Shopping Reviews

Plato’s Closet Store

The Plato’s Closet Store in St. Clair Shores, MI opened in September.
The concept of this store is terrific in that it is a resale store that caters to teens and twentysomething. It is a great concept because it allows young people to purchase popular and trendy used …

Terminal 3, Changi airport, Singapore

Many of my friends recommended Terminal 3 of Changi airport as a good place for my kids. At first, I never gave that idea a thought. Later, I decided to take my kids there during a holiday weekend. It was a great indoor place with …

Wal Mart on the Carlisle Pike

I’ve been going to this Wal Mart on the Carlisle Pike for many years now and have found that it is one of the best Wal Marts in the area. It is relatively safe to go to at night, making it a good choice for those who are not …

Target Store

Out of all the Target stores in my immediate area, this one is my favorite. They seem to have a wider selection of apparel compared to other Target stores in the area. They also seem to always have at least one of every thing in stock. I’ve found that …

Central City Liquor Store in Surrey, Canada

I just love going to this liquor store. First of all, it’s located within the mall complex, the biggest mall and certainly the most modern in the city of Surrey. Secondly, it is well organized and spacious enough, unlike most liquor stores which I find so crampled.
In …

Efads Dollar Store #80 at the Surrey Central Mall, Canada

Of all the dollar stores I have been to, this one is the most under-stocked. I last visited it on December 7, 2009 when I was looking to replace the handy outdoor thermometer that my roommate seems to have broken in our apartment balcony. …

Gracie and Gruff Fine Toys

I was in a mall in downtown Calgary and I came across a store that looked so unique that I had to go inside. Gracie and Gruff Fine Toys had so many interesting items in the window on display that I decided to go inside just for the fun …

Philadelphia Premium Outlets

These are stores like Chico, Lord and Taylor, Charlotte Ruse, Pac Sun, Gap, Crew, Timberland shoe store, and many stores. These are outlets because there prices are cheaper than shopping in Philadelphia at the same stores and the added bonus is not tax from any of the stores. Tax …

Morristown Library Book Sale

It is getting close the winter holidays (Christmas and Hanukkah, which most of my friends celebrate) and it’s time to start buying gifts. However, money is tight this year, and I have been looking for places to shop that are not too expensive.
Every other Saturday in December the Morristown …


I don’t normally visit Books-a-Million to shop for my books. I’m more of a Barnes and Noble girl if I want to pay full price or Half Price books for deals, but since I moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas I don’t have access to either of those stores. I …

Home Bargains - Discount Shopping

The countless pound stores that once occupied the streets might be a thing of the past. They used to be ten a penny, and up until a few years ago they were still popping up here there and everywhere, but that trend seems to have died down for now. …

Franklin Mills Mall

This mall is not one of my favorites because it is a very long and tiring mall. It has many great stores, but I don’t care for the layout. The best part about this mall is the outlet stores. Outlet stores are like Sears and JC Penny, only the …

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is a free trade store in Rice Village shopping center in Houston, Texas. I’ve been to the one in Austin before but never paid much attention to it, at the time I wasn’t sure what free trade meant. When I moved to Houston about fours years …

Bensalem Neshamniy Mall

This mall has many great and fun stores such as Boscov’s, Sears, and a huge Barnes and Noble. I could spend at least 6 hours here. The mall is one floor and they have a great food court. Sometimes the food court gives out samples. So if you don’t …

Fruits and Passion

I don’t really enjoy Christmas shopping, but sometimes I find a store that makes things a bit easier. That was the case last week when I went to the mall. I had intended on buying a few small and medium-sized gift sets at The Body Shop, but before I …

Lynnhaven Mall

I have been shopping at the Lynnhaven mall for years, and have always been impressed the number and quality of shops that they have there. WE live in a pretty populated area, so it would make sense that there would be at least one mall, but there are actually …

Mustafa Centre, Singapore

Each time I visit Singapore, I make it a point to visit Mustafa and shop as many times as possible. Even for Singaporeans, it is one of the best places to shop. Mustafa draws me so much for two main reasons -
1. It is centrally located in Singapore. Access …


