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Charter Communications

I have digital cable through Charter Communications and have had it for a number of years now. Truth be told, if I had any other cable company to choose from, I probably would have made the switch years ago.
In addition to the cable, I also have their high speed …

Aaaaah-So Easy Mobile Mini-Storage

While I was helping a friend move, I ran across a company that deserves to be recommended to everyone, because it lives up to its name and makes life a lot easier for people who need to move and need to use a storage facility. Aaaaah-So Easy Mobile Mini-Storage …

Blackcircles Tyres

I found this company so easy to deal with. I needed two new tyres and priced them at a couple of local tyre fitters. Then I went to the web. The blackcircles site is very impressive. It was so easy to find the tyres I needed and I couldn’t …

WE Energies Gas Emergency Line

Some time ago I had a scary experience. I came home and when I stepped through the front door I smelled gas very strongly. I’m sure you know how gas stinks, right? Well, that awful smell was in my front hallway and the front hallway is almost right above …

Paychex Payroll Solutions

I use Paychex at work to process my company’s payroll every two weeks. We have definitely had our ups and downs with them though.
We originally used their Core system which meant every payroll week I would have to call into their company to a payroll representative and go …

Window and Screen Repair at M&R

Whenever I have a window or screen that needs repair, I take it to M&R Instant Locksmith. They have a service counter in the back of the store that repairs windows. I have used this service many times and am quite happy with it.
I like that having my …

Utility Bill Payments at AK Food Mart

Every month the various utility companies send you bills and you must pay them. And one of the easiest ways to pay them is to pay in person at one of the many locations that accepts utility bills. The closest location to my home is the AK Food Mart, …

Nelson and Nelson Pool Care & Repair

If you have a troubled pool, it’s not always easy to find good care for it. We’ve had an in-ground pool for decades, and it’s gone through some nasty times. In the last couple of years, we’ve had to deal with a lot of horrible algae and …

New Egg Customer Service Part 2

Since I had the $30 credit from my previous order fiasco described in my New Egg Customer Service Part 1 review here at Reviewstream, I had decided that I would go ahead and give New Egg another chance to change my opinion of their terrible customer service. I thought …

New Egg Customer Service Part 1

I build a lot of very high end custom computers, but I do not keep many parts in stock because I never know what my customers are going to want. I only keep a few of the most simple and basic used parts on hand, like an extra video …

Strictly Business Hair Salon in Columbia, South Carolina

Strictly Business is a hair salon located in Columbia, South Carolina. The salon serves men as well as women. The owner, Sarah, has been doing my hair for the past two years and I love what she does.
I love …

Shell Service Station

I am writing a review about a gas station I used to go in the past, called Cariaga Shell Service Station located at J.C. Aquino Avenue, Butuan City. Well, there are some things I like about this particular station, but there quite a few things I dislike about the …

David’s Bridal - Dublin Ohio

I went to David’s Bridal expecting to have a fun and exciting afternoon searching for my dream wedding dress. What I got was a complete nightmare. They are an embarrassment to the industry. I was greeted promptly when I arrived for my 2:00pm appointment. Small …

Cocok’s Salon

If you live (or even just visiting) in Okinawa, Japan and love to be pampered, then Cocok’s would be the perfect place for you! I have never been one for pedicures or manicures and only decided to go to Cocok’s at the constant insistance of friends. There are several …

Davids Bridal

Today, I was finally able to meet up with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in months ever since I left for my trip to China. And although I was positive she had told me that she was getting married next year, I was surprised to learn that she …

Pier 1 Imports

Since moving into my new condo with my husband and two children in September 2008, we’ve been slowly but surely collecting for ourselves some nice furtniture and accessories to decorate our new home. And, at last, it IS a home. After years in a mobile home, which was falling …

Pub Quiz at Finn McCool´s, Quito, Ecuador

A local secret when travelling in Quito, Ecuador is the Pub Quiz held every Tuesday night at Finn McCool´s in the tourist district. Locals, ex-pat´s, students, and travellers passing through gather faithfully to test their knowledge of trivia against each other for prizes at local restaurants or …

America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses

I needed a pair of glasses so I decided to take advantage of a low price offer and visit America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. They have a store in Fredericksburg, a new store, so I thought it would be a good place to go. If you …

Meru cabs taxi Bangalore

I am a regular traveler of City Taxi services in Bangalore. The reason i prefer taxi rather than autorikshaw is because the autoikshaw drivers always demands excess fare irrespective of the time whether it is morning, afternoon or night.
Most of the times i prefer ‘Meru cabs’ taxi services …

Mediatti Broadband Communications

Mediatti Broadband Communications is a company on Okinawa, Japan that offers cable Tv and cable internet access. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with, EVER. If they were based in the states, they would have been shut down a long time ago. Unfortunately for those who …

Forex Balikbayan Box service

If you are planning to send a balikayan box to your family back home, I strongly recommend Forex Balikbayan Box service. It has been in the business for so long that it had earned a very good reputation on their customers by providing fast, quality and satisfactory service.
For the …

Hollywood Video rent

Let me start by saying that I have had my account with my local Hollywood Video for ten years now. Every now and than I go and rent some movies and I return them. About a month ago my family and me …


Ever since I subscribed to DIRECTV, it has been an ongoing nightmare. At first, it was a happy story where I was treated very nice due to their new customer promotion. I signed up for the DVR package that includes a promotional rate for the first 6 months at …

Shop N Save

I just stopped at my local Shop N Save in Carmichaels, P.A. My experience wasn’t very satisfactory. I stopped by the deli to get a pound of turkey. I stood in line for fifteen minutes because the deli girls were busy …

Teaz Tanning

I recently decided to try a spray-on tan at a tanning booth. I checked around my area and the only tanning store that offers this is Teaz Tanning in Uniontown. I wanted to get a perfect tan without the sun damage. …

