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Villa Escudero

This is Laguna’s oldest coconut plantation and private resort. There is much history behind Villa Escudero as it was founded in 1872 during the Spanish era in the Philippines. The main feature of this resort is Labasin Falls, where the guests can enjoy a hearty lunch and rafting through …

Hidden Valley Resort

One of Laguna’s finest resorts. It is nestled between the two mountains Banahaw and Makiling, both rich in natural wonders as well as folklore. There is a water falls that run from the mountaintop to the small rivers that flow through the valley. Hot springs that flow from the …

Hilton Hawaiian Village

In my recent trip to Hawaii, my partner and I stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu Hawaii. From the time we stepped on the hotels grounds, we were treated with the utmost respect and curtsy. We had our own private concierge for the floor in …

Best Western Summit Inn Niagara Falls

The first impression you get of this hotel is a good one. The lobby is large, light and airy, and tastefully furnished. The staff were very pleasant and helpful when we arrived tired after a long journey.
Our double room was a little on the small side for myself, my …

Plaza Motor Inn New York

The Plaza Motor Inn in Secaucus, New Jersey, is a good place to stay if you are visiting New York City but do not want to pay the high price of a hotel room in Manhattan. The Plaza Motor Inn is just ten minutes drive from Manhattan. If you …

Rosewoods Las Ventanas Al Paraiso

I have been to the Rosewoods Las Ventanas Al Paraiso Hotel before. If you are thinking of coming here, please do not hesitate, as this is the best place ever. This hotel is by far, the closest you can get to the Buckingham Palace, I think.
I am …

Embassy Suites Kansas City

The Embassy Suites is a very interesting hotel. It is mainly geared toward the business crowd, but I have found it is a great little vacation escape. The hotel has an amazing design. It is an “atrium” hotel. The entire middle is open while the …

Double Tree Hotel SFO

The Double Tree Hotel at the San Francisco International Airport is a very nice, comfortable, and reasonably priced hotel. When I walked into the room, following a rough day of travel, I was relieved to find a comfortable bed, with no less then 8 fluffy pillows. After …

Atlantis Beach Resort

My sister has been diving for a while, and she has been insisting that I join her and her husband for another weekend trip. They have stayed at Atlantis Resort in Dumaguete a couple of times already because they say it’s the best place to meet other diving enthusiasts …

Tanawin Bay Resort

It looks so rundown to me. The whole resort looks like it hasn’t been renovated in the last decade and some of the ceilings are ready to fall on your head while you’re sleeping. Not a place I would recommend to people who are used to luxury. It is …

Coco Beach Island Resort

3 hour road trip plus 2 hour boat ride. My bottom was aching especially since there were no stops. I was ready to get distressed and have a fun relaxing weekend with my sisters, but ended up with aching muscles when we got back to Manila. It was my …

El Nido Beach Resort

When people talk about El Nido, they are reminded of the terrorist attacks that happened there. But that’s all in the past, El Nido has long gotten over it and are again welcoming tourists. They have tightened their security for one thing. While I was there, there was news …

Legend Hotel Palawan

My boss invited me to join him in a conference in Legend Hotel Palawan. Since the company was paying for everything, I thought what the heck, I’ll go and have a good time. And besides, I haven’t stayed in the Legend Hotel even though I’ve been to Palawan numerous …

Kahala Mandarin Oriental

I have been to Honolulu, in Hawaii, and have stayed in a hotel there called the Kahala Mandarin Hotel. This is a 5 star resort actually, and the journey takes about 20 minutes of cab ride from a downtown place called Waikiki.
I went there last November, and the …

Brighton Hotel Paris

In France, there is a particular hotel that you can whisk away easily to the heart of Paris. It is called Hotel Brighton, and this hotel is located on the Rue de Rivoli, near the Tuileries. I have visited this hotel with my aunt and her family …

Baymont Inn Rolla MO

My kids and I stayed at this hotel on our way back from a vacation in Missouri! The motel seemed like it was brand new. It looked and smelled very clean. There was a BEAUTIFUL indoor swimming pool… not huge, but very nice and clean, perfect temperature, in a …

