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  • Vemma was one of the first businesses I decided to invest in as an online business
  • On the bright side I found the Vemma drink was great
  • I would not recommend it to anyone as a business
  • The lesson I learned, - not all businesses on the net that look legit are

    • by Virinia

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      Vemma was one of the first businesses I decided to invest in as an online business. I have MS and I needed to find a job I could do from home. Vemma seemed like the perfect business. I was getting a multivitamin drink that was full of antioxidants and I was going to get an income of anything between $500- $2000 a month.

      That all sounded great. I happily paid my money and received my Vemma health drink and a web site. All I had to do was get visitors to my site and I was going to make a bundle.

      Well folks the

      details in the fine print. You don’t earn any money with Vemma until you fill a quota of people who must join under you. I have thousands of people visiting my site but no-one bought a single Vemma drink from me.

      On the bright side I found the Vemma drink was great. It tasted fine and it gave me an incredible boost of energy. The downside was that it was costing me nearly $70AUS a month.

      I decided to cancel my prescription and that’s when my real troubles began. No matter who I contacted Vemma continued to take out $70 AUS from my credit ...

      • card every month. I ended up being overdrawn $1000 AUS and I had hefty overdue bills to pay back to my credit card.

        In the end I had to cancel my credit card because Vemma kept charging my credit card until I got rid of the card altogether. Vemma cost me a lot of money. I would not recommend it to anyone as a business.

        I certainly would not recommend it to anyone living outside the USA as the Company does not respond to your emails and just keeps taking money from your credit card even when you have emailed them and written them

        that you no longer wish to receive their product. The lesson I learned, - not all businesses on the net that look legit are. Be careful about what you buy in to NEVER give anyone your credit card.

        I am an honest person and I would never cheat anyone. But there are other people out there on the net who seem to have no squalms about taking as much money from you as they can. Do not buy Vemma products and do not I repeat do not buy in to the idea that you are going to make any kind of money investing in the Vemma business.

    quick note by anonymous :

    Id like to highlight the fact that this review comes from a Vemma Nutrition Company Brand Partner in Australia. I do not speak for Vemma Nutrition Company nor any of their affiliates, but the international community of Brand Partners is weak in itself. The processing time for each and every action, click, phone call, fax, Etc. is extensive, as one could read in their Information and Education page at the bottom of the screen.
    Mike says :

    I have heard many things about Vemma and their drinks. Scam? Yes I’ve heard that too. Great review It definitely shares my outlook on the company as well.
    Mindy Simms says :

    My mother got caught up in the vemma bandwagon a few years back. She swore by the stuff, kept having me do home parties for her and she made no money at all. She tried to quit the company and they just kept draining her bank account each month for it. She finally had to stop her account and start a new one. It is just a specialty drink full of vitamins and minerals in my opinion take a one a day instead.
    samir says :

    Majority of multi level marketing schemes like Vemma are generally scam. If they are not scam, it is quite tough to earn even few bucks from them.

    They showed you money. They showed you some staggering success stories. And, you are lured to join them only to find in a bizzare land.

    I think if your mother, or for that matter anyone, once caught in this net of monthly charges, should have immediately contact the bank or the credit card agency and ask them to stop payment. Banks are generally quite helpful in these cases.
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