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  • The assistant just said that they would be the one to contact our dealer and settle the issue
  • Lesson learned, when our load expires again after two months, we will directly deposit the payment to the main Cignal’s office bank account to avoid being scammed by their very own dealer

    • by mom of three

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      We have been using Cignal Satellite since November last year and so far we have no complain about subscribing to them. We got it during their promo and we had a fair deal of discount compared to its original price. We pay for the dish itself and a 3-month pre-paid subscription.

      As of that time, they only have the pre-paid options and have no lock in period. So, we asked the dealer what if the load expires, how and where can we pay them? She said that

      I should just text her once the load expires.

      Three months of satisfaction in their services passed and to be fair, there was no channel interruption whatsoever during those times. When I sent her an SMS asking for her bank account because our load will be expiring 3 days before its due date, she said that she could load it immediately once I deposited the two months load advance.

      So there, upon depositing to her account, there was again an exchange of SMS. She said that she ...

      • was just out of town and that the following day she will load it as soon as possible.

        Apparently, our load expires and my children kept on asking why they couldn’t see any cartoons on our TV. We tried communicating with her, and she just asked me to text the smart card number and that she will follow it up on their head office.

        Turned out, husband and I got so furious; I tried to search for Cignal main customer service hotline. Upon talking to one of

        their assistants, they confirmed that there was no amount loaded to our account.

        “How did it happen”? I asked, we sent her the deposit slip code via SMS and she said she received it. The assistant just said that they would be the one to contact our dealer and settle the issue.

        The following morning, their service was back. Lesson learned, when our load expires again after two months, we will directly deposit the payment to the main Cignal’s office bank account to avoid being scammed by their very own dealer.

    Miriam College Residence Hall says :

    We are requesting for cignal account no. of Miriam College LEAD CENTER Residence hall for our cable unit. We are expecting for your response as soon as possible you read this because we have guests here in Miriam College. Thank you Miriam College LEAD Center Residence Hall
    M says :

    Hi Miriam,

    The reviewer and this website is not connected with Cignal. The best thing to address your concern is to call their customer support hotline number at (02) 244 6251.
    Galega says :

    There are two ways to know the account number of your Cignal TV. You can call the customer care with the registered mobile number to get it. Or, you can just see it on television. Even if there isn’t any signal, you will get the account number on your screen.
    Ruel Navat says :

    how to be a cignal satellite tv reloader?
    M says :

    Go to their branch, and seek for approval you want to become a cignal satellite tv reloader or to be their retail partners.
    Galega says :

    That is a business decision which only Cignal can make. You should directly contact them with a proposal that why you think yourself to be suitable of becoming a reloader.
    remar de luna says :

    what are the settings pin code of cignal set box……. to set again the signal strenght
    M says :

    check your RG6 connection to get better signal strength and ensure that is secure or inserted properly. Otherwise, perform hard reset.
    Galega says :

    To do a factory reset, just press the Menu/OK/Home button on your remote, go to Setup, then press System setup. Input PIN 0000 or 9998 and press OK. Please go to Installation setup and choose Restore Factory. The box will automatically restart and rescan your channels to restore your viewing.
    Tines says :

    i agree with unsatisfied subscriber that they really have the worst ever customer service I usually pay my load before due date, it turns out the the dealer in our area most of the time forgot to transfer to the main office, it took 2 to 3 days before service will be restored. It happens 3 times in a year for my case, i really am furious this 3rd time….
    M says :

    I think, the problem is not with their signal, but with their employees. Maybe they have a poor training for their employees, which a very NEGATIVE image to Cignal Tv. Btw, they have an expensive load, compared to sky cable.
    Galega says :

