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Rudy Giuliani

I don’t quite know what to think about Rudy Giuliani. On the one hand, he seemed to be one of the better candidates for President. On the other hand, his campaign was so mismanaged from day one that I really don’t know what he was thinking. …

The Wyoming Caucuses

So, Wyoming decided that they wanted to be a bigger player in Presidential politics, so they decided to move up their Republican caucuses. They figured, hey, if we have an early caucus, that means that everyone will pay attention to us, right? Or something like that.
I have …

Barack Obama

I never used to care about politics until I joined the Army. This year in particular I have been following most of the candidates for both the Republicans and Democrats. The more I hear about Barack Obama the less impressed I am with the idea that he might get …

Ron Paul For President

The other day I saw part of a debate on You Tube and one of the candidates I had never heard of was Ron Paul. What I learned was that Ron Paul is running as a Republican candidate for President of the United States of America. Ron Paul did …

Fred Thompson the canidate of the people

When I hear the name Fred Thompson I automatically think of the role he played on a tv sitcom show for many years. He has a certain quality about him that makes him look more presidential than most of the other candidates that are running in the 2008 race …

Mike Gravel

Mike Gravel is a very good man. He is running for President and he is a man of honor and principle. Mike Gravel is the man who was responsible for getting rid of the draft in the U.S. He is very brave and works hard for the people of the …

Barack Obama Campaign

Barack Obama is a very smart young man. He is an expert on Constitutional Law and heaven knows that is an important skill. The things he has to contend with are his lack of experience and saying that those who are 50 or older are not forward looking enough …

Ron Paul Campaign

Ron Paul was once considered to be a front runner in the Republican race, but he is far down in the polls. I would not be surprised to see him running on a third party - he leans towards the Libertarian Party. There are also news stories about …

Hillary Clinton Campaign

No Candidate is causing more controversy in the Presidential race this year than New York Senator Hillary Clinton. She has the highest number of voters who say they will never vote for her and at the same time she has the highest number of voters who say they …

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani is slipping in the polls. All of the polls and now he is doing what he said he would not do and campaigning in the states with the earliest caucuses and primaries, but have the lowest number of delegates. His original game plan was to focus …

Hillary Clinton Supports a One World Government

Hillary Clinton talks a lot about Universal Health care and other plans she has. But she is not being honest with her fans. I don’t know why she hides things from the people. It seems she is trying to trick people into trusting her. She has secretly attended the Bilderberg …

Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul is a rare voice of reason in politics today. He believes we should follow the Constitution and never give up liberty for security. He is running for President and he know that if you give up liberty for security you will be left with neither. He …

Oscar Goodman

I realise, as any person of experience and virtue will tell you, that in evaluating another person, fairness and humility are attributes we should normally embrace. There is a time for fairness and humility, although when you are lying in the road spread-eagled after a drunk has run you …

John Howard Prime Minister

How can John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, live in Sydney, work in Canberra and retain his leadership creditability? I think creditability comes with minimisation of expenses, especially large expenses. The Opposition claim John Howard has spent $18.4 million the way he lives since attaining government in 1996. He …

The Scooter Libby Trial

With 23 months left in President Bush’s final term, the “Scooter” Libby trial will likely have no consequences for his administration. The daily events of the trial will certainly make headlines, and there will be accusations from the Left and denials from the Right. But in the end, the …

Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s candidacy in the 2008 Presidential election should come as no surprise to anyone who listened to his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He was the only speaker from either party, including the presidential nominees themselves, who captivated his audience. Whether you support or oppose …

Bill Clinton

I bleive we should have impeached Bill Clinton when he was president. I think he is partially the blame for the crisis in the Middle East. When he was president he cut our military to where we do not have enough soldiers left to fight a war the right …

Hillary Clinton for President?

Now, after Mrs. Clinton, the former first lady and now-senator of New York, announced her candidacy for the office of president, I admitted that this was indeed big news. However, I’d first like to say that I feel she shouldn’t be, and please don’t go thinking I’m partisan (I’m …

Iraq War

I used to call myself a republican but not anymore. I feel as if the republicans and democrats are basically the same any more with the exception of a few things minor differences. I have been let down over the last six years by our current president George W. …


I find that I am frequently upset when I hear about people bashing our Presidents. It would be virtually impossible for one man to meet the needs of each individual person, and one way or the other, some individual, or group is always going to be upset about …

US Government’s Failure to Help New Orleans Rebuild after Katrina

I am outraged that the U.S. Government under the Bush Administration has failed to provide enough adequate funding in order to restore and rebuild the cities of New Orleans devastated by Katrina. I am amazed at how the U.S. Gov’t managed to finance millions of dollars to finance the …

George W. Bush

Even the best of intentions can often go so badly people end up hating you. I think that’s what George W. Bush is facing in his final term as president.
I really believe every one of his policies have been with the best interests of the American people in mind, …

The Democratic Party

I can’t say I agree with many of the policies implemented by the Republicans while George Bush has been in office, but I don’t think I’ll be voting for a Democrat anytime soon either.
The problem with the Democratic party is they really aren’t that different than the Republicans and …

Jim Doyle

I voted for Jim Doyle when he ran for Wisconsin Governor in 2002. I’ve been regretting that decision since.
I won’t say Jim Doyle has made a mess of things in Madison, that happened prior to him being elected. However, in 4 years, he has done nothing to show me …

