg’s Caramel Flan Con Hielo

The heat outside really is terrible. I really wanted to have something to eat that is cold so I could cool myself off. The summer heat is really getting to me and what a nice thing to have is a good cold afternoon ice dessert!
My husband and I went …

ValuTime Cooking Spray

Product Description: Can of non-stick vegetable cooking spray. My wife picked this up at our local Piggly Wiggly grocery store a couple days ago for around $1.50 and we’ve used it a few times since then.
What I liked about this product: Well, one of the biggest things I liked …

McCormick Bac’n Pieces

Whenever I eat a salad, I must have bacon bits on it. I have tried many different brands of bacon bits, but McCormick’s Bac’n Pieces is my favorite so far. They are priced right and taste just like real bacon. They can make just about any kind of food …

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Product Description: Package of chocolate chip cookie mix available at most stores for around $2. You add water, butter and an egg, mix it up and bake 2-inch chocolate chip cookies. In total, it makes up to three dozen (though we only got two dozen because we made the …

Liberty Gold Mushrooms

Product Description: Can of mushroom pieces and stems. I found this product at my local grocery store for 89 cents per can and used them a couple nights ago when I was making spaghetti for dinner.
What I liked about this product: I usually avoid spending more money on products …

Lady’s Choice Caesar Salad Dressing

I have been eating many kinds of salad with dressings but this Lady’s Choice Classic Caesar Dressing made me want more. It’s not the typical dressing because I discovered it can be mixed with other kinds of healthy food especially when you are on diet. It is made up from …

Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus

Hummus is basically a Middle Eastern dip or spread that is made from ground chick peas blended with tahini and olive oil as well as various spices or lemon juice. Sabra Hummus is one of the brands of hummus that are available in my …

Mccormick Curry Powder

Mccormick curry powder is not only a great spice but it is often found in countries such as Thailand and Cambodia. I have made two trips to Cambodia and on both trips I ate dishes that contained Curry powder. Curry powder is a mixture of spices mainly found in …

Armour Turkey Meatballs

Product Description: Bag of seasoned meatballs from the Armour brand that are made out of turkey rather than beef. I found these last night at one of our local grocery stores for around $3.
What I liked about this product: The main reason I ended up buying this product was …

Angus Pride Steaks

Product Description: Brand of beef steaks ranging from round steak to sirloin. These are available at select stores. The price varies a bit depending on the steak itself but, on average, runs about $3 per pound.
What I like about this product:Unless I want to go outside of town to …

Nash Brothers Organic Microwave Popcorn

Product Description: Box of three bags of microwave popcorn. I found this at one of our local grocery stores for about $2.50.
What I liked about this product: One of the things that attracted me to this brand to start with was the price. I love it when I can …

Hunt’s Garlic and Cheese Pasta Sauce

Product Description: Can of spaghetti/pasta sauce available in most stores for around $1.50 per can. This particular variety puts an emphasis on the garlic and cheese that is mixed into the tomato sauce.
What I liked about this product: I try to avoid canned or jarred spaghetti sauces and prefer …

Harvey Fresh UHT Long Life Lactose Free Milk

I love to eat cereals as my breakfast, but unfortunately, since I am asian, I do have lactose-intolerance. Eating dairy products, like even the simplest ice cream will definitely send me to the comfort room because I would often have cramps and suffer from diarrhea. I do indulge from …

Season’s Choice Vegetable Blends

Synopsis: Bagged frozen vegetables available at Aldi in a variety of different blends that include everything from carrots to broccoli and califlower. My wife found a bunch of these the other day for around $1 each.
What I liked about this product: I like convenience and these are pretty easy …

Kraft Amooza Twist Cheese String

Kraft Amooza Twist Cheese String has just become my daughter’s new favourite cheese snack lately. Before we saw Amooza twist’s first appearance in No Frills, we always picked Black Diamond cheese string and fun cheese, which was a bit pricy.
The first time we spotted Amooza Twist in No …

Alexia All Natural Panko Breaded Onion Rings

The Alexia All Natural Panko Breaded Onion Rings come in a thirteen point five ounce bag for a little under two dollars and fifty cents. I used to purchase these onion rings semi-regularly before I gave the Season’s Choice Diced Onion Rings a try. Now I purchase those onion …

Baker’s Corner Spring Sprinkles

The Baker’s Corner Spring Sprinkles come in a six point seventy-five ounce jar for two dollars and ninety-nine cents at ALDI Food Market stores. The sprinkles come in a variety of bright, cheery colors that range from yellow to purple to blue to pink and more, and they are …

