Satellite services Reviews

DragNet Satellite Broadband

I have been connected with Dragnet Satellite internet services for about a month a now, the first week of it was absolutely terrible with alot of downtime and the websites I wanted to go to didn’t load completely or properly, it was extremely frustrating and it was just a …

Dish Network

We are having Dish network for the past 2.5 years.We are having America’s top 100 and some regional channels.It wont say i am fully satisfied with them.The problem started from the day of installation.The company gave us timings.But nobody turned up in the given time and we …

Dish Network Service

If you are looking for Satellite service, Dish is the way to go. The price is better than Direct TV or digital cable and the service is better. If you need customer support, you can actually speak to an intelligent person and not someone just reading from a card. …

DISH Network VIP 622 DVR

We had been with DISH Network for several years. We first started using them when we lived out in the country where cable was not available. I really liked using the satellite. I had never used a DVR before but, it didn’t take long for me …

Tata Sky

Tata sky is a private satellite service of India. Tata sky is excellent as far as its service is concerned. Many people in India are using Tata sky today.
I bought Tata sky plan for Rs 4000. This may not look cheap, but it is okay when you look at …

DISH Network Customer Service

Beware of DISH Network!
I signed up with their company after looking for a more affordable option for television programming. My cable company was pretty expensive and DISH Network appeared to be reasonable. I signed up on their website and although there were a couple of charges that weren’t …

Direct TV

I would not recommend Direct tv to anyone.
Here is my experience with Direct TV:
1. I spoke with 2 different sales agents and asked them both the same question “how many HD channels would I get with my package?” Both said the same thing, “no matter what basic …


This is my last month with Direct TVs satellite TV service. My one year contract is at an end and my wife and I have decided that it isn’t worth the money any more. It’s not too expensive, $41.95 a month for the HBO package. However …

Direct TV

Direct Tv in my opinion is bad tv and tooo expensive. Direct TV blanks out when we have a wind storm of any kind. Direct TV is too expensive and there are a 100 channels with nothing to watch. Out of all the channels we have, …

Directv Hindidirect II package

Directv Hindidirect II package is the best Indian channel package you can find abroad. It is worth the dollar value giving 7 channels for $ 40 whereas other satellite options provide only 2 channels in that amount.
They offer channels like NDTV, Starone, Starplus, MTV, Doordarshan, CricketPlus and Filmy.
I felt …

Tata Sky

As I have said earlier, the private satellite service presently has two major players in India, Dish TV and Tata Sky, out of the two Tata Sky stands out for its product and service. I have got a tata sky connection a few months back and they had a …

Dish TV

Recently in India the trend of personal satellite () has started off.
The two major players of the market are Dish Tv and Tata sky.If you compare the two, Tata sky scores over Dish TV in lot of fields. Many who have bought this Dish Tv connection, they are not …

Dish-network customer service

I have been with dish network for a while now and I must say that everytime I have a problem with the set up of chanels or switching to mode 1 or mode 2 or any other problem, I always find their customer service very helpful and the staff …

DISH Network

At one time I subscribed to DISH Network. For a while everything seemed good; multiple channels to choose from, movies, fair price. After a while I realized that one third of the time I had no service…a gentle rain would wipe out all transmission from the satellite to my …

Wild Blue

The free install wasn’t free at all, the person that installed the service charged an extra $200 to set a $40 pipe in the ground with a $5 sack of concrete. If i had known that this was needed ahead of time I could have easily done it myself. …


My spouse and I have been subscribers to Wildblue’s satellite internet services for almost two years now, and well, we just cannot wait until our contract is up. Wildblue is a slightly lesser known company; they currently have two satellites in orbit, and two internet gateways, located in …

Direct TV

I think Direct TV is having some major problems. There is a lot of competition out there for cable/internet/phone service, and in my opinion they just don’t qualify as the best. We had Direct TV for a few months and we were unable to get service …

Direct TV

Direct TV has nearly ruined a 3 year relationship with my boyfriend. We ordered it 2 weeks ago, and after the initial 10 days the installer came to our house. Yet, we didn’t have written permission from our landlord, so my boyfriend had her fax it RIGHT over. The …

Direct TV

Ok! Dare I say this company has some issues! Now here’s the deal. In order to get a great package deal on my cable, telephone, internet, etc. I decided to go w/ Verizon. Direct TV was the cable provider. The night they installed the sattelite there were a few …

Hughes net satellite internet

I purchased hughes net about 3 months ago. From the first day the service was installed I have been having problems with it. The internet always looses the connection for no particular reason. Also there is only a maximum amount of data that you can download …

Sky Cable

This is the cable provider that we use at my apartment. And for the past three years that we’ve subscribed to them, my only complaint is that some of the channels are missing. I don’t know why, and Sky Cable can’t figure it out either. But since those are …