McNairy County Elections

For those of you who don’t know it, McNairy County is Walking Tall country. Between Buford Pusser, Tommy Riley, and Mary Winkler, our county has had more media here in the past year than most rural counties get in 10. Being in the media’s spotlight has revealed …

Election 2006 Singapore

Singapore, being a small country, generally dosen’t have vast groups of political entities. In fact, there are only 4 notable ones, namely the People Action Party (PAP), the Workers’ Party (WP), Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and the Singapore Democratic Alliances (SDA).
PAP is the currently ruling party and they always …

Prime Minister Stephen Harpers child bonus plan

Stephen Harper became Canada’s new Prime Minister this past February. Now Canada has a Conservative party in charge instead of a Liberal one.
Stephen Harper has great plans for the children of Canada. Mr. Harper intends this June 2006 to give each family with a child under the age of …

Government vs. TV Network

There is always a conflict or a feud as what they say between Media and the Government. Perhaps, Media itself just want to let out all the information they know to the public but as of this moment in the Country named Philippines is quite different and reversed.
I am …

Communist Politics in West Bengal

it’s pitious that some young friends still believe that a communist party may be good for civilisation and i know they have no experience of living in west bengal.i am the wretched one and as i born and brought up here in west bengal ,i have the ill luck …

Judge Samuel Alito

So we had a week of hearings, and now all of the pundits are weighing in (the ones who weren’t constantly weighing in during the actual hearings) and I have to say I don’t think I learned very much about Judge Alito. How are we supposed to decide …

The Iraqi Democracy Process

I hope I don’t sound too cynical, but while I think that elections in Iraq and building their own government are good steps, considering other news that is going on in the Iraqi front I have to be a little bit less than pleased.
As time goes on, we see …

Bush’s Secret Eavesdropping on Americans

Ok, now Bush has really done it. He’s gone too far. Flagrantly violating the Constitution by ordering the use of illegal wiretaps goodness knows how many times. Even conservatives are in an uproar. Almost nobody is going to stand for this.
But here’s the thing. …

Our National Strategy for Victory in Iraq

So the White House released this 35 page pamphlet, and expects people to suddenly understand exactly what is going on in Iraq and be all like “We’re sorry we were mad at you, Bush. All is forgiven. We know you have a plan for victory.”
Except he doesn’t. …


I don’t like anarchists. They are bitter, arrogant, stupid individuals, the lot of them. The likes of Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky kind of anarchists is what I’m talking about here. People who will talk your ears off with their high-minded snotty gobbledy-gook then turn around …

Republican Iraq Withdrawal Plan

Representative John Murtha, Democratic Congressman and marine veteran with 37 years of service, has proposed a withdrawal plan for troops in Iraq to take place over a six month period. It is a well-thought out, appropriate proposal that would do well to serve our nation and our troops.
The …

Democratic Party:What a Joke

Ok, so I’m not a Republican. (Really). But I have to say, the Democratic Party is an absolute joke. I mean, now they are going on and on about how President Bush lied to get us into the war with Iraq. Which he did. …

George W.Bush

George W. Bush isn’t just stupid - he’s evil. Not only did he completely botch the federal response to Hurrican Katrina, but he led us to war on a pack of lies. Furthermore, the web of corruption that has been built on top of Washington by Bush and his …

Teacher’s Strike,Victoria,BC,Canada

Why can’t the Provincial government realize that the youth of today should have all the benefits that a productive society can afford to give them! Our public school system even though is far better than schools in other countries, is still in need of some improvements.
We can look at …

Bush’s Handling of the Iraq Situation In General

Well, the first thing I should admit here is that I am not a Bush fan, in any way shape or form. I have many facts that come from good, dependable sources, but there are some that are a bit shakier. I will share those suspicions, but please understand …

Why can convicts get 3 squares a day, earn conjugal visits andget married, when I can’t?

See, this is the thing…..I work hard, pay taxes, abide the law and contribute to society, yet I don’t have the same rights that a convicted murder has! How does that happen in America? Isn’t this country founded on equality and the rights for all to …

Bush Adminastration

the other day i watched a documentary film called fahrenheit 9/11.it was shocking to see what bush did in his earlier years before he was elected president.that is to say if what michael moore says is true.
im not saying what bust did in iraq was right,also what they did …

Influence of Zimbabwe(Rhodesie)

I live in south-africa,and the problem is zimbabwe previouslly known as rhodesie.what really bugs me is that every person around the world believes that what going on in zimbabwe is happening in south africa.Take south-africa\’s economy,if robert mugabe (president of zimbabwe) does something that no one likes,which is usually …


Trinamool Congress is the prime opposition party of the state WEST BENGAL. The chairperson, MAMATA BANERJEE is probably the most popular leader of WEST BENGAL. Her honesty is the secret of her popularity. Sounds unbelievable? Please read the review and discover a political leader with HONESTY. Ms. Banerjee was …

Communist Party Of INDIA ( Marxist )

The government of India nowadays is ruling by the UPA (united progressive alliance). UPA is a coalition of many parties including The National Congress and The Communist Party of India (Marxist). It is the most unbelievable alliance of leftist and rightist. The CPIM party also ruling a state government, …

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