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American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE)

I am currently enrolled for a certification in ABCTE; yes, I want to teach in the United States. Though I’m not an education graduate (I have a degree in Computer Engineering), my experience as a College Instructor was enough for ABCTE to accept me when I enrolled.
I first …

Express Proffessionals Longview WA

With the economy being as it is in this day and age, many of us can use all the help we can get when conducting a job search or when looking to earn a bit of extra cash. I have been going in and talking with temp agencies … is a wonderful site for those who are looking for jobs world wide. I have tested it and have found it to be effective. I saw a friend who was sponsored from the Philippines to the USA and she started as an intern-worker before she was finally hired …


Finding a work at home website is not really easy, most either make you pay first and turns out to be a scam, others offers you free membership and still turns out to be a scam, either way, you waste both money and effort: time is money and the …

Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Job Market

Please do not misconstrued me, I did not find a job there because I already have a stable job plus, the extra income I have from the internet. But I really find this section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer very interesting and very informative.

Impressing your potential employer maybe endless if you are able to show just how great your curriculum vitae (CV) is. I was helping out my brother build his resume a few minutes ago; not contented with his career objective, I searched for possible websites that can help me with …

If you are interested in finding job opportunities internationally in your line of specialization, here is an excellent website where you can do the search online.
This is an excellent site with the possibility to do the searches in many countries. There is a long list of countries on the …

Academic Tutor

I used to work as a school teacher fulltime. I found this job very stressful and the workload is so heavy. After a whole day of exhausting work in school, when you go home there are still lots of tasks waiting for you to be done such as checking …

If you are looking for a real work from home job or if you are interested in starting your own business, I strongly suggest you take a look at this website.
This website offers many different resources for you to help you find jobs and businesses that you can do …


Procard offers a work at home program. I worked with this company in the past and did get paid on a monthly basis for my effort. I stopped working for this company because when you sign up, you need to have one paying customer for their discount …

Annex Marketing Scam

Avoid at all costs any job ad mentioning Annex Marketing or Infinity Events. What may look on job boards like a real marketing job is nothing more than an excuse to trick you into handing out water bottles and hocking turtle wax in front of Walmarts and Home Depots. …

Substitute teacher

I have been a teacher for the past 5 years, I have done a variety of work in the teaching field with long term contracts, short term contracts and substitute teaching. Substitute teaching has many advantages and disadvantages.
Firstly the primary advantage of working as a substitute teacher is …

Avon representative job

If you are looking for some extra income while staying at home with the kids, working as an Avon representative is the perfect casual job for you.
I have been working as an Avon representative for about 8 weeks now and I am really happy I decided to join. The …

Asia Select Inc.

Finding jobs ain’t very easy these days, we have so much to go through and there are a lot more thing the company consider before a person is hired. I got hired in one of the leading companies in the Philippines through asia select; and because i passed the … is a website which tells you how to write a good resume. The resume should be impressive and professional. The site tells that the resume is the most important because the employer first feels impressed or unimpressed by our resume. The resume has to be free of mistakes. … is a site on which you can search for jobs in the united states. There are various job vacancies listed on this site. These job vacancies are administration jobs, advertising jobs, agriculture jobs, banking and finance jobs, chemical jobs, defence jobs, electronics jobs, engineering jobs, food processing jobs, …

Allied Personnel Services

I recently went into this office with a friend of mine. She was interested in more information about a particular position they advertised in my local newspaper.
We walked into the office, music was playing really loud and no one was around. We sat down in the reception …

Medical Representative job

From my few years of experience as medical sales representative, I want to share with you that how this job is like.. This review may be usefull guideline for all those people out there who want to make their career as medical representative…
This is mainly the selling job, where …

Legacy Business Concepts

This is a company that hires telemarketers and appointment setters to work from home. They pay an hourly wage and offer bonuses.
I worked for this company for a long time. I worked part-time, about twenty hours a week. I got paid an hourly wage just for …

AVON Sales Rep Position

When I wanted to earn a little extra money, I thought about becoming a home based sales person. At the time I didn’t really care what I was going to be selling as long as I could earn a little extra money; therefore I considered becoming an Avon sales …

Mystery Shopping for Corporate Research International

Corporate Research International is legitimate mystery shopping company that offers prompt payment (often in less two weeks) and wide variety of mystery shopping jobs. They require no investment by the mystery shopper to participate. I have completed mystery shopping jobs that include grocery stores, pool supply stores, …

Salad bar attendant

I once worked in a restaurant as a saladbar attendant, where all we do is prepare the salads and stuffs to be placed on the salad bar. I still remember the first day as a salad bar attendant, I was so scared since that was my first job and …

I reached through Google searching for data entry jobs in India. The manner in which the site has been created had a string impact on my mind and immediately I decided to join one of their programs called Content Writer. It required minimum Rs. 1500 as investment and …

Last year i was looking for job.Aside from applying personally the other way i know to look for a job is to research on the internet.I admit that i am not familiar with this kind of thing so i ask a friend and she told me about Jobstreet.Its a …

Indiana Unemployment Website

During 2007 I was in the unfortunate position of needing to use the Indiana unemployment website. When I visited the site, I was informed that I needed to first register with one of the local workforce centers before I could start my claim. The website allowed me to register, …

