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Crisp Summer Potato Salad recipe

Everyone likes a nice potato salad in the summertime, which is fast approaching. However, in my house we never do things the same way as everyone else and I picked up this cooking habit from my mother.
This is a great healthy recipe (for those watching their waistlines…) and …

Salted Nut Roll bars

One of my favorite candy bars is the Salted Nut Roll. When I had these bars, they tasted so close to the Salted Nut Roll that this is one of my favorite recipes ever.
1 package yellow cake mix …

Sinful Bars recipe

Here is a great recipe for bars that are to die for. They are called Sinful bars. Once you sink your teeth into these delicious bars you will understand where the name came from.
1 1/2 cups flour …

Parmesan and Cheddar Cheese Grits

Almost every family in the country knows that grits are almost always apart of the breakfast meal. My family enjoys grits almost every morning. There are a new type grits I just tried and they are called parmesan cheddar cheese grits. You need four cups of water, 1/2 teaspoon …

Pasta and Brocoli recipe

This is a simple meal for a quick meal, a before or after meal and something you can also eat for lunch any day. It is another vegetable-filled enjoyable meal developed by my wonderful mother. She taught me and now I am going to enjoy teaching you. You should …

Shrimp and Crab Salad recipe

If you love shrimp and crab, you will love this recipe. I fix this for my son and myself, every now and then. I don’t fix it all the time, because it is very addictive. There aren’t many ingredients for this recipe, but it has big taste. You will …

Potato Salad recipe

I love potatoes. French fries are my favorite, but I also love a hot or cold potato salad to compliment any meal. My mother taught me how to make this type of potato salad. You will need six white potatoes, one half sup mayonnaise (or you can use real …

Sugar Cookies recipe

I love sugar cookies that are soft. And I finally found a recipe that will help me make them this way. Everyone in my family raves over them. They are the best.
In a medium bowl, combine 3 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and …

Calico Beans recipe

Growing up, I loved it when my mother made this delicious bean pot. It is so good that I looked forward to every meal that she served this casserole with.
Start by browning a pound of ground beef. After browning beef, add 1 cup of brown sugar, 1 …

Patio Salad recipe

If you love to picnic, you will love this recipe. It is perfect for taking to family gatherings and is so easy to make. Simply mix the following ingredients together.
2 15 ounce cans dark red kidney beans that have been drained (I also rinse my with cold …

Cheesy Broccoli and Rice Casserole

This is a great side dish that will go well with just about any meal. You can always double the receipe if you want it as the main course for a family. I have made this often and everyone always raves about it! You will need the following ingredients;
2 …

Homemade Rocky Road Ice Cream recipe

With summer fast approaching, you have to try this recipe for Rocky Road Freeze. It is so simple and delicious.
The recipe is as follows:
1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup chocolate syrup
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 cup mini marshmellows
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
1/2 cup salted peanuts, …

Carrot milk shake recipe

The carrots are good for our health and using the carrots if we can make a very interesting recipe then it becomes an ideal recipe. Such a recipe is nothing else but the chilled and yummy carrot milk shake, which I am going to write the recipe of.
Ingredients: …

Rice flakes masala recipe

The masala rice flakes is a very popular Indian breakfast which is not only tasty to eat it is also cooked using very less ingredients and in very less time. Try this one .
Ingredients: rice flakes one bowl, onion chopped ½ cup, tomato chopped ¼th cup, oil 4 …

Oreo Cookie Chocolate Cream Pie recipe

This is a great recipe for your very own chocolate cream pie. The best part is the Oreo cookie crust! I have made this for several different occasions, and everyone has loved it! You will need the following;
1 1/4 cups of white sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons …

Lemon Snowflakes cookie recipe

I have a really great recipe for Lemon cookies that I want to share today. These Lemon Snowflakes are delicious and so easy to make that one batch will not last long in your household.
Take one package of Pillsbury Lemon cake mix and mix it with …

Pav Bhaji Recipe

Pav Bhaji is one of the famous chat item of India.I used to prepare this often when we invite our friends to our house.It is easy to prepare but tastes much.Everyone will like it.
tomato–2 or 3
peas,bellpepper,beans,carrot,corn–in small amount.You can opt for the …

