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Whalley Printers and Stationers Ltd. In Surrey, Canada

When I was planning to set up my own business in 2008, I thought I needed business cards to get started, so I had my friend accompany me to the Surrey downtown area to look for a printer. We easily found Whalley Printers and
Stationers Ltd. because of their …

CCME Homemade Food Stuff

What made me try them:
We were expecting some visitors from the US but we were so busy to prepare for food for around twenty to thirty guests because my husband and I have our own jobs to attend to. This time, even if I so love cooking for our …

VIP’s Gourmet Catering

I recently attended an event that was catered, and I was very impressed with both the food and the servers. I find that catering companies differ widely in both quality of food and service, and this one, catered by VIP’s Gourmet Catering, from Calgary, Alberta, was one of the …

Genesis Health Club

My roommates and I recently joined a local gym. We all wanted to get back into shape and the best way to go about it is to get a group of people together.
It’s was a good decision. We were getting kind of sedentary and it was good …

Wizard Optical

In Feb 2009, i got prescription glasses made from Wizard Opticals. The frame broke in Sep 2009. The receipt said frames have 2 years replacement warranty and a new pair is replaced without any charge. I took the glasses for replacement, Tracey the owner and the person attending informed …

Westbrook Shoe Repair

I discovered that the heel on one of my ankle boots was worn right down to the metal, and the other one was starting to wear down as well. I had seen Westbrook Shoe Repair on my commute through southwest Calgary, so I decided to see how much they …

Sacramento Carburetor & Electrical Specialist - Customer Service

This review is about Sacramento Carburetor & Electrical Specialist as relates strictly to their customer service. I say that because ultimately I had the work that was needed to be done on my vehicle performed elsewhere.
When my car surprisingly failed its recent required smog check, I was in …

Pacific Smog Test-Only

With an older car, that means that every two years I have to get my vehicle smog checked. That can be very expensive, so I usually look for places that offer specials. I had never heard of Pacific Smog Test-Only, but they had an ad available for …

Gene Juarez Salon and Spa

The Gene Juarez Salon is located at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, WA. The salon is beautiful and feels warm and comfortable. Services offered range from Haircuts, Coloring, Manicure, Pedicure, Facials and Make up to Waxing and Massage.
It has taken me years to find a stylist that I can …

Pearl Quality Purified Water in Butuan City

As I’ve tested different bottled water in Butuan City. Pearl Quality is excellent, there water is so good and I’ve tried to sniffed there water there is no smell at all, and it is smooth in your throat. I visited their site and test the water and look at …

Time Warner Cable of NC

If you are trying to decide which cable service to use in NC, you may want to consider not going with Time Warner Cable. Here’s why:
Their customer service is terrible. Yesterday, I was quoted three different prices by three different people (for basic cable).
I once returned one of …

At The Beach tanning salon

I wanted to have a nice tan last fall so I went to At The Beach tanning salon.They offered Mystic spray tan along with tanning in the tanning beds in a package, you pay $50 a month. I became really excited but then he mentioned I must sign a …

Scarborough Faire

I just can’t get enough of my renaissance and medieval inspired festivals, gatherings, groups, clothing, etc. You name it, and I’m somehow interested or involved in it. Before moving to Michigan, I used to live in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the closest thing we had to a renaissance festival …


I have two great loves in life aside from my husband, my children and my pets. One of them, sadly, is cigarettes. I just can’t live without them. But this review is certainly not to promote that (don’t start smoking kids!). It is to promote my other great love, …

Rizzo Waste Management

Pretty much ever since my husband and I moved to Michigan, we had lived in a mobile home park in which our sewage, water and trash were taken care of by the park and figured into our monthly lot rent, so we’ve never really had a great deal of …

Petco Customer Service

Recently I adopted two Kitties from a family friend and joyfully went to my local PETCO store to purchase everything necessary to care for my new bundles of energy. I found my experience with PETCO staff to be frustrating and difficult. As I perused the cat isles, …

