Railway Reviews

Metrorail train service provider South Africa

With the 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP coming to South Africa, it is imperative for the people of the world to know what to expect when they come to South Africa to come and witness the world’s greatest spectacle.
While infrastructure in South Africa is relatively well developed in most parts, …


This is a great site where you can get all the details of the trains running in India. India has the second largest railway network in the world. To capture all the data of the trains running in this extensive network and make it available on the net is …

Chiltern Railways

When travelling to London I sometimes decide to get the train from Birmingham Snow hill down to London Marylebone station. This particular service is operated by Chilton Railways and is a rival for the Virgin Trains service from Birmingham New Street to London Euston.
The service takes around and …


While on holiday in London, I decided I would take a trip to Paris. The easiest, fastest, most cost effective way to travel to Paris is via the Eurostar. I booked my tickets well in advance. The company sent me a confirmation email and even a “count down until …

Meteor Garden

Hana Yori Dango, an Anime that has become a Hit in all of Asia by the name of Meteor Garden. Who would have forgotten all the 4 wonderful boys of the Meteor Garden, called the F4? Barbie Hsu, the lead character playing Shan Cai also is a wonder! She …

Amtrak train ride from Orlando to Boston

I traveled for the first time on Amtrak from Orlando to Boston. I was noticeably 6 months pregnant at the time and was traveling alone with one large suitcase. I didn’t know at the time that trains had a luggage check in available.
When my husband …


I spent a month in Europe recently and took more trips by train than I can count. Of all the train companies, I have to say Eurostar was the most impressive.
Comfort: These trains are quite roomy. You have plenty of leg room, and the aisles are wider than other …

Thomas The Tank Engine

Last year we took our eldest to a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine at the forest of Dean railway. This was an excellent day out that we all enjoyed. Kurt is a really big Thomas fan and loves to see Thomas at whenever the opportunity …


I needed to go to Los Angeles on a business trip and decided to try riding the train for the first time in my life. After spending about 15 minutes driving around and around the San Bernardino Metrolink Depot trying to find a parking spot, I finally parked …


Recently I was planning to come to my hometown from New Delhi (India). As I took the decision hurriedly I didn’t have much time to buy the ticket from the counter. In that situation I decided to buy the ticket online from IRCTC website.
The entire procedure was quite simple. …

CTA Red Line

When I first came to Chicago 8 years ago, I expected to see very nice and rich city. However, I must say, one of the first things that I saw was Chicago’s subway, and it did not leave me with a good impression. A friend of mine whom I …

Metro North Rail Road (New York)

One of the things about New York which makes it different from any state in the union is the fact that you do not need a car to get around the city. This is a result of the great transportation train system which offers service all around New York. …

Shatabadi Express

Shatabadi Express is the super fast train operating in India between various destinations. These trains run on different routes and they cater to tourists as they link up various important cities in India. The frequency varies from route to route.
I have travelled in this train on a couple of …

Amtrak (Orlando FL - Hamlet NC)

Money is tight and gas is astronomical,but after several times of riding the Railway on Amtrak from Orlando,Florida to Hamlet,NC{which,by the way,is the ONLY stop in NC coming north}I would rather pay the extra to drive or fly.Fortunately, I have a friend working for an airline,so I am getting …

Bombay to Calcutta Express

Travelling by Train in India today is an experience which is a must for any visitor to this picturesque land.One must be ready to be confronted from the exotic and romantic to the wierd but it will be really enjoyable if one has an open mind and remembers that …

Dean Forest Railway

I recently had a train ride on the Dean Forest Railway, which is a small railway (on about ten miles of track) operated mainly by enthusiasts and offering train rides mainly to tourists and day-trippers in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. I loved riding in the old …

KLIA Ekspres Malaysia

As new international airports were developed in the countries in Southeast Asia region, rail links between the Cities and the airports became important components. One City which had done a marvellous job was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
When I travelled to Kuala Lumpur in earlier years, I used to take a …

First Capital Connect

I hope I am right when I say that people with special needs are considered much more than they ever used to be. Certainly, I believe that the train companies are more aware and eager to accommodate people who need assistance when they travel. My particular experience is of …

Japan Bullet Train

I have travelled to and in many countries on my buisness and holiday trips. And, when travelling in the countries abroad, I had taken airplanes, busses, and trains, depending on the time I had, places I wanted to visit, and the schedules.
One of the most exciting travel in …

Branson Scenic Railway

My family joined my brother’s family on a vacationing Branson Mo. We have children ranging from the age of 5 years old to 26 yrs old with us so we had to find things that would make everyone happy. We drove around twenty minutes to get to the …


This is my favorite way to travel. It costs a lot less than flying, and while it is a little more expensive than taking the bus, it’s much more comfortable, faster, and more convenient.
I’ve been on two trips that involved taking Amtrak. From my experience, it’s a great way …

Branson Scenic Railway Branson MO

The Branson Scenic Railway takes passengers on a excursion that last close to 2 hours. You will travel through tunnels and over trestles. We passed the remains of old towns and we were treated to the most beautiful scenery. You travel approximately 40 miles but I’ll tell …

Eurotunnel Frequent Traveller Scheme

This is the third year we have been in the Frequent Traveller Scheme with Eurotunnel and I am convinced we have saved a fortune. With so many people buying property abroad, particularly in France, this scheme must be extremely popular.
You buy ten single trips in advance for £399 and …

Madgaon Railway Station

Madgaon railway station is in Goa. Madgaon railway station is 5 kms far from the main city of Madgaon. One can get a direct bus from the bus stand to the railway station.
Madgaon railway station is a large station. There are trains which come from and go to all …

New Delhi Railway Station India

One has a common impression that all national capitals come up with good transit stations. However my experience with the New Delhi (capital of India) Railways Station was quiet baffeling as well as disapointing .
I was expecting a very plush Railway Station would greet me …