Texas Blue Crab Cakes

Have you ever wondered how to make Texas Blue Crab Cakes at home?
Well look no further, I have a recipe for great crab cakes, I make them for my husband and he LOVES them here it is
1 lb Lump Crabmeat
(carefully pick through to remove the shell pieces)
3/4 cups …

Super Scooper Dip recipe

This recipe was created by a truck driver that I once worked with. It is this hearty, tasty dip that goes great with corn chip scoopers. I tried taking a batch to different events such as reunions and carry-ins and now it is requested on a regular …

Raw mango chutney recipe

The raw mango chutney can also be used as a sauce, which can be served with the bread sandwich, rice and also with the roties. The main ingredient to prepare this chutney is the raw mango, which is very sour.
Ingredients: we need to take 3 big sized …

Green chilly chutney recipe

The green chilly chutney is something, which is applied to the bread sandwich, and it is also served with the roties, rice or any thing. It gives a spicy taste and normally the taste of the green chilly chutney suits with all kind of snacks.
Ingredients: green chillies …

Masala buttermilk (spiced butter milk) recipe

In my earlier review we came to know about the sweet butter milk which is called as lassi, but now we are going to write about the masala butter milk which is not sweet but it is little spicy and little tangy in taste. Normally this kind of …

Lassi with Banana recipe

The Lassi is a very famous and popular north Indian drink which is prepared using the buttermilk or even with the curd. It is the ideal drink to have in the hot sunny days. This takes very few ingredients to prepare and it also takes just a …

Raw mango tangy juice recipe

This is a kind of juice, which can only be prepared using the raw mangoes during the mango seasons. This juice gives totally a different kind of experience and taste. Those who like the salty or tangy taste for them this juice will be an ideal drink …

Coconut burfee recipe

The coconut burfee is a sweet dish to prepare which the main ingredient we need is the grated coconut. It is one of the most liked sweet dish at my home. Just note it down.
Ingredients: the ingredients are very simple which are like this: grated coconut …

Kulcha recipe

Kulcha is another kind of Indian flat bread, which is preferred by most of the Indians as a breakfast. This is very soft and also looks very attractive. It is very thin and round in shape. The kulcha can be served with any kind of side …

Butter non recipe

The butter non-is an Indian roti (flat bread) which is normally prepared for the breakfast. It is prepared with the flour and any kind of side dish can be served with the butter non.
Ingredients: white flour 2 cups, water to prepare the dough of this flour, slat …

Lemon rice rasam recipe

In India we need the different kinds of rasam recipes to have it with the boiled plane rice. Now I am going to write the recipe for the rasam, which gives the tangy lemon taste. It is spicy and juicy and proves to be a best combination …

Sweet potato payasam recipe

The payasam is a sweet dish, which is an Indian traditional sweet dish. It is prepared using the sweet potatoes. This recipe is very tasty. I do prepare it normally during the festivals as it takes less time for preparation.
Ingredients: sweet potato ½ kg which is scraped …

Vegetabel kurma recipe

The vegetable kurma is a side dish, which suits best with all kinds of roties and nons or even with the bread. It also proves to be very good combination with the plane rice. This dish is spicy and delicious to eat.
Ingredients: finely chopped carrot, French …

Curd rice with fruits recipe

Now we all know about the different kinds of rice recipes but the curd rice with fruits is going to be something very different and very tasty. This is a unique recipe, which is very fine, and I request all of u to try this recipe.
Ingredients: boiled …

Jeera rice with Garlic recipe

The jeera is nothing but the cumin seeds, which are very good for digestion purpose. For this recipe we are using little more cumin seeds and also little more garlic which is very beneficial for our health. This recipe takes very less time for preparation and all …

Boiled vegetable masala with cottage cheese recipe

Now the boiled vegetable masala with cottage cheese is another interesting and a very very nutritious recipe as it includes all kinds of vegetables, which are half, cooked and it also contains the cottage cheese, which is again rice in proteins and calcium. This is also very delicious …

Egg fried rice recipe

Egg curry is an excellent side dish to have it with the plane rice or even with the roties. We can also use it as a best stuffing between 2 bread slices to make the bread sandwich. Not only that the eggs are very rich in protein …

