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  • However, once I started using it, I was amazed to discover how much I actually saved money

    • by Lauren Vork

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      I started using King Soopers home grocery delivery for the sake of convenience - I don’t drive, which makes large grocery orders rather difficult. This program is a godsend for people in a position like mine.

      However, once I started using it, I was amazed to discover how much I actually saved money. Because I’m better able to comparison shop on-line, I always get the very

      best deals. Also, I never buy impulse items, or things I haven’t run out of because I can check my kitchen as I’m ordering. This also keeps me from forgetting anything and needing to make additional trips later.

      Not that the service doesn’t charge a fee, but it’s reasonable and flat. When I use it for orders over $100, the amount of money I ...

      • save using my (free) loyalty discount card is nearly always greater than the money I spend on the delivery fee.

        There are some drawbacks: the website search is sometimes difficult to use to find what you need, and you often have to browse rather than search. Also, I often find that I’m missing a small item or two from large orders, or that substitutions have had to

        be made. And obviously, you can’t check produce for freshness or quality when you’re ordering it online.

        So while this is not a complete substitution for shopping in person, it’s reduced the amount of time I have to spend in the store by quite a bit. I love this service. Grocery shopping has gone from being a time-consuming chore to a quick, easy process.

    janice mac neill says :

    The homeshop website is also inaccessible to me after having been a longtime user. My e-mail has not had a respone.
    Leah Mae says :

    hi , if you cant reach them through email, you can call King Soopers at this number (719) 544-0390 or (719) 544-0390.
    Anand says :

    I like the Simple Truth organic brand and the frequent good deals on decent-quality produce at King Soopers. It is cheaper to order a delivery than pay for a round-trip cab. Moreover, I experience a lot of unpleasant street harassment issues in my neighborhood and will these days do almost anything to avoid those. It’s too bad more people can’t mind their own business in public and respect the privacy and personal space of others. They are causing safety concerns. We all under the constitution have freedom of movement? Everyone needs exercise. It’s ignorant and unsophisticated to act like strangers simply running errands will appreciate the intervention of untrustworthy strangers. No one should act like God’s entitled gift when approaching strangers or be forced to speak with strangers who ask rude, intrusive questions. Not everyone is a raging extrovert.

    The King Soopers delivery people are friendly and upbeat, but I think Kings home-shop still needs to work on its professionalism and efficiency. They still are making errors with my orders though many fewer than last year. Usually said errors benefit them financially too. For instance, they don’t hesitate to substitute items much more expensive than those originally ordered.

    They also take customers too much for granted. They offer fewer delivery and promotional deals than Walmart and Safeway. Last week I was told by a rude representative on the home-shop phone line I would need to return a $ 3.00 item that they had incorrectly substituted for the item ordered before receiving a refund. Why should this delay exist when the problem was caused by their less than vigilant shoppers? They have a billion-dollar profit margin and should not earn unfair profits off their customers’ backs. I have always before now patiently and without complaint addressed issues with the home shop phone people but would definitely appreciate quicker improvement and more professionalism.
    Amy says :

    I am the Program Assistant for an Adult Day Respite Service and we serve 45 clients on a daily basis. We provide breakfast, and snacks every day. I began using the Homeshop website on a weekly basis, and must say that I am very disappointed in the website that King Soopers maintains. It is incredibly slow and not user friendly as far as I am concerned. The fact that you cannot use the back button is frustrating and time consuming. The way in which you must constantly return to the aisles in order to find the grocery category then sub-category is not as efficient and disappointing to me as a consumer both at work as well as home. Today your website was down from 2pm this afternoon and still not working almost 12 hours later - I am aware of this because I have tried periodically all day long to log in to Homeshop. I am a loyal customer of King Soopers and will continue to be, I just believe that you can do better I am taking this opportunity to express my concerns and perhaps be a voice of change in the future. I would welcome the opportunity for your comments or suggestions that your customer service department may have Thank you for your attention to this matter, Amy Stevens
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