I LOVED the train. I was going to NYC for two days and decided that I did not want to drive or fly so I tried the train. How easy and relaxing it was to do. There is no hassle to board the train. There …


This is the official site of Indian railways. One get all the necessary info abt Indian railways here. This also facilitates train enquiry, and online reservation. The site is being designed quite badly, and all things looks messed up. Also , at time I am not able to login …

Conway Scenic Railroad

New Hampshire has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country and one of the best ways to see it is on the Conway Scenic Railroad `Rt. 16, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860. They take you on a trip back in time to when steam locomotives …

Amtrack Trains

My family and I decided to spend our Thanksgiving holiday in sunny Orlando Florida this year. Since my wife will not travel by air, we decided to try an Amtrack train ride from Philadelphia, PA to Orlando.
The call was made to the ticket office at Amtrack, and reservations …

Subway train Washington

One of the easiest ways to get around Washington, DC is to travel via the subway trains. It is one of the most common forms of public transportations being used in large cities today. They have stations every couple of blocks which makes for less walking. You just have …

Ferrovie Statali Italiane

Yesterday I had to travel to Verona, Italy for work. On average the car ride takes around 6 hours when there is a little bit of traffic. I took the Ferrovie Statali and for the first time in a long while not only where they on time at the …

Ferrovie Nord

Now, I don’t want to ruin anyones reputation but I’m not very satisfied by the Italian “Nord” railway service. Not only are the trains so incrdibly late that if you have to give an exam you have to leave an hour earlier than when you should just to be …


Airlines are terrible right? In what other industry can you be EXPECTED to be late EVERY TIME and get away with it? Customer service and reliability have slowly seeped out of the airline industry, and is nowhere to be found. Along with this, flight costs have …

Indian Railways Online

I have initially hesitated to book rail ticket online because it needs an account with IRCTC. But I registered with www.irctc.com few days back. The online railway ticket booking facility provided by this website is just amazing. Only things you need to provide while booking ticket are: source station …

Intercity Express Train

The Southern Railways form a part of the Indian Railways which ranks among top 10 railways of the world.I would like to mention about Intercity Express train which serves as the transportation medium for lacs of people in South India.I am frequent traveler …

Indian Raiways

Indian raiways is the fourth largest network of railways in the world. In fact it is the main transport system available to all people.Though the trai speed average to amaximum of 80/90 km per hour yet the travel is made comfortable in every way. There are a number of …


Three years ago I took a train from Chicago to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.Like any good traveler I went online to check out what you could and could not do on the train.This was before,the all over, ban on smoking.Nothing anywhere said you couldn’t smoke.
My daughter-in-law and I were to leave …

Madurai Railway Junction

I am a citizen of Madurai, India. So, I know well about my city. Today, I like to write about my Madurai city’s railway junction. Madurai Railway Junction is one of the important railway junctions in South India. It takes eight hours travel from Chennai. It connects …

Queensland Rail Brisbane Train Services

Queensland Rail is Brisbane and Queensland’s railway. It is build all around the state and offers a great amount of service and transport.
I have always been extremely pleased with the Railway in Brisbane, capital city of Queensland. The railways are made extremely well, that there are hardly no accidents …

Durango and Silverton Train

We used to visit Colorado every summer. One summer, we decided to go to Durango and take the train from Durango to Silverton. First of all, the view is amazing and it is very pretty up there. However, I remember being scared on parts of the journey, especially when …

Amtrack Travel for The Disabled

My husband and I rescently took a trip on Amtrak going from Holland, MI to Omaha, NB. Our oldest daughter lives in Papillion, NB and her daughter our grandaughter was graduating so we wanted to be able to be a part of this special event. My husband and …

Dutch Railways

Most of the people in my country like to complain about the Nederlandse Spoorwegen( Dutch Railways) because of delays. But what they do not know or don’t care to know is that they are privileged with such a good rail service to all parts of the county cause not …

Amtrak Trains

I recently took an Amtrak train for a cross-country trip from New Mexico to Michigan, and it was an experience. The best part about traveling by train is that one can actually enjoy the scenery on the trip, because the traveler doesn’t have to worry about driving. The other …

Hong Kong Transportation System

The Mass Transport Railway in Hong Kong is one of the most efficient transportation systems in the world. It is a network of underground railroad that carries over 2.4 million people a day. When I visited Hong Kong, I frequently used the MTR to travel around the …

MTR (Mass Transit Railway)

I took the MTR quite often as humans drew breath while I was in Hong Kong. People in HK are basically ‘crippled’ without a car, thus the main transportation people rely on are taxis, buses, but most of all the MTR (and also the KCR) because it is fast …

KCR (Kowloon-Canton Railway)

Unlike the MTR, the KCR takes you to all major cities within Hong Kong. Some of these cities are Tai Po, Tai Wai, Sheung Shui, Wong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, and so on. Each stop is about 5-15minutes max. You can get from the Lo Wu end of Hong …

Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

When I was younger my family and I used to drive to Colorado every summer. One summer we stopped in Durango, Colorado and decided to take the train from Durango to Silverton. It’s a famous railroad and historic so you get to experience what it was like back in …

Amtrak Auto Train

The Amtrak Auto Train offers the rider a way to transport both themselves and their vehicle from Virginia to Florida. Many families traveling to Disney World take this option to save them from driving.
The idea is you purchase a ticket for yourself and your car. You can choose to …

Amtrak East Coast

Approximately once per month, I ride Amtrak from Richmond, Virginia to Washington D.C. or vice versa. My experiences on Amtrak have always been favorable, and I see it as a cheap alternative to fighting the rush hour traffic on Interstate 95.
The trip is approximately two hours in length, …

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