    You are no longer required to rely on your local agent to load it. Pay online or directly from your bank mobile app(if that is supported by your bank). Use account ID to make payment and your STB will be instantly loaded.
    Mitch says :

    im from Salawag, Dasma. Cavite… i installed Cignal Oct last yr lng (not sure)… i agree very poor service ang CIGNAL… ang technical support nila may fee n 600… nagstart ang problem nung ang tagal magboot ung device nila, ive waited for almost 2hrs, biruin mo ung sayang n kuryente… at yung 2hrs waiting time naging 3hrs na… sa totoo lng given a chance d na sana ako nagpakabit ng CIGNAL… kya lang wla kasing available cable dito samen CIGNAL lng talaga…
    Galega says :

    When technical support team will visit your home for troubleshooting of any problem, there will be charges. That’s not free. Technical support provided over the phone or the Internet is free. It costs in sending engineers at home and the company wants you to share the cost.
    bcam says :

    CIGNAL TV WORST CABLE COMPANY we availed of the service last yr. after 3 months the cable box remote was not working so they replaced it. on the 6th month it went broke again. they were asking me to pay for the new remote. I told them I just had it changed 3 months ago, so they replaced it. On the 9th month same prob, I wasnt at home when they came so my niece was forced to pay for a new 1. (So if we agreed to pay for the remote, we would have been charge P600 for the 1st yr). now on the 13th month no cignal coming from the box they are telling me they will be sending a technician but I have to pay P600 for the technician. A cable company without free technical service???WTF
    Galega says :

    They provide free of cost technical support from their end. However, they charge money if a technician needs to be at your home. It costs to hire technician and it takes time if he visits customers’ home. You might find the mention of this rule in their terms and conditions. You have signed that and hence you agree with their rules.
    Ian A says :

    Don’t subscribe to Cignal you will just regret it. The first 2 months of our subscription, 3 of the 6 tv boxes were defective. We waited for 2 months for it to be replaced. We were charged with 2 PPV’s which we did not apply and until now the charges are still reflected in our billing statement. I’ve been complaining already but still they did not do anything.
    M says :

    Hey Guys, you can raise your concern at these number (02) 244 6251 for Metro Manila residents or 1-800-10-244 6251 for outside Metro Manila. Or email them atcare, report their incompetent staffs. Cignal is allright here at Cebu.
    unsatisfied subscriber says :

    Ian A, that happened to me too. Naku I got furius on this, wc makes my final straw to cut my subscription. I was charged of a Paqcuiao fight ppv that i didnt avail of kasi we are out of the country. I admit that ive subscribed once but it does not mean that every fight automatic na un. They still need to confirm but they fail to do that….. So when i saw the billing statement i automatically called them, sabi sa akin ng VERY COMPETENT customer service nila na wag jo n lng daw bayaran and write an email to them to reverse te charges. Well, after 6months of not paying it and still in my billing, they just cut my subscription in the middle of me watching my nightly news So lesson learned DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR PPV DO NOT SUBSCRIBE YO CIGNAL TV AT ALL
    Gary says :

    Worst service ever I was told by customer service that even during light rain and cloudiness their tv feed will suck . Who needs a tv service even if its HD that you can only enjoy during a bright perfect sunny day? Im switching to other reliable cable services even if its not HD who will provide me a TV feed even during inclement weather . Cignal TV sucks
    Galega says :

    This is a global phenomena. You should have patience. Whenever there are strong winds outside or rain etc, then the signal received by the dish may not be upto the mark and hence the coverage or broadcast on your television set may be faulty.
    Ria says :

    Worst customer service ever They do not reply to text message inquiries on their SMS hotline. None at all. Not even an email. unreliable Do not subscribe.`Twas my biggest regret.
    Galega says :

    There are other modes of communication. You should directly call them. And, if they are still unavailable, then just visit a center near your home and make a complain.
    Sanzenin9 says :

    I have recently seen commercials about a partnership between cignal and PLDT. I was wondering if someone could give me details about bundle cable internet landline plans?
    Marg says :

    They have several bundle packages available. Go here to get the prices and features for each package:
    Galega says :

    As you might know that DTH operator can also provide very high speed Internet through Ka band. That’s why Cignal Satellite TV and PLDT had joined hand to leverage this potential. You can contact either Cignal or PLDT and inquire about a plan that suits you.
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