Satellite services Reviews

RCA DLNB2BOX Dual Satellite LNB

I wanted to use DirecTV at a secondary home which didn’t have a DirecTV dish. I had an old Dish Network dish, but it wouldn’t work because the LNB was incompatible. I purchased this LNB to convert the Dish Network dish to DirecTV. FYI, …

HughesNet Gen 4 Satellite Internet

Being someone that’s from a rural area, I’ve always had to receive internet via satellite because other options are either unavailable or too expensive. I’ve been a user of HughesNet since 2005 and Gen 4 is definitely the best product they’ve offered. Although, it’s offered via satellite …

Midcontinent Communications, cable and internet provider

Midcontinent Communications is a cable and internet provider in the upper Midwest United States. They claim to be the fastest internet in the region, and the best deal on cable and internet bundles.
Midcontinent does have the best deal. They have a “69 Buck Bundle” which is digital cable, high …

Dstv Mobile Drifta Service

Every once in a while it becomes really great when an idea of something I dream up comes to life and it was no different in the case of the Dstv Mobile Drifta, which is a USB Dstv decoder.
I stay in a commune, near campus and one of the …

DSTV Premium Satellite Television Service (MultiChoice) South Africa

I have been sick of public television for a while now with all the excessive advertising and what not, but the final straw that compelled me to literally jump into my car to go buy a DSTV decoder was when I was anticipating a soccer match to be aired …

Direct TV Satellite Service

I have had direct tv for 5 years now. I have had a few minor issues with them over the years but mostly it has been fine. First I will list the issues and how they dealt with them, then I will list how they have exceeded …

Dish Network

I’ve been a Dish Customer for several years, in three states, and between 4 houses. After having their service for almost an entire decade, I’m quite tired of it. I’m frequently asked for my opinion of Dish Network, considering I had for the longest time been a loyal customer. …

Cnn Enhanced Interactive Application on DishNetwork 311 Receiver

Cnn Enhanced is an application on DishNetwork that allows the user the ability to be able to read through news stories instead of actually watching it. I believe it’s a wonderful application. I love using it because I can simply scroll through the application for all of …

DirecTV Television Service

Prior to switching to DirecTV, my family had been a customer of Comcast Cable Company for several years. Throughout the duration of our time with Comcast, we experienced nothing but major problems. Every month our bill would go up without any type of notice or explanation and …

Sirius Satellite Radio

I have Sirius Satellite Radio in my car and I believe that it the best radio system that you can buy. Sirius has so many radio stations that I am able to pick up no matter where I am and that’s the main reason that i decided to …


I switched over from cable to Directv around the beginning of 2007 and everything started out good and I really liked it. I chose the basic package and it had all of the local channels and it even had some channels that my cable didn’t have so I …

Videocon Direct to Home Satellite TV with DVD Player

I was the user of cable TV for a very very long time and when my spouse suggested that we switch over to satellite D2H, I was very much against it. Firstly, I was not willing to shell out the money needed for the dish and installation and the …

DSTV Premium Satellite Service

With public television eventually getting a little monotonous, I inevitably had to go out into the market and acquire a satellite television service that would cater more for my specific TV needs and I decided not to compromise any longer.
After actually subscribing to DSTV Compact, which has thirty four …

Misamis Cable TV Network

Misamis Cable is the cable provider in Ozamis City. This city is small so there are no other cable provider. In fact, in Cebu where it is a highly populated province, there are few competitors of Skycable. I think its always the case here in the Philippines. We often …

Skycable Pre-Paid ( Cebu )

From the time that I was in college up to the time that I had my post-grad course, I never have any cable service. I relied on an indoor antenna. It can capture two local channels but struggling to deliver picture perfect. When American Idol was at its peak, I …

SkyCable TV

I’ve been a “loyal” subscriber of SkyCable here in the Philippines for more than a decade now. Not surprising, considering that this cable TV company has all the channels that I like to watch. So despite the higher rates, I still stick with it rather than go through the …