American Best Value Inn Carlinville IL

My kids and I stayed at this motel, which is just outside of Springfield, on our way to Missouri, because I found a good deal on it on I chose it because it was very inexpensive ($44/night for a room with two beds), and it had an indoor …

Econolodge Marquette Michigan

The view outside the hotel door is beautiful. The room leaves a bit to be desired. The room was small with a double bed. Although the place seemed clean it was just kind of a dump. The bed was like sleeping on the floor and …

North Charleston Sheraton

I’ve always thought of Sheraton hotels as pretty good places to stay–usually out of my price range unless I’m on business, but worth it if you’re attending a conference–and travel sites usually rate Sheratons with three or three-and-a-half stars. So, when I was planning my trip to Charleston, South …

Bohol Beach Club

I was invited by my friend to join her in Bohol Beach Club, as we were in the same area that time. The first thing I said to myself when I got there was, ‘that’s it’? As in, that’s all there is to see here? It’s quite expensive for …

Alona Palm Beach Resort

This is actually one of the newer hotels in the Bohol area. A perfect addition actually, with newer and better amenities for tourists, foreign and locals alike. The cottages have terraces, airconditioning, minibars and satellite TV. No, I can’t live without television and internet and they have it here. …

Paradise Garden Resort

When I go on my honeymoon, I’m definitely going to Paradise Garden in Boracay. I know I’m supposed to be writing a review for something I’ve used or places I’ve gone to. But can’t a person dream? Or even be jealous from hearing stories about this wonderful place. I …

Super 8 Motel Anderson SC

My husband and I went out for our first wedding anniversary and decided to stay at the Super 8 Motel. We knew it would be nothing fancy because it was the cheapest motel we could find. When we got in the room we turned the air conditioner on and …

Nigi Nigi Beach Resort

Although it’s a great place because it’s Polynesian inspired, I just think that the place is too small. Imagine 10 huts cramped together circling a small garden. My boyfriend loved it, but he lives in New York. And anything that resembles 18th century ethnic lifestyle is fascinating to him. …

Pink Patio Resort

One of the worst hotels, I would never recommend this place to anyone. I had booked two rooms for my friends and myself, a month in advance because I knew it was going to be hard to get a room especially with summer looming over us. I had called …

Club Panoly Resort

Club Panoly is one of the more expensive high-end hotels in Boracay. Although it’s a bit pricy, you have to book way in advance because the hotel is always full. The first time I stayed here was for my debut. I decided not to have a party and instead …

Boracay Regency Beach Resort

Boracay Regency is considered by many to be the most luxurious and most expensive hotel in Boracay. It has the longest sea front and can accommodate large crowds. The only time I was able to visit here, was when I was sent for a seminar. Ofcourse I only had …

Motel 6 South Bend IN

Typically, I like staying at Motel 6 because I know I’m going to get a comfortable room at a reasonable price. However, even though the room at Motel 6 in South Bend, Indiana was comfortable and the staff did their best to make sure we enjoyed our stay fully, …

Concourse Hotel Madison Wisconsin

Get your wallet out - this place is pricy. But as the clich’ goes - you get what you pay for and at this particular hotel you sure do. The decorating in the rooms is nothing less that gorgeous. The walls were a very relaxing Victorian paper …

Motel 6 Milan Ohio

While traveling out to Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to stay at Motel 6 in Milan, Ohio. It was a very plesant experience for me.
The rooms of the motel are a bit small and don’t have refrigerators or microwaves but they are very affordable. …

Comfort Inn Onley VA

I recently stayed at the Comfort Inn in Onley, VA during a business trip. I had read many mediocre reviews of the hotel, however it is one of the few in the area, so I decided to take my chances. The hotel is located on a major …


Mirror holding guards checking every single car at the point of entry…hand bags and luggage scrutinized at the door…body search for the guys… the regular sight of a bomb sniffing dog … a police outpost right at its doorstep and the presence of a police car near the hotel …

ThistleVictoria Hotel London

It is the first time I have stayed in the Thistle Victoria Hotel when visiting London, colleagues have always advised avoiding staying there in the past due to small cramped rooms and poor service.
However I have to say I had a pleasant surprise when I stayed there for one …

