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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has been around the barn more than once. Actually Oprah Winfrey has been around the barn probably a lot more than that. This woman grew up disadvantaged, poor and she claims that she was abused in more ways than one. What did Oprah Winfrey do with that? …

Cal Ripkin JR

I live in Baltimore, Maryland and I have been an Orioles fan since I was a child.l I remember going to Memorial stadium and watching the games. Then the Orioles moved to Camden Yards. One of the premier players of all times is Cal Ripkin Jr. …

Michael Beach (actor)

There are very few African American actors who receive any kind of critical acclaim. And there are even fewer who actually win Oscars. There are however, a whole slew of actors who are cast in roles which would probably be better suited for other people. …

Karina Kapur

Karina Kapur is one of the leading actresses in Bollywood. She started her carrier from a film refugee. Paired against Abhishek Bachchan the
film did not do well. But karina Kapur was accepts a good actress. Later on she did lot of commercially successful films like. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi …

Corrine Bailey Rae

Corrine Bailey Rae has now become one of my favorite artist. I just recently got her CD, “Like a Star”, after hearing a song of hers that I really liked, called “Put your Records On”. I had never heard of her before that. When I got …

Reba McIntyre

Reba McIntyre is such an awesome performer. We had the previlige of seeing her in concert several years ago. Her performance was absolutely outstanding and well worth the money we spent.
She came on stage and was energetic and just super friendly. She took time to actually interact …

Jordin Sparks

I have become addicted to American Idol. As a teenager, I never had posters on my walls of my favorite artists, nor did I buy the silly teen magazines with bright colors and boy bands. As an adult, sadly, I am a huge fan of the show. I can’t …

Heath Ledgar

This is such a sad and tragic story. Its always sad when somebody dies so young. I cant believe he is gone, he was one of the last people I thought would die so sudden and so young. I feel so bad for his daughter and Michelle, he seemed …

Britney Spears

Alot of people are condemning Britney for her recent actions. But honestly, I feel sorry for the girl more then anything. There is obviously something mentally wrong with this girl. I think the pressures of her career, getting married (which i dont think she was ready for) and then …

Justin Timberlake, the actor

I have had the opportunity to hear Justin Timberlake’s pipes on quite a few songs. The young man can definitely sing. He sings better than many other “blue-eyed” soul musicians. But now that the lines between music and acting are beginning to blur, we are …

Zac Efron

Who hasn’t heard of Zac Efron? He is taking the nation by storm with his success in High School Musical and High School Musical 2. He knows how to dance, sing, and act. With all these talents are his good looks. I love how his eyes are so intense. …

Ashley Tidale

Everyone have hear of Ashley Tisdale. She is a rising Disney star. While her fame was brought by the success of High School Musical where she plays the role of Sharpay, a rich girl that looks down on everyone, she also plays a role in The Suit Life of …

Miley Cyrus

Who likes Miley Stuart ? I don’t know why, but I don’t like her at all. It’s maybe because I’m jealous of her, but she is too innocent for me. Not many people at my friends like her. How did she become so famous? Her songs are catchy but …

Kelly Lynch

The gorgeous and versatile Kelly Lynch is a great actress. Now I am not talking about the acting abilities of a Meryl Streep type actress, but Kelly Lynch is very, very good for the parts I have seen her cast in. I loved her in Drugstore Cowboy and most …

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder was an American author who wrote the Little House books. The Little House books begin when Laura was a child and follow her through her life as a young adult. Laura Ingalls was born in Wisconsin and grew up in the Piney Woods with her mother, …

Walt Disney

Walt Disney was an American cartoonist after whom Disney World and Disney Land were named. Walt Disney created the wonderful films such as Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia and Bambi. I saw a documentary that showcases Walt Disney’s works and he spoke about creating the movie, Bambi. …

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a woman who decided at an early age that she wanted to become a nun and help the sick and poor. Mother Teresa, in her lifetime, helped so many people and served as an inspiration to everyone. Mother Teresa was not afraid to go into poverty …

Jamie Lynn Spears

When Jamie Lynn Spears announced she is pregnant, many people were quick to drop their support for her and criticize her.
While I don’t condone her pregnancy, I have to say I’ve actually gained a little more respect for Brittany’s kid sister.
First, for those of you who are condemning her …

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson is great business man who made a lot of money with a website called This website has got so big that everyone seems to have a myspace page. The thing that makes the site so big is that many celebs are on the site as well as …

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is probably the best fighter who ever walked the earth. I really think that he is one of the best martial artists to ever kick someone. His moves were so perfect and great. He had so much energy and speed and was able to face any fighter. Bruce …

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a disgrace to rich people. I think she is utter trash and should be ashamed of her self. She comes from the rich Hilton family yet she acts worst than more ladies of the night. I do not think she is a good role model for young …

Robert G. Allen

I have mixed feelings about Robert G. Allen. Some people consider him to be a wealth marketing god and others a conman.
I admit that I only have one of his books, Multiple Streams of Internet Income. For someone who needs an introduction to basic marketing concepts and salesmanship, I …

Mike McCarthy

When the Packers surprised many by hiring Mike McCarthy as their head coach, I was one of the few people who defended the decision.
And, now that he is 15-9 as a coach with the Packers on pace to make the playoffs for the first time in a few years, …

Johnny Depp

My wife and I both like watching Johnny Depp films, but for different reasons. She likes watching them because she finds him attractive. I like watching him because I think he is one of the best actors in Hollywood today and in history.
Regardless of the success of the film, …