Barnes and Noble

While it’s pretty undeniable that Barnes and Noble can find almost any book in the world, they still lack a certain something. It’s true they’re helpful; they can get almost anything, but it’s all so impersonal. There are never readings, never used books (obviously), never anything really …

Xend Xpress Courier

One of my ways to augment my income is to sell some stuff online. I am selling a lot of products–makeup, perfume, clothing, even furniture and appliance. I transact via my mobile phone. Interested buyers will text me to express their interest to buy my products. …

Blake’s Apple Orchard and Cider Mill

October is absolutely my most favorite month of the year. Not only because it means that Halloween is just around the corner, but because it’s also the single most important month of the fall season. All the trees have turned color here in Michigan, and the beginning of the …

ItsieBitsie Clothing Line (online business) -

I am always buying stuff from the internet. What I am fond of buying now are baby clothes and other baby stuff. I was looking for some rompers and I came across an advertisement saying that they are selling nice yet really affordable rompers. Their …


I have long been a collector of avant garde art and strange artifacts with an occult or pagan theme. It wouldn’t be a surprising thing to enter my house and see wax skulls, ouija boards and other such items, but with an artistic flair somehow attached. About a year …

Knight Light Candles & Imports

I have always been a fan of world religions, no matter the religion, no matter the god, no matter the culture. And I forever find myself attracted to stores and business that seem to propogate a love and understanding of all religions, wether you believe in them or not. …

Merrill Marketing

As new recruits to the Society for Creative Anachronism (a year-round renaissance re-enactment group), my husband and I are always on the lookout for items that we can use to furnish our renaissance-inspired garb. Both of us have recently taken up SCA competition archery, though my husband has long …

Grondins Hair Center

I don’t believe I’m one of those women who are necessarily vain about my hair. I’m not going to break into tears if my hair gets cut too short, or the colorist applied pink instead of auburn. I’m actually the type of woman who used to let her friends …

M&M Archery

My husband and I have long been fans of archery, both typical and a-typical. By that I mean we are always looking for archery supplies that sometimes the typical hunting supply store simply don’t carry. This can include nice leather arm bracers, and natural wood arrows. We knew there …

Semco Energy Gas Company

No matter where you live, you know there will always be one company that has the monopoly on your necessary utilities. You have Comcast for cable, phone and internet and, here in Michigan, you have Semco Energy Gas Company for your gas and heating necessities. I can’t really, in …

Peruvian Girl

I have a home jewelry business that I’ve been running for many years now. I frequently attend craft shows and holistic festivals and any other shows I feel my work my be appreciated and might sell well. For one particular show I figured I needed to stock up on …

Head Shoppe

I often get my hair cut here, and lately I have been getting my son and husband to go here as well. We have had so many horrible experiences with getting our hair done, that this is now the only place that I want my entire family to go.
The …

Vermin Control Exterminators

Let me start by saying I really hate bugs. I can’t stand bugs. I scream every time I see something creepy and crawly. When my husband and I first moved into our new home, I came across a nest of spiders! I began to notice …

Shipley’s Superior Plumbing & remodeling

We had a disaster at my home a few weeks ago. Of course this kind of disaster would happen while my husband was out of town. I was giving my daughter a bath in the tub. My son walked into the restroom. Of course I …

Murray Landscaping Corporation

My husband is obsessed with our lawn. Let’s just say if he paid as much attention to the house work as he does the lawn work I would never have to clean! This past summer, he decided that he wanted to install a sprinkler system. I …

B & J Contracting

My husband and I decided to have a front deck built onto our home this summer. We wanted to find a good contractor. I am very picky when it comes to my home. Everything must be perfect! I have heard lots of good things about …

Mr. Quickfix LLC

My husband and I noticed that our computer was starting to run really slow. We have had our computer for a few years. We decided to have our computer upgraded. I have heard of businesses that will do this for you. I grabbed a phone …