Mashroom fried rice recipe

The mushroom fried rice is one of my all time favourite rice recipe as it is very tasty to eat and also very easy to prepare. The mushrooms are good for our health too. My kids also love to eat the recipes made using the mushrooms. …

Chocolate recipe

My favourite sweet is chocolate. And I love to eat the chocolates, which I prepare at home, which are very very delicious and also very easy to prepare. Want to know the recipe, then please note it down.
Ingredients: coco powder one cup, milk powder 3 cups, sugar …

Orange cake recipe

This is a really easy recipe for beginners or even for kids 5 and older. When I make it, my older daughter, who is five, always enjoys helping me out. The ingredients are simple and affordable, and the outcome is wonderful! So let’s see what we need:
You’ll need 2 …

Crown Rack Of Lamb With Garlic And Rosemary

As always, nobody ever seems to cook a Sunday roast like your Mother did when you were a child. This is my Great Grandmother’s recipe for crown roasted rack of lamb with garlic and rosemary which has been passed down to myself, and now my daughters. We always use a …

Pumpkin Soup

A great dish to make in the Fall when there are alot of pumpkins around, or anytime you have extra butternut squash form your garden. This wonderfully creamy roasted pumpkin soup is delicious served with french bread, bread sticks or large salted pretzels.
Begin by cutting one large pumpkin, or …

Cheesey Mustard Puffs recipe

Recently I needed to bake up some appetizers for some unexpected guests who had arrived right before dinner. I wasn’t sure at first what to prepare, then decided upon a quick bake recipe my Mother had shown me years ago for Cheesey Mustard Puffs. These are somewhat like croissants when …

Sharp Cheddar And Broccoli Soup recipe

Creamy Broccoli Soup.
This is a recipe your family and your dinner party guests will adore.
By incorporating a hard sharp cheese, this soup takes on a whole new class at the dining table.
-This is a stand alone meal.
Commence with a glass of white wine and a small salad as an appetizer.
Wet …

Vanilla Ice Cream Cake recipe

I love to eat, and although I’m not much of a sweet tooth, I do love to make desserts.
One of my favorites is Vanilla Ice Cream cake. The lazy way.
-Take two large sheet cakes and cut in half.
-Spead each piece of cake with softened vanilla icre crea. You …

Cinamon Grilled Bananas recipe

If you’ve been grilling and experienced that sweet tooth shortly afterwards, then this recipe is for you.
Whilst men don’t particularly care for desserts when grilling and drinking beer, us ladies always love a good sweet dessert!
Try my recipe for easy Cinnamon Grilled Bananas.
Begin by pricking the skin of the …

Gadbad Ice cream recipe

Gadbud ice cream is a different kind of ice cream recipe, which I have learnt from one of my friend. It tastes too good and also looks little different. This is the ideal recipe for the sweet lovers. Just try it.
Ingredients: vanilla ice cream one cup, chopped …

Vanilla Ice cream recipe

I love to prepare the different kinds of ice creams at home. Recently I had joined the cookery classes and there I learnt the different kind of ice creams. Now I am going to write the recipe of vanilla ice cream.
Ingredients: fresh cream one cup, vanilla essence ½ …

Vanilla milk shake recipe

The vanilla milk shake is another recipe, which I would like to share with all of u. I love this milk shake, as it can be prepared in just few minutes whenever we think of it and it also takes very less ingredients. Lastly it is also very …

Mango milk shake recipe

When I had been to my sister’s house I tasted the mango milk shake at her house, which was very tasty. I learnt this recipe from her and prepared it at home, my parents in law and my husband liked it. Just try this one.
Ingredients: mango pulp …

Mango Ice Cream recipe

Now I am going to share the mango ice cream, which I experimented for the first time at my home. This is the recipe, which I did not learn from anywhere. I just prepared it once and served it to every one of my family. I …

Chocolate milk shake recipe

The chocolate milk shake is the heartbeat of almost all the children. And this is the very easiest milk shake for the mother to prepare. I have such a wonderful recipe of chocolate milk shake which can be prepared instantly just in few seconds.
Ingredients: cooking chocolates or …

Dry fruit salad recipe

The dry fruits salad is something very different and very special recipe which can be prepared for a very special moments or it can also be prepared when we invite some very special guest to our home. This recipe is very rich in calories and is also very …

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