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  • As an Alaskan, I think I can tell you something about Sarah Palin
  • She has achieved every campaign promise that she made to get into office, to the best of my knowledge

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      As an Alaskan, I think I can tell you something about Sarah Palin.

      I love her. LOVE her. I do not think she’s some perfect human…some messiah sent from heaven to save us. (as many think of Obama) But I think that she is one of the most excellent politicians I have ever seen in my life.

      She has achieved every campaign promise that she made to get into office, to the best of my knowledge. Today I checked my bank account and there was three thousand dollars…courtesy of Mrs. Palin. She promised every Alaskan energy

      relief, and she delivered. We each got a grand…even my seven year old.

      She was able to give us this money because she cut the ridiculous spending so incredibly much. She fires people who are incompetent, regardless of party affiliation.

      As for that “Troopergate” business…I don’t know if she’s “guilty” or not, but even if she is…GOOD FOR HER! The man admitted to tasing his eleven year old son…does that sound like a person who is mentally capable of serving in ANY capacity in a police force? I didn’t think so.

      As for people’s attacks ...

      • on her family…has anyone seen ANY politician, celebrity, hell…ANYONE who has a perfect family? Everyone’s children do stupid, wrong things. Especially their teenagers. Bristol’s stupid thing happened to land her with one of the biggest consequences….and the whole family stepped up. They didn’t kill the baby because, as Obama says, they didn’t want to “punish their daughters with, with a baby.” She’s getting married, the whole family will help raise the baby, Bristol isn’t running anything but her own home…Get over it.

        Yeah, her husband got a DWI…so long ago it was called a DWI. He

        was in his twenties. Did you do NOTHING stupid in your twenties? At that time Barack Obama ADMITS to trying hard drugs. Does no one care about that?

        Bottom line, she’s qualified. You want foreign policy? Alaska is respect AROUND THE WORLD for our management of wildlife, fish, and other natural resources. Running a state requires more interaction with other nations than does being a Senator. So she’s beat Obama there, even though she isn’t at the top of the ticket.

        Personally, I’ve met her. And she is a charming, intelligent, witty, and strong person.

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    Steve Forbes says :

    Hmm, as governor of Alaska` crystal meth capital, i bet Sarah Palin has delivered on her campaign promises. Calling Obama a messiah is such a cheap line, i think i have heard hannity spit that a thousand times, he isn`t a messiah, he is calling it hope for change, which to me, is all bullshit. It is an empty slogan, but Obama is by far more qualified than Palin and this is my main problem with your review. Obama was called `Dangerously inexperienced`. Is she Intriguingly inexperienced? with a few years as city councilwoman and mayor of Wasilla, she rocketed to Alaska`s first female gubernatorial term, which she is still in. At the end of the day, McCain has seemed weaker and more sickly everyday of his campaign, and i dont believe Palin is ready to lead this country, she may have experience with gubernatorial issues, but she is not ready to lead. Experience and preparedness are different things.
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