Will Smith

There are people in Hollywood that can only find specific movie roles; housewife, police officer, family comedies, etc. Then there are actors like Will Smith who can do pretty much anything asked of him.
If you count his early years as a rap star, Smith has made career jumps from …

50 cent

50 cent is a rapper and entertainer who got famous when he signed to Eminem and Dr.Dre almost six years ago and since then he has risen to fame all around the world with his hardcore rap lyrics. His first record sold 15 million which made him the only …

Jim Jones

Jim Jones is a rapper who is singed to Diplomat Records and he recently signed a joint venture with Sony Music for severial million dollars which I am dissapointed in. The reason being, the only method Jim Jones used to get famous was to stand next to Harlem rapper …

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus is a very beautiful fitness model. She is also a wrestler in the WWE. She has an amazing body that I enjoy looking at every time I see her on TV. She is also a great wrestler. I enjoy watching her wrestler other female wrestlers on WWE. She …

Leah Remini

Leah Remini is a very attractive actress who is best known for her Role in The King of Queens TV show. She is a very good actress and is very funny in the movies and TV shows that she has been in. Leah Remini has also been in the movie …

Brenda Janke

I have dealt with Brenda for many years. I do a lot of baking and cooking with different things and she has always helped me out when I have become stumped with some unusual food, like lemon curd or making jellied foods. I like trying new and …

Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday is an internet legend. He rose to fame by posting a song on The song he posted was called Chocolate rain. Soon after this he rose to fame overnight. All over the net people were singing the words Chocolate Rain. He is very funny but he …

Dan Abrams

From court tv to msnbc to nbc legal correspondent Dan Abrams is the best I have ever seen. The way he does all three is nothing short of phenomenal. I watched him on court tv and from that first time it just wanted to make you watch …

Oprah Wimfreh

I do not miss Oprah’s popular talk show on my T.V. every friday. These shows normally discuss many emotional topics and samples peoples’ views and openions which are very educative. I have watched her show quite recently which talks about marriages and their problems. Resource persons were invited …

Robert G. Allen

Robert G. Allen, what can one person say about him? I have seen his numerous paid advertising on the tv set late at night and early morning Sunday morning. I even made the mistake of buying his book at Barnes and Nobles hoping against hope that he was one …

Merican Clan

The Merican clan is actually a group of people from Arab-Indian stock and they first set foot on Penang, Malaysia. From there, the descendants multiplied and their clan married those of the Malay communities in Malaysia and their descendants are considered as the Merican. They are normally …

Kathy Wilner - Studio 121

I have long hair and take really good care of my hair. My previous beautician moved so I had to look for a new one. That was a nightmare until I found Kathy at Studio 121. Actually, my neighbor told me about Kathy. She had …

Mr. John M.L.W.A.Hr.Sec.School

Mr. John, who teaches me Mathematics in X Standard. He is my all time favourite teacher. I complete my school days in M.L.W.A.Hr.Sec.School, Madurai. At that time there are more than 50 teachers in my school. But he is my favourite person. Still he …

Hirano Aya

Hirano Aya is a japanese voice actress and has many famous roles such as starring Suzumiya Haruhi in “The melancholy of suzumiya haruhi”, Amane Misa in “Death Note”, Konata in “Lucky Star”, Reira in “NANA” and many others. She is known for her excellence in those roles and for …

Yuna Ito

Yuna Ito is one of my favourite Japanese artists and singers. She is actually of mixed heritage; Japanese and Korean mixed! Therefore like with most mixed people, she looks extremely pretty � and I actually can guess her heritage from looking at her eyes since it looks very Korean. …


Yiruma is a very famous pianist from Korea. He is known for making pieces of dramas and some of his rather popular pieces are ‘When the Love falls’ and ‘River flows in you’. His pieces always have odd titles but I think that’s because he’s Korean and not very …

Wrestler Air Paris

In 2001, the now defunct World Championship Wrestling created a Cruiserweight Tag-Team Championship specifically for their lightweight and high flying wrestlers. Of course, when they did this, they naturally had to hire in some High Flying tag-teams. One of the teams they introduced consisted of AJ Styles and Air …

Brig Feltus Mainstream Indie Artist is currently one of my favorite Myspace pages.
Brig Feltus is an indie artist who has recently signed to a label. Her record will come out in stores in July. What I like about her most is that she isn’t typical. Her music has feeling to it. I can …

Vince McMahon

Death is a sunject in wrestling that comes up a lot in the real world. Early deaths to great wrestlers. Addictions leading to demise. Well the WWE last monday on RAW decided to stage death and that death was that of WWE chairman, Vince McMahon. Now I bet there …

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins appears to be one of those actors who do not take just any role, he will not play anything shallow, uninteresting, insignificant. Or perhaps it is his talent that turns every role into a meaningful one? Anyway, I have never seen him under-perform, or play anything not …

Amy WineHouse

Amy WineHouse, Amy WineHouse, what can I say about her? Not only does this woman have an INCREDIBLY unique voice, but she has her own unique style. Whether it’s her larger-than-life beehive (which I really don’t like but admire the audacity of it!), or her over-the-top eyeliner, I feel …

Hugh Laurie actor

Hugh Laurie is known to most viewers today from the “House M.D.” sitcom where he plays a talented doctor who solves unusual, difficult medical cases. While I like this show, I much prefer Hugh Laurie’s other works, especially in comedy. He has a remarkable comedy talent, and it is …

Amy Winehouse

I found a new favorite artist to add to my constantly growing and changing collection. This soulful English singer is just awesome. I love her deep and raspy voice. The very first time I heard of her was when I heard the song “Rehab”. Some compare her voice and …

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