Campbell’s Chunky New England Clam Chowder

Product Description: Microwavable bowl of Campbell’s Chunky Soup New England Clam Chowder. I purchased this earlier this morning for $2.39 at one of our local grocery stores (though I think it is available for less money at a couple of the other stores here in town).
What I liked about …

Matador Beef Jerky

Product Description: Bag of barbecue flavored beef jerky. I found it at one of our local grocery stores this morning for $4.99.
What I liked about this product: Well, for one, I like the fact the jerky is much softer than most other brands. I usually end up buying jerky …

Millville Chocolate Crispy Oats Cereal

The Millville Chocolate Crispy Oats Cereal comes in an eleven point twenty-five ounce box for two dollars and nineteen cents at ALDI Food Market stores. They taste very much like the General Mills Chocolate Cheerios. While a box of the General Mills Chocolate Cheerios costs around two dollars and …

Season’s Choice Shoestring Fries

The Season’s Choice Shoestring Fries come in a twenty-eight ounce package for one dollar and sixty-nine cents at ALDI Food Market stores. These shoestring fries look and taste a lot like the fries served at fast foods such as McDonald’s and Whataburger. They’re very thin in terms of thickness, …

Happy Harvest Whole Kernel Sweet Corn

The Happy Harvest Whole Kernel Sweet Corn comes in a fifteen point twenty-five ounce can for forty-nine cents at ALDI Food market stores. Unlike with a lot of other products carried by ALDI, there isn’t as much of a difference in price between the Happy Harvest brand of canned …

Baker’s Corner White Frosting

Baker’s Corner White Frosting comes in a sixteen ounce tub for one dollar and twenty-nine cents at ALDI Food Market stores. This white frosting is about thirty cents cheaper, or more depending on the store, than the name brand white frostings. What’s even better is I can’t taste the …

Friendly Farms Aerosol Whipped Light Cream

The Friendly Farms Aerosol Whipped Light Cream comes in a seven ounce can for one dollar and forty-nine cents at ALDI Food Market stores. Although more whipped cream can be bought for less in a standard container, this aerosol can offers a degree of convenience that the standard container …

L’oven Fresh Frosted Sugar Cookies

The L’oven Fresh Frosted Sugar Cookies sell for one dollar and ninety-nine cents at ALDI Food Market stores. Ten cookies come in a package. Five of the cookies have yellow frosting while the other five have pink frosting, and all ten cookies have sprinkles that come in a bunch …

Belmont Premium Ice Cream Cookies & Cream

Belmont Premium Ice Cream Cookies & Cream comes in a one point five quart container for two dollars and forty-nine cents at ALDI Food Market stores. This is an all natural ice cream that’s all good in my book! This ice cream combines two tasty things: chocolate cookies and …

Baker’s Corner Spring Confetti Deluxe Moist White Cake Mix

Baker’s Corner Spring Confetti Deluxe Moist White Cake Mix is a product that sells for ninety-five cents at ALDI Food Market stores. Eighteen point nine ounces of cake mix come in a box, so it contains about as much cake mix as your average Pillsbury or Duncan Hines cake …

Quorn 2 Crispy Fillets (vegetarian roast chicken)

If I fancy a (vegetarian) meat and vegetables type dinner I often look to the Quorn range of meat-substitute dishes and I usually like them. The last two nights I have had one of these crispy fillets - which are like fillets of roast chicken – and they …

L’oven Fresh Butter Dinner Rolls

The L’oven Fresh Butter Dinner Rolls come in a seventeen ounce package for one dollar and sixty-nine cents at ALDI Food Market stores. These dinner rolls are already made and packaged, so no preparation is required unless you desire to heat them up in the microwave or oven. Also, …

Season’s Choice Prince Edward Medley

Season’s Choice Prince Edward Medley is a frozen vegetable product carried at ALDI Food Market stores for one dollar and forty-nine cents. Sixteen ounces of vegetables come in a bag and the vegetables include: carrots, wax beans and green beans. Admittedly, the variety isn’t as impressive as some of …

Chef’s Cupboard Chicken Broth

Product Description: Can of condensed chicken broth. My wife and I found it at our local Aldi store for around 60 cents a couple weeks ago and used it yesterday.
What I liked about this product: I don’t use chicken broth all that much. But, it comes in handy the …