Tahitian Inn Florida

The Tahitian Inn is located in Treasure Island Florida. It is a small hotel, that’s website offers wonderful photo’s, and cheap rates. I thought it was to go to be true, but for the price how bad could it be? It is a great hotel directly on the beach! …

Intercontinental Hotel Sydney

The Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney Australia is one of a kind. It is a fabulous hotel located in the heart of downtown Sydney near the bay. The interior of the hotel defines luxury with rooms that host very high soft victorian beds, a beautiful bathroom with plenty …

Tongan Beach Resort

This resort has it all- great food, quiet location on the beach and lots to do if you want to do anything. We spent 5 days here on our honeymoon, and not really knowing what to expect, we left very satisfied! Scuba diving was excellent with abundant fish, caves …

Days Hotel

This is the biggest hotel in Tagaytay, and you would need to book in advance because the rooms get filled up easily. I’d like to call it a 5 star hotel, because the amenities are very much like that of the big city hotels in Manila. Tagaytay in itself …

Callos Farm & Resort

The city of Antipolo is well known for the resorts. Actually, most of the resorts here are owned by one clan. And they have paved the way for tourism in this city. Callos Farm & Resort is a private getaway. The only reason I come here is when I …

Cristina Villas Resort

This place used to be Villa Cristina, until the lady owner died, and her children took over. It was into a 3 start resort and hotel. I remember as a kid, my parents would take me here right after mass to buy Kesong Puti (or white cheese which is …

Loreland Farm Resort

A friend of mine owns this wonderful place. It has more than 5 swimming pools, a small inn, a spa and salon, a restaurant, game room, karaoke machines and a cafe. There are plenty of small huts where people can stay and rest; these are rented out as well …

Camp John Hay Manor Hotel

The first time I stayed in Manor Hotel was when my parent’s celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They took the whole family, along with their grandkids for one a whole weekend in Baguio City. It was the first trip to the summer capital of the Philippines for the grandkids, …

Gaylord Opryland Hotel

A few years ago I worked for the Department of the Army, I was assigned to go to a convention in Nashville, Tn. Now everyone knows that there are only a few things to see in Nasville, you have to visit the Grand Ole Opry, Andrew Jacksons planation …

El Conquistador Hotel Resort

The El Conquistador is a gorgeous hotel and resort in Fajardo Puerto Rico. My husband and I stayed there just three weeks ago (May 17 2007) and we had the time of our lives. We had an ocean view room that was very modern and luxurious. …

Candlewood Suites St Louis

We recently took a trip up to St Louis for the weekend and stayed at the Candlewood Suites in Earth City which is basically St Louis just on the outskirts. For the price it was quite a neat little hotel. They have a food cupboard where you …

Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel

The Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut is located on the edge of the city center and is truly a landmark in Lebanon. I stayed there for three days and from the first day I more or less went into a bubble that excluded everything about the outside world. I had …

Marriot hotel Islamabad Pakistan

marriot hotel is located in islamabad pakistan and it is considered a five star hotel. it has quite a huge area. last year in feburary we went there with some of our guests to have snacks. when we reached there the environment was quite good. the interior of the …

Forest Dunes Resort Myrtle Beach

I stayed at Forest Dunes Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC recently. I must say this is definitely a gem of a find. Myrtle Beach lodging can be overpriced roach motels, but this is not the case with Forest Dunes. I was there for a week during Senior Week 2006. …

Residence Inn Fort Worth Cultural District

I stayed at the Residence Inn Fort Worth Cultural District in Fort Worth, TX back in January of this year. It was a great place to stay. It was very clean and the staff was always very helpful. I was traveling on business, but it was in the middle …

Grande Island Resort

Grande Island Resort, an island paradise tucked away from the mountains of Sierra Madre. Together with a couple of friends, we trooped to this so-called ‘paradise’ to spend a night of adventure and relaxation. Yes, I was relaxed’but only for a short time. The adventure began starting from the …

Asturias Hotel

If you’re traveling to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, I’d highly recommend that you stay in this place. The place is nice, with a spacious lobby and a Mediterranean design to boot. It also has an ‘open-air concept’ with the rooms surrounding the pool. The pool is very inviting, …

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