Christian W. Klay Winery

Let me start by saying I love wine. I was so happy when I found out that there was a winery an hour away from me. I was at work one day and I noticed a flyer on the bulletin board. …

GetGo Gas Station

I had to go out of town over the weekend. I stopped at the GetGo gas station in Altoona, P.A. I pulled up to the pump and I had to go inside to prepay. There was a bus outside in the parking …

Gevalia Coffee

I love coffee. I have to drink at least two cups of coffee every morning. So I decided to join some type of coffee club. I was looking around on the internet. I saw Gevalia’s website. They were …

Explorica Educational Travel Tours

What can you say about Explorica. Wow! I recently took a trip to Costa Rica for ten days, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the company. The itinerary had us pakced for a very busy ten days, but the company was thoughtful enough to plan a few days …

Paducah Water Works

Paducah Water Works provides clean treated water to all of the Paducah KY area. Each and every month we receive a water bill that also includes garbage collection fees as well. I have never had any issues at all with Paducah Water Works and their customer service has always …

Paducah Power System

Paducah Power System is the company that provides electricity to my apartment on a daily basis. I would have to say that for the most part, my power bill has been pretty good. It has never been above more $90.00 a month and according to others I have spoken …

Judy Jean Bakery

Judy Jean Bakery is a bright and cheerful bakery located in Uniontown, PA. Judy Jean is the best bakery I have ever been to. When you walk into the bakery, they have rows and rows of delicious cookies, pastries, …

Uniontown, PA Rent-A-Center

I am writing a review on my local Rent-A-Center store. I had a bad experience with them and I did not care for their customer service skills at all. I moved a few months ago. My new place has …

Aarons Sales & Lease Ownership

Aarons Sales & Lease Ownership is a private company that lets you rent or lease furniture before you own it. When I moved into my new home, I decided I wanted to purchase a new bedroom set. I …

Alley Kat Tattoo

Whenever I have gone into Alley Kat Tattoo I have been greeted. The atmosphere is one of fun which puts me at ease. They are always willing to work with you to make the tatoo you want perfect and to even suggest things to improve it. …

Phoenix HTC Body Piercing

HTC is my favourite place to get pierced. I’ve tried a couple of other places and they just did not seem up to HTC standards and practices. For one I love the staff. No matter who is working they are always friendly, always ready to help …

Phoenix, AZ Pelon’s Tattoo Ink

Pelon is the owner of Pelon’s Tattoo Ink. He will sit down with you and even work with you on your tattoo design. He is very professional and uses clean and sterile items and a sterile work environment. He is certified and a registered business with …

Vista Print

I have been running a small home business for the past two years, selling wire-wrapped jewelry and other odds and ends. It’s been slow-going and I’m always trying to find ways to drum up business and get my name out there. At a craft show a little over a …

Diamond Home Improvement Center

Diamond Home Improvement Center is really the only big home improvement center in Grants Pass Oregon. We have plenty of building suppy companies but for do-it-yourself types, Diamond is the only one. It should therefore be geared towards helping regular people who don’t know a lot about …

Cascade Block

When my brother and I decided to tear down our old garage and rebuild we had a lot of questions about the foundation and how best to buff it up and make it so that it could support the larger building material we would be using. When my …

Cooks Pest Control (pest service)

Cooks Pest Control is an amazing pest service. They take care of wasps, spiders, roaches, fleas, etc. About six months ago or so I noticed that I had a slight problem with wasp. This wasn’t good especially since we had been dealing with roaches caused by my ex-husband and …

Lowes Home Improvement Center

Three years ago I was working for a big restaurant chain as a manager and had quite a good income. I love working on my house and doing gardening so I decided it was finally time to get a credit card for one of the home improvement centers. …

Globe tipIDD Card

Here is something from Globe Filipinos would be so happy about…the Globe tipIDD Card. A prepaid card you can use to call your loved ones abroad for as low as P2.50 per minute. I first learned about Globe tipIDD Card from the noontime show Wowowee. It sounds impossible to …

Danrock Ice Cream Store

When I was in high school, there was a time when my family would stop at the Danrock Ice Cream and Pastry Store nearly every evening after school because the food was so delicious there. It was so good that I would save most of my lunch money, and …

Water Boy Delivery Service

I truly applaud Water Boy Reverse Osmosis Pure Water Station located in R.Calo, Sikatuna, Butuan City for their very efficient and satisfactory water delivery service. We have a very big household with plenty of kids, that is why availability of clean and safe drinking water is very important to …


I have been having ongoing issues with a company that I have been dealing with and have been receiving software equipment from. When things got silly, I decided I would have to send the equipment back, and I was avoiding what I knew would be a complete hassle, because …

Sinclair Gas Station (Las Vegas, NV)

It’s rare to find a gas station that actually has employees that know how give great customer service, or at least in this town. I remember in the way long ago days when my mother would only drive to a Texaco station when we lived in Little Rock, AR because …

Verison Fios vs. Comcast Digital

When it comes to finding the right service provider for cable, internet and phone services. You can find yourself in the crossroads of what your willing to sacrifice.
I recently became a Comcast HD triple play subscriber, and had found that their customer serious is amazing. But their services …

Thomasville Tire Dept

Thomasville Tire Dept deals in used tires. I first used them a couple of years ago and found them to be so efficient and affordable that I have not gone anywhere else since. At Tire Dept they do nothing else but tires and it shows. My last visit I …

Ace Service Counter

Yesterday I went to Ace because the wheel on my small shopping cart had broken and had fallen off. The wheel was made from thick plastic and the plastic was badly broken around the hole for the axle. I had originally thought I would be forced to buy an …

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