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  • The Ginger Bars are the best of Spaans sugar free line
  • Just don't be expecting the greatest cookie experience of your life

    • by James Davenport


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      Continuing on with my holiday-season-stealing of my folks store-bought cookie arsenal (see my previous post on Spaans Lemon Chiffon cookies for more context) next up, Spaans Ginger Bars Sugar Free Cookies.

      On the plus side once again, as apparently customary with Spaans’ packaging, you get a whole 10 oz tub of these cookies, more than two dozen. Also the Ginger Bars are by far the largest of the cookies I’ve sampled from my sugar-intolerant Pap’s cookie stockpile (seriously, he’s got a whole counter-full now of these plastic containers as if he’s preparing for the end of the cookie world, no joke! Unlike some of the other Spaans products, the

      Ginger Bars are almost standard size, might even be as large and as thick as Pepperidge Farm Milanos (which is surprising, as how most of these Spaans cookie types are bite-sized.) The point here being you feel you actually have a COOKIE in your hand, not a “broken piece of a cookie made that small on purpose.” The taste? Surprisingly good for sugar free. I was waiting for that horrendous Splenda after-taste wave to kick in, but it never did. I don’t know if they were able to get away with using less of the stuff in their Ginger Bar recipe, or if the strong hint of ginger flavor helps mask the Splenda from destroying the cookie best, but I never detected any of the cursed stuff. (If you read all my Spaans reviews, you’ll soon learn just how much of an anti-Splendist I am!) I found nothing inherent in the flavor to destroy my cookie enjoyment…and I was really looking too, good job! Spaan’s Ginger Bars actually remind me a little bit of my Mother’s own homemade ginger snaps, and coming from a sugar free cookie, that’s a major accomplishment.

      On the downside, as with all these Spaans line cookies my Pappy bought, they’re SUGAR FREE. While I did say the Ginger Bars reminded me ...

      • Spaans Ginger Bars Sugar-Free Cookies
      of dear Mom’s ginger snaps, note I also said A LITTLE BIT. That little bit part? Right, you guessed it…that’s the sugar free coming in there. It’s obvious to anyone who’s ever had a diet or sugar free “diabetes friendly” store bought dessert that these are of that vintage. While the home taste of “gingery molassesy” flavor is there, it’s extremely muted and near bland compared to all the home-made cookies I’ve tried. Even with the Ginger Bars, I could tell I was consuming a cookie light. If it weren’t for the fact I tried one via family relation/five-finger-discount (I stole one from my Pop, okay? Wink!) I
      never would have bought these cookies.

      All and all though, at around $2-3 depending on which brick-and-mortar grocer (Kroger, HEB Pantry etc) you purchase them from, these cookies are not a bad deal. The Ginger Bars are the best of Spaans sugar free line. They’re pretty good for what they are (it’s still a cookie after all, I’ll take even a Splenda-laced licorice-flavored cookie over spinach any day of the week.) Just don’t be expecting the greatest cookie experience of your life. Though, I ate TWO of the Ginger Bars, which is more than I can say for any other of my Pop’s sugar-free smorgasbord. They’re not bad.

william elder says :

re : The Ginger Bars are the best of Spaans sugar free line
This is really a great product. It tastes great -I love the taste of ginger plus the bonus of having no sugar.
It s great at my morning coffee break
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