Cox Cable Television Services

As anyone who subscribes to Cox Cable knows, it isn’t cheap and one of the most aggravating things about them is that, although their cost seem reasonable when you first get started with them, the fees eventually escalate, especially when you add more premium channels. You would think …

Millers Yamaha

I think my husband is going through a mid-life crisis. He decided, out of the blue, that he wanted to purchase a motorcycle. I wasn’t thrilled with this idea, but I decided to go motorcycle shopping with me. I guess I’m pretty much happy to do …

Klingensmith Heating & Ac

When my husband and I moved into our new home, we knew that we had to have central air installed into our home. We just didn’t know who we wanted to install it for us. We received a few estimates from other companies, but they were really …

NV Energy

There is a reason why monopolies are a bad thing for the consumers. It’s great for the business, I’m sure, but it’s terrible for the people who have to use the service yet can’t go anywhere else for their needs. And if my memory serves me correctly, I really thought …

Wright Tree Service

Every two years or so, the utility company which provides electrical service to this area comes through to inspect the lines as respect trees, bushes, and the like that may interfere with their service or be a potential hazard. The power company hires contractors to perform the actual …

Makati City food delivery service

Mano Po Panciteria Express is a top favorite of mine whenever I think of food delivery at home. More than the convenience of not cooking, not washing up afterwards and being able to eat immediately, I must say that their food is so excellent. I really wish they were …

Southland Cigar and Dry Cleaning

When I was looking for a place near my apartment to get some dry cleaning done, I almost completely missed Southland Cigar and Dry Cleaning, even though it was in the strip mall that I walk or drive past every day. I almost missed it because the sign at …

Comcast digital cable service

We recently moved from NJ to Florida and have switched our carriers from cablevision to Comcast in doing so. We called comcast on Friday and spoke about which package plan would be the best for me. We got the basic package with HBO add on (it’s all about True …

Sisters’ Catering and Cakes in Sumter, South Carolina

Sisters’ Catering and Cakes is a catering company that is located in Sumter, South Carolina. I had the pleasure of tasting some of the food that was made by Sisters’ Catering and Cakes at a wedding reception that I attended last weekend. I must …

Shannon’s Lawn Service

Steve and his brother have been cutting my lawn for the last three years.
Three years ago the middle of September my lawn mower broke and with only needing a couple cuts for the rest of the year I started calling lawn services and was told there was no way, …

Charter Cable in Rainsville Alabama

Never in my wildest dreams did I think the cable man would become part of the family. Here’s how it happened…I recently moved and had to switch from Comcast cable to Charter cable services. I called Charter to have my service connected and got a appointment for installation 4 …

Metapo customer service

I recently purchased a vacuum made by Metapo. I had never heard of this company before and knew nothing about them. I purchased it through a different website who is a retailer. When I got it in it ran well for the first few times of using it and …


When my old company decided to close all their branches in Las Vegas and shut down operations, they were faced with piles and pounds of product that had to be distributed to our members. That meant a lot of storage units and people to move all the stuff in and …

Arttie casual clothing store

Arttie is a clothing store in Austin, TX and recently I found out they had another store in Cedar Park which is technically part of Austin too. I don’t think Arttie is a chain of clothing store, not exactly anyway, because I haven’t been able to find a website …

SC Tinsley Construction

Recently I had the pleasurable experience of having some flooring put in my Mr. S.C. Tinsley of Tinsley Construction. I liked the fact that he was willing to work with me as the customer and get the job to the price where I was able to afford it.

The Hair Lodge

My husband and kids have been going to The Hair Lodge for close to a year now…since it has been open. They are very reasonably priced for haircuts and actually do a good job. My husband is very picky about his hair cuts and he has finally found a …

Coldbrook Center Barbershop

We come here sometimes when my son and husband are not able to get into another barbershop. We are never happy when we come here, for a few reasons.
The price is unbeatable, at around ten dollars a haircut, but I would rather pay more elsewhere than go to this …

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