Celentano Frozen Cheese Ravioli

Celentano frozen cheese ravioli are a great favorite in my household. They are reasonably priced and readily available in the frozen food section of our local supermarkets, they are easy to prepare, and they are delicious.
Celentano frozen cheese ravioli …

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Pasta with Ricotta and Spinach

I have started with my Weight Watchers diet a few days ago and I am quite happy with it. I did not want to pay for membership but I figured maybe I can do it myself by buying their products and having a little knowledge about the Weight Watchers point …

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Lasagna Florentine

I am the type of person who cannot stick with just one diet. I am fairly skinny but I still try to control my appetite because I gain pounds very easily. I was at our local grocery store when I saw that Weight Watchers Smart Ones were on sale. The …

Kroger Pull-Apart Garlic Bread

Kroger Pull-Apart Garlic Bread is a product sold exclusively at Kroger grocery stores. It’s a bread that’s baked fresh in-store and is sold near the bakery for two dollars and seventy-five cents. The bread is round in shape and very thick in size. It was so thick and tall …

Gorton’s Garlic Butter Shrimp Bowl

Product Description: Frozen dinner consisting of shrimp and vegetables over pasta and in a garlic butter sauce. I bought this last night at our local Walgreen’s Pharmacy for $3.35.
What I liked about this product: I ended up buying this because my wife is feeling under the weather and I …

Selecta Premium Quezo Real Ice Cream

I love to eat ice cream. I used to love chocolate flavored ice cream but then got to a point where I was willing to try out new flavors. Somehow the chocolate ice cream got a little blah for my taste. I wanted to see if I could try …

Kellogg’s Cocoa Frosties

I have been yearning to have that Cocoa Frosties since I saw it again in the supermarket earlier today. I have memories of my childhood whenever I see this box of cornflakes because my mom used to buy it and I would eat it without milk as an afternoon …

Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Product Description: Package of pre-made chocolate chip cookies (the non-chewy variety). I purchased these a couple days ago for around $3.
What I liked about this product: I still prefer fresh-baked cookies. But, when I don’t have time for something like that, a product like this is just perfect. There …

Swanson Hungry Man Boneless Rib Dinner

Product Description: Frozen dinner from the Swanson Hungry Man line. Dinner consists of two boneless pork ribs in sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans and a brownie. I bought it last night for about $4.
What I liked about this product: One of the biggest reasons why I like Hungry Man …

Dubuque Hot Dogs

Product Description: Package of 10 hot dogs from the brand Dubuque. The hot dogs promise to plump when cooked. I bought them last night for $3.50.
What I liked about this product: One of the main reasons I ended up buying this brand was the price. We have a couple …

The White Hat Frozen Yogurt

Each time I see this shop - The White Hat, I feel really curious about why is it called the white hat. It is intriguing to see a white colored store in a crowded and busy mall. Every time I pass by I thought of figuring out what’s in …

KFC Halo-Halo Krush

I also work for the food industry business and I consider each food establishment around the globe must be like brothers and sisters working hand in hand in providing ultimate food quality and costumer satisfaction. My job requires me to work with the technical aspect of food items served …

Stick-O Choco Wafer Sticks

I was thinking of what to bring for the following day on my son’s field trip, well actually I already have some food ideas in mind but very general. I just thought that I should bring food that is easy and quick to eat, not too messy, would spare …

Purefoods Tender Juicy Cheesedog

Grocery shopping is one of the chores that most mommies dutifully does for their families. As a mom myself I shop for food that I know my kids would love. Seeing them happily fasting over food that I thoughtfully bought for them makes me feel fulfilled as a smart …

Coke Zero No Sugar

I made a promise to myself to cut down my intake of carbonated drinks and make it a habit instead of drinking more water. But sometimes it is really very tempting specially after a heavy meal or during a tired day or when you have to fight the urge …

Kroger Party Cakes Chocolate Cake with Swiss Chocolate Icing

The Kroger Party Cakes Chocolate Cake with Swiss Chocolate Icing is a bakery item sold only at Kroger grocery stores. This is a product that’s made in the store and put out in the bakery section, but not all Kroger locations may have this item. One party cake costs …

Season’s Choice Crinkle Cut Fries

Product Description: A bag of crinkle cut French fries. My wife found these at our local Aldi for around $1.50 and we ended up having them for dinner last night (making them in our oven).
What I liked about this product: Well, for one, I obviously cannot argue with the …

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