Charter Communications

I’m not willing to put my hands on it but I have to say one thing about this satellite /cable service. They were horrible once upon a time and I will the one to tell you that I had some major issues with them. Outside of that though I …

Sirius Stiletto 2 Satellite Radio

The Sirius Stiletto 2 isn’t only a portable satellite radio, but an media player too. I got this radio because of the satellite feature. I’ve had reception problems with other radios. I have some songs already in it, but I mostly tune to live. I don’t waste the time …

DishTV service

I have had Dish TV service for two years now and would never reccomend this company to anyone. The substandard level of service received by me makes me wonder how this company can manage to stay in business!?
From the outset, we had technical difficulties with the equipment provided …


I was choosing between Belgacom and Voo as my TV service provider here in Brussels. I was informed by an authorized dealer (Krefel) that Belgacom is slower compared to Voo. But, after comparing the features of each service pack, my husband and I picked Belgacom.
For a start, it …

Sirius Satellite Radio - Internet Use

Alongside its direct-to-receiver satellite service that has become popular in vehicles, Sirius also streams its satellite radio service to computers with a paid subscription. As part of a promotion on the Sirius website (, I signed up for the free 30 day trial that came with bonus points …

Directv Satellite Service

My feelings for Direct Tv are black and white. Part of me wants to say negative things about Directv but at the same time I want to give them positive props. I mean they aren’t a bad company, there are just a few things that I don’t like about …

Sky Cable Silver Prepaid

For years I’ve been having difficulty getting a good cable service provider, not because I can’t afford it, but more because of the hassle of having to apply for one. The requirements are endless, from proof of billing, credit card statements, bank statements and certificate of employment. Being a …

Virgin Media (XL Service)

I may sound bitter, but I’ve enjoyed the service I’ve received from Virgin Media. I’ve been a customer with other subscription services like Sky before, and after its well funded rebrand, I was expecting good things from Virgin Media.
It makes very big promises but rarely delivers. Generally, its …

Directv Satellite Service

I had DirecTV satellite TV service until about a year ago, when I switched because Dish Network had a cheaper basic package. DirecTV’s basic package is better than Dish Network’s (more channels and better ones), but it came down to cutting our bills as much as we could, and …

Dish Network Satellite Service

We’ve had Dish Network for about a year now. We previously had DirecTV, which we liked, but we changed simply to cut our monthly expenses a little bit. As far as installation, the two guys who came to our house to install it were very professional and friendly, …

Dish Network Stellite Tv

This is a service that I had a few years ago when I was in Houston, tx. I absolutely loved this stellite tv service because it gave me everything I needed without costing an arm and a leg. I think one of the best parts was that I did …

Foxsat-HDR Satellite HD Digital TV Recorder

I have been buying satellite services for years but am always disappointed by the lack of good viewing amongst the vast number of channels available to me. I have now cancelled my account and for a single payment and no monthly fees I have a satellite service I am satisfied …

Direct tv Satellite TV Service

I got this service after I moved back home from Houston Tx and I am fairly pleased with it to be honest. I actually liked the other service I had better because it had a horror movie channel that was a bit better than the one I have now …

Dish Network

My cable is really high so I wanted to check out Dish Network to see if I would like them better. I have never had satellite before and have heard about them in advertisements and commercials. My cable and internet is about $180 a month, which is ridiculous if …

Direct TV

I have been a Direct TV customer for almost 2 years now. I have only used Mediacom before and there service was horrible, at least in my area. So I finally made the switch from cable to satellite. Better service, except for when there is a storm, most channels …


Last year my husband and I moved and couldn’t get cable service at our new house. Our choices were either DirecTV or Dish Network. We decided to go with DirecTV because we had several friends who had the service and liked it.
I was impressed with how quickly …