Dream Satellite TV

Dream is the only Satellite TV provider in the Philippines as far as I know. My dad has just started subscribing with them and he isn’t really happy with the number of channels available for them. In total, there are about 50 channels (local channels included) and he’s paying …

Sun Cable

After being a loyal subscriber for more than a decade, my dad finally got fed up with Sun Cable’s services and decided to terminate his contract with them. He has been without cable channels for three months now, because the cable wires from their street were stolen. My father …

Dish network

Believe it or not there are still some places in the united states that do not have basic cable. Of course the large networks broadast over airwaves so I can get five channels with an antenna. My only option for decent programming was to use a satellite service.
I tried …


This is the best thing since cable was put out there years ago. I get more services than regular cable. It is not as expensive as regular cable.I talk to my friends and they have these huge cable bills. Even when I order a movie it is cheaper than …

XM Radio

The advent of the satellite radio is fantastic. As a trucker, we were able to listen to the same radio station, across the nation. Imagine, 3 hours of jazz. The wide variety of selections keeps any listener entertained. Just let your ears be your guide. Now that XM and …


I have had cable the majority of my life. When I moved into my townhouse, I decided to try DirecTV. The rep was here EXACTLY on time (VERY unlike cable). It took the rep a while to hook things up (not his fault, my townhouse is wired weird), but …

Dish Network Advantages

After trying out Direct TV I though I would try the competition. while Direct TV has the TIVO, if you wanted TIVO capabilities in more than one room you needed to have more than one TIVO, and at $100 a pop it can get expensive. With Dish …

Direct TV

I have to say that I was very hesitant on geting sattelite TV because of all the rumors of how the signal goes out in bad weather, but living in the mountains of Montana I did not have much of a choice. The cable companies did not have …

DirecTV Satelite System

I have to say that DirecTV is a lifesaver to me and my family. Regular channels do not offer anything close to what DirecTV offers. I like to scan the channels and it’s to the point that I sometimes can’t decide what to watch on television. I love to …

Direct TV satalite cable

Me and my family have been using Direct T.V. for 2 years now.
At this point I’ve learned to accept the fact that you will encounter technical difficulties,no matter which cable company you choose.
Pro’s vs Con’s,Direct T.V satalite cable.
Pro:They have many features to choose from,Weather;sports;games;movies;parental locks;nice Dvr system;etc.
Con:unfortunatly you will …

Dish Network vs Direct TV

Some advantages to both satellite providers, Dish provides a free DVR upon signup where you can record up to 100 hours of your favorite tv shows, movies, sports, etc. Another advantage with Dish is the price, they have better deals then DirectTV. Advantage with Direct TV they offer you …

Dish Network satellite television

I have had several years of experience with Dish Network, and I can tell you that the service is as a general rule fairly decent as far as cable/satellite television goes, but there is a rather nasty ghost in the machine that no one ever tells you about. …

Dish Network sattelite service

Last year my husband finally convinced me I was missing one of life’s most exciting elements. Sattelite television programming.
I called Dish Network after much cussing and discussing.
they set me up with a date to install my service.
The big day came and at 9:00 a.m I was up and …

DishNetwork Satellite Service

Dish Network is a very affordable and reliable alternative to cable television. I have been a customer of Dish Network’s for just over 2 years. In that time I have never had a problem with the service. The signal has never gone down and there have never been any …

Austar TV

Austar TV is by sattelite in Australia. I am from the US so I can say that the television shows here are about one year behind. I moved here in January 2005 and I was watching TV shows that I seen a year a go at home. …

Dish 942 HDTV DVR

This is a pretty nice HD DVR with 2 built-in tuners so you record two programs concurrently. It also comes with HDMI output and and adapter to go from HDMI to DVI if your display does not have HDMI input. In addition, it comes with two RF remotes, so …


Let it be known, that when the first Satelite services became available, our store was the store in our area, who sold them. Believe it or not, they started out at about $1,000! Yes, those are the ones you get for free now………the DISH! The cable network in our …

Comcast Cable

This is the first time that I try Comcast Cable and I am not very impressed.
There is a 3-month trial where Comcast gives a dicounted rate just to try it out, after that trial period, the prices become very expensive.
A nice feature that Comcast has is In Demand, where …

Nokia D211:Radio Card

I have been using this radio card for about a year now, and I have to give my congrats to Nokia on that device.
The Nokia D211 is a multimode radio card for use with a portable computer and through it the card enables network access through GPRS, HSCSD, and …

Dish Network

I currently have Dish Network Satellite Television and I couldn’t be happier with it! Dish network offers free installation for up to 4 rooms and this includes DVR receivers. The Digital Video Recorder or DVR receiver allows you to pause live TV, record up to 100 hours …

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