ChaCha job

Many individuals in today’s marketplace like the idea of telecommuting and working from home. More and more companies are offering opportunities to do so.
One of the newer companies on the scene to offer a work from home opportunity is a search service called ChaCha. ChaCha is a …

Randstad Manchester TN

The company I worked for recently downsized and a lot of people ended up getting laid off work. I was one of those people. I needed to find a job and I needed to find one fast. I have a family which means I have a lot of …

Avon Independent Sales Representative

I unfortunately was an Independent sales representative for avon for nearly two years. Avon claims to a company for women, to own their own business and earn a ton of money. This opportunity simply isn’t a great one!
I signed up for ten dollars, and started off slowly. Before I …

Monster Blog

The last entry on the Monster Blog was last March 3 of this year which is not good for their blog or their business. If you’ve been to You will find a a lot of job postings if you search using their search tool. But this kind of …

Yashaswi training centre

Yashaswi training centre is a centre in Mangalore, India where one is taught how to manufacture candles, incense sticks, dolls etc.. So one can learn to make various products here and can make them at home and then sell them.
I did not take this seriously because I am not …

Clickbank is the internet’s largest digital marketplace, where thousands of the web’s most popular products are sold every day. You can buy, sell or promote any digital product.
You will have to register with clickbank and become a member. Registration is free. Then you can buy or sell a product …

Steak House Job Waikoloa Hawaii

Working at the Big Island Steak house has to be one of the worst jobs ever. Some say working as a waitress in any restraurant is bad but working at this one tops them all. The pay checks which are given out every other Monday usually bounce. SO you …

Learning & Development Trainer Job

I am a Learning and Development trainer and I really like my job. I am responsible for ensuring employees get the right level of training in the forms of inductions, workshops, qualifications and buzz sessions.
I would describe my job as being elegant as a swan on the surface and …

Fed Ex part time job

     Federal Express is a great part time job if your going to school full time.  I have searched for the perfect part time job to work in while im in school, and so far I have decided it is Fed EX.  Comparing it to a fast food job …

Jason’s Deli Chesapeake VA

Jason’s Deli is one of those places I have and still have the misfortune of working at. My feet ache due to the nonbelive in brakes and I’ve had countless times when I wanted to take my red tray and just beat customers to death with it. …

Mary Kay Cosmetics job

I have worked with Mary Kay cosmetics for about 2 years now. I started out doing it after I went to a skin care class and loved all of their products. The lady who did the class recruited me into doing it. I thought I could make a lot …

AMF: Bowling Alley

I used to work at AMF Bowling alley and believe me, if this is not a place you need to work then you will not want to work there. The staff is unorganized and often slacking off, they have young children and gang members working there which may disturbe …

Telecommuting jobs

As a user of the internet for the past 10 years and a mom of three children I have looked for all types of online work at home positions.
I have been a member of several survey sites for as long as I have been an internet user. Unless …


I tried Herbalife several years ago. The sponsor that I was in contact with before I signed up made everything sound extemely easy. I spent near $1000 to take a chance on this, because I was working some long hours and I wanted to be home more with the …

OU yearbooks

Being the senior editor for the OU yearbooks, Crimson Traditions and Sooner, I like to think I could be considered a reliable source for someone considering such a position.
As a senior editor I am responsible for six writers, all but one of who are virtually inexperienced. Our process requires …

Job search site

I’ve been job searching for a couple months, and I tried and did not like it. This is because it wasn’t a full list of jobs that I was getting, and I get daily spam mail from “employers” that search the site. After trying that, I …

Accuform Brooksville FL

I used to work for Accuform manufacturing. I worked there for a few years. At first I was so happy to work there! I liked the people, hte pay and the working environment. I got promoted to a customer service rep, and shortly thereafter, things …

Staples call center

I have been working at call centers for about 4 years and the and i dont thing k that i have ever worked a at better call center than that of Staples call ceneter for once they are pretty much always hiring because most of te employees are students …

Cingular wireless

I have been working ever since i was 12 years old delivering news paper for my local cuity and iam the kind of person that takes pride in theier own work . As a matter a fact i enjoy working i cannot stand still i enjoy alway shaving something …

Paid Surveys online Jobs

Okay! Wouldn’t it be great to have an at home job. I am a mother of 4 boys. I wish I could give a good review on this subject. Only thing is…I have tried a lot of these sites on the internet. Only to have …

Assemble Bracelet Scam

I had just arrived in the United States and I wanted to find something that I could do at home quickly. Since I had no car and funds were low, I really needed a job to do from home. I looked through all the papers in my …

Substitute teaching

I am a substitute teacher, teaching for Arlington independent school district. I am still attending a local university while teaching. I work part time and the pay is quite decent.
Substitute teaching for Arlington is based on a full day and half day pay. $35 for half day and $70 …

National Careers and Employment Expo Sydney

It was my first time to attend The National Careers and Employment Expo held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center few days ago and it was worth it. Admission was free and that explains why the place was jam packed. I was looking for a new job and …

Online surveys

I thought all those websites promising cash and prizes for filling out online surveys seemed interesting. Now I never believed that I could become rich and quit my day job and take care of all my bills and debts by taking surveys, but I did believe I could get …

Avon Dealer

I became a Avon dealer in my country a few months ago and so far this venture as been good. For many reasons, interaction, profit and cosmetics. I have’nt had much profit as yet but at least I am for the moment enjoying the experience. Before I joined I …

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