I think I mentioned once before that I don’t do a whole lot of shopping at our local Menards store; mostly because they never seem to have anything I’m interested in buying.
This past Friday (Black Friday), Menards wasn’t even on our list of stores we planned on visiting; despite …

Aldi Market

I recently moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas and had to find different places to shop for groceries. I was so use to shopping at H.E.B in Texas that I had no idea there were other grocery stores out there. I mean I did, but H.E.B is huge in Texas, …

Borders in Westfield Mall

It has been a long time since I’ve been to the Annapolis mall. As I only come home to Maryland a couple of times a year, I don’t get to make the trip out there that often. I was surprised to learn that the mall had undergone …


I love shopping at Gordman’s when I get the chance. I go in there alot to go shopping for my kids. They have their own taste in clothes and are always coming home talking about what the other kids are wearing. Unfortantly with 3 children I can not afford …

All Day All Nite Convenience Store in Surrey, Canada

The All Day All Nite convenience store is part and parcel of a thriving and busy strip mall that nearly every commuter passes by on a given work day or even the weekends. Judging from the amount of traffic pouring into this part of the city of Surrey, …

BC Food Store in Surrey, Canada

I just love this convenience store. It’s really so convenient since it’s just downstairs of where I live. From the looks of it, it seems this store has been here far longer than I have been in this apartment building.
It’s so useful when you need something at …

J C Penney

I love shopping at the JC Penny in Rockwall because they always seem to have a sale going on. I mainly shop in the Juniors section and they have a great selection of clothing at very reasonable prices. I love when they have a buy one get one free …


Anytime I need some new clothes one of my favorite places to shop at is Dots. Mainly I shop there for work clothes. They usually have a great selection of dress pants and trendy shirts. I must say, though, that some of the shirts and dresses they sell are …

Zeller’s Store in Surrey, Canada

I just love shopping at this Zeller’s, there are always good deals here. Zeller’s is the lower-end chain store of the Hudson Bay company, or The Bay for short. The Bay can easily be the oldest company in Canada, because I remember it was this company that …

Old Time Pottery

It has been almost half a year since we started living in Charlotte. And it was only last Saturday that we discovered this store.I just am not able to contain my joy of shopping from this place. First of all, from its name I dint expect it to be …

Fayetteville, AR Best Buy

The moment I walked into my local Best Buy, I was impressed with how well-organized everything was. The electronics, music, movies, videogames and computer software were all well organized and well labeled. The employees were very helpful and helped me find exactly what I was looking for …

When online shopping first emerged, there were two titans in the industry, Ebay and Amazon. Both have proven themselves to be reputable and successful to this day. I’ve long considered getting an eBay account, but I haven’t yet, that’s mostly because I’m more than happy with Amazon.
Whether …

Hi-Fi Corporation

This is a retail shop which sells audiovisual gadgets, electronics and household appliances. It carries all sorts of brands to suit every budget from high range to low range appliances and gadgets. For a minimal fee, home delivery of purchases is also offered.
It is conveniently located from my …

Game City Shopping Mall

Game is a retailer shop which is located in the Game City Shopping Mall. It is part of a chain with branches in nearly all Southern African countries. This retailer offers a variety of items for the house, camping, electronics and small a grocery section, mostly dry and canned …

Woolworths Riverwalk

Woolworths has several stores in Botswana but to me, the Riverwalk branch is my favorite because of a number of reasons. The location is the closes to where I live. It is an ideal one because it is a shopping mall where you find other shops for clothes, …


When we found out we were getting a Maurices again, my wife was a very happy person. She used to love shopping at it when it was at our mall and has definitely missed having another clothing store to shop at.
However, I have to say, this one has been …

Central Mall Fort Smith, AR

I recently moved from Austin, Texas to Fort Smith, Arkansas, prior to that I had lived in Houston. The change was a big one for me. I’ve always been a city girl and now I’m temporarily stuck in a town that’s suppose to be a city but by my …

