Fairfield Myrtle Beach at Westwinds
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South Ocean Boulevard, South Carolina - USA
  • Let me warn you that they were very persistent and definitely irritating to the maximum

    • by missy

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      Myrtle Beach is a very nice place in South Carolina. I have been there with my cousins at least once and we have a blast of a time. While being there, we stayed in Westwinds Hotel. Apparently, the hotel belonged to another group hotel and the one time that I went, it was already bought by Wyndham.

      The room, once we first entered, smelled like something from the past. It was not an odor, but was more like a stale smell like a room being left for a long time and housekeeping never been updated kind of thing. The beds were quite alright made and there were no litters around. We were guessing that we had gotten into rooms that had been vacant for perhaps a few weeks? Or even a month or

      so. As for the furniture, it appeared to be old and dirty. We had problems with it since one of my cousins was pretty asthmatic and she kept sneezing and had little coughs. The room that I was in had old furnishings as well but when she was there, she did not sneeze and so, I asked her to take my room while I took hers. Next, the carpet-tiles. It was old and dirty too and you could see some small worn color-dyes. Let’s just say that we were not pleased with the general state of the hotel rooms.

      Later during the day, we decided to rent a car and then went out to get some food. Once coming back to the hotel parking lot, we were harassed by the timeshare salespersons and ...

      • there were around 2-3 of them. Let me warn you that they were very persistent and definitely irritating to the maximum. We tried politely declining but they begged us to hear their presentations before making a decision. My this cousin, who was a bit on the temper, sort of snapped at them and said that we were just not interested and would they just leave us alone. That was the cut and they looked very dejected and angry sad. I wish I could help them but let’s just say timeshare is definitely not my forte. Once inside the lobby, we were then approached by a smart looking guy mentioning about the timeshare again. This time we just walked past him without letting him complete the sentences. I jokingly retort to the rest of
        my cousins that they perhaps had given a hundred over same dialogs per day to different hotel guests. Since the lobby and the parking space was hogged by these timeshare people, we had no mood to continue exploring the outskirts of the hotel, not even in the hotel. Therefore, for the rest of our stay, we just stayed in our hotel rooms and watched DVD movies.

        The last day that we were in the hotel and one of my cousins overheard 2 people having a conversation in the lift. One was saying to the other that the hotel that was with the previous owner was much better than the current Wyndham. Waalah, that was it and I guess we were not the only ones to have bad impressions about the hotel, right?

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