MultiChoice DSTV Compact

This I think, is the perfect answer to my pay TV needs as it has just the right combination of express channels and choice.
Since I really only wanted paid satellite television for all the sports channels it has, I was delighted to learn that DSTV Compact has all the …


I currently have DirecTV and I really liked the service their company provided me with. I would get free channels sometimes during the month and they also have great deal packages and awesome movies on their pay per view channels. I enjoyed their wide variety of entertainment channels that …

Destiny Cable

Watching television has been a favorite pastime to Filipinos since it was introduced to us in the 1950s. With the changing of time, television channels offer lots of TV formats evolving from what was popular and what is current. Cable network companies cater the availability of …

DirectTV vs. Cable

I had cable (Bresnan) for several years. I never really appreciated my cable, until I moved to an area where only DirectTV (satalite) was available.
Yes, DirectTV has a lot of channels, and yet a large percentage of them are not in English. Then there is the Bi/Gay/Lesbian channel …

Cignal Satellite TV

We have been using Cignal Satellite since November last year and so far we have no complain about subscribing to them. We got it during their promo and we had a fair deal of discount compared to its original price. We pay for the dish itself and a 3-month …

Dish Network

I’ve had the Dish Network for about a year now. The reason I switched from cable to the dish was the price. I was paying more than $60 a month for cable but needed to reduce my spending so I looked into getting a satellite dish. …

DirecTv Satellite Service

I’ve used DirecTv as my television service provider for the last five years. Overall, I have been happy with the programming variety, relatively satisfied with the cost and often less than enthused about the customer service.
I currently have a package with DirecTv that is no longer available to …

Multichoice Botswana

I have been using Multichoice Botswana as my satellite TV service provider since I started living here. I find the application processs very easy and fast. Their PVR decoders are sold everywhere in the local shops and once I purchased the decoder and the satellite dish, I just …

Airtel DTH

This is the second month since I started to use Airtel DTH. Previously, I was using cable network to access various television channels. Airtel DTH is the first experience of mine in this new world of television viewing. Ah! I am appalled by this DTH.
First of all for a …


After looking for a satellite provider for about six months we decided to give Directv a chance. That was over ten years ago. We looked at Dish a couple of times but were never convinced a cAfter looking for a satellite provider for about six months we decided to …


Directv is a pretty good service, I’ve had Dish too,but I seem to like Directv better. It seems like the service is better than Dish and the customer service is alot better. Plus, they explain why they charge you, when we had Dish they would just tack on prices …

Dish Satellite

Our family has used Dish Satellite for almost ten years now and we’re very pleased with it. Well, I guess you can tell that since who would use the same service for ten years because they did not like them, huh?
We had a very bad experience with one …

DirectTV Satellite Service

When first looking for a satellite service, we decided to try out DirectTV. Do not ask me why, but for some reason we thought this would be the best company to go with. Wrong!
Let’s begin with the equipment. DirectTV sent out the equipment…the actual units along …


I have been a customer of DirecTV for over 5 years. I have been relatively pleased with their service.
The biggest issue with satellite TV is the reception during thunderstorms and strong winds. There is nothing worse than being “trapped” indoors due to bad weather and …

Direct T.V

I was with Charter communications for well over two years before I decided to go with Direct T.v . I was becoming unhappy with not only my bill but my services that Charter were giving me. So I shopped around and found what I Was looking for when it …

Sky Cable Select

Sky Cable Select is the newest package offered by Sky Cable. I availed of this package just recently, a downgrade from my previous subscription, and found it really cost efficient. Sky Cable Select is a smart package that lets you customize your own cable channels rather than choosing from …

Direct TV

After many battles with our cable company my family decided to switch to satellite and we went with Direct TV. We’ve all had to deal with cable companies raising their prices on us at one point or another or adding some sort of fee that we’re not told about …

Doordarshan DTH

I have got Doordarshan DTH Satellite service at my home last year. For the services to be taken, I had to get installed a dish on my terrace and a decoder set top box near the television set. This set top box has come with a remote to scan …

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