Wal-Mart Sterling Ave, I-70 & 40 HWY in Independence/Kansas City, MO

When I first arrived in Independence, MO I was so happy there was a Wal-Mart Super Center in close proximity to where I was living. However, once I got there, the party was over!
I don’t know about you, but when I go to a store to find something and …

The Naked Leaf

Although I am not a tea drinker, I was on the lookout for specific tea stores so that I could purchase some gifts for the tea drinkers in my life. I had looked at several coffee and tea shops and didn’t see any particularly unique items there. A co-worker of …

Giant Food Store

I’ve had mostly bad experiences with this Giant store that I haven’t had with any other Giant grocery stores. One instance in particular was really odd: I was pushing one of those smaller carts out into the vestibule and stopped to bundle up since it was raining. I left …

Amish & More

Amish & More
830 Highway 39, Suite 2
Somerset, Kentucky 42503-2428
Bulk, Spices, Cheese, Restaurant Foods & More
I discovered this wonderful little store yesterday through a friend of mine. She said it was a very tiny store and tiny it is indeed. But you wouldn’t believe how well stocked this place is …

SM City Iloilo’s My Own Bag Campaign

I love shopping at SM city. The products are of excellent quality and the staff is helpful. What amazed me more is their new campaign to reduce trash. This is by reusing your own plastic bags when you go shopping on Wednesdays. There is a big problem with …

Global Leathers in NYC

I am a student at Fashion Institute of Technology here in NYC. As such, I often have to go to places looking for fabrics or leathers and whatnot. Many people in the industry do not like dealing with students and won’t hide that fact. Are we not the faces …

Restoration Hardware

As far as window shopping goes, Restoration Hardware in Southcentre Mall in Calgary is my favourite store. It is a lot of fun to look and wish, but unfortunately, everything in this store is very expensive. It is definitely a high-end store, and it carries a wide variety of …

Evisu jeans

Hello again, this time, I want to share on my experience on buying a pair of denim collector’s jeans-Evisu. It is made by using selvedge jeans which makes it very, very exclusive. My boyfriend has been craving to get his hands on a pair of this and once he …

HomeSense Calgary

I am a big fan of HomeSense stores, but I had not visited one in Alberta until last week when I shopped at the northwest Calgary location. It lived up to my expectations of great prices, a wonderful and eclectic selection of items for your home, and excellent customer …

Piggly Wiggly grocery store

I am so pleased with this grocery store and it’s prices that I drive about 30 minutes to get to it every month. That is the closest one they have to my house, which is my only complaint, I wish they had one closer. Their meat prices are extremely …

Kmart in Russell Springs, Kentucky

301 North Highway 127
Russell Springs, Kentucky 42642
Good luck finding what you need at this store. No joke. It seems like every time I go into this store, I walk out disappointed. Now, they do have some good sales, I just have to make sure they actually charge me the …

J.Crew in Prime Outlets

J.Crew has long been a favorite store of mine but I rarely shop there at a regular mall because of the high prices. Of course some people may think it’s worth it considering the quality of their clothes and I am one of them. I’m also a broke …

Value Village - Kent

Value Village took over the store of a previous thrift store that I like to frequent. Once Value Village took over the prices sky rocketed and the quality of the items I would find went down. I like how the store offers both new and used items but finding …

Fred Meyer - Kent

This is the primary store that my husband and I shop at for our grocery needs. This store offers everything that I need for my specific nutritional needs because of my allergies. I go there to purchase not only grocery items but also some of my toiletries, pet need …

The Big Apple

The Big Apple is, despite its name, not in New York City. In fact it’s in the High Street in Stourbridge. It’s mainly a greengrocer, but sells a lot of snacks, chocolates etc as well. The shop has been open for many years now, and has become quite a …

McInerney Ltd Grocers and Convenience Store

McInerney Ltd is a local convenience store that I often visit, not for the bulk of my shopping which I usually get at a cheap supermarket like Tesco, but for those odds and ends that I need before I get round to making the jaunt up to the supermarket …

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