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SM Manila

My review about this mall would not cover the name of the shops inside SM Manila but rather on my experience while I was here. For the comprehensive list of shops in SM Manila, contact details and description, you can check it at
This mall is near Manila City …


Whenever Albertsons advertises on television and I hear the words: “Albertsons: it means a great deal”, I think to myself, just who do they think they are kidding? On a majority of items sold at Albertsons, Kroger and most definitely Walmart have the store beat easily - be it …

Plato’s Closet

For those that have never heard of Plato’s Closet, it’s a place that buys and sells second hand clothing. It’s not really a “vintage” store more like a very nice thrift store. They don’t do consignment, they only buy out right. I’ve heard about Plato’s Closet probably since I …

Gap in Prime Outlets

Gap has become a staple in most malls, even outlet malls. Most people tend to think that outlet malls only carry defected clothing items or last season’s items but that’s totally wrong. I’ve actually talked to the managers at the Gap stores in an outlet mall and they say …

Charlotte Russe in Tanger Outlet Center

Many people have heard of Charlotte Russe before, it’s one of those stores that sell trendy clothing geared toward teens and young women. Like many other clothing store chains, not all of their stores are the same, you can visit a Charlotte Russe in one mall and find it …

Fabric Depot

I was looking for fabric to make curtains with, as I was getting my mother to make some for me. I had some general ideas about the colours, material and patterns that I wanted, but I wanted to see a large selection to find just the right fabric. I …

Walmart Super Center Beaver Dam, WI

Normally, I don’t bother talking too much about our local Walmart. I have no problem with the larger store but I also know there are plenty of people out there who feel it is politically correct to trash anything that isn’t a locally-owned business. While not my favorite place …

Prime Outlets mall

Prime Outlets mall is one of the prime shopping malls in the central Texas area. It’s situated between Austin and San Antonio and located across the street from Tanger Outlet mall as well. Prime Outlets mall has just about every store and brand one can think of. As an …

DKNY in Prime Outlets

Prime Outlets mall in San Marcos is one of the few places in Texas that I’ve ever seen a stand alone DKNY store. I’m a huge fan of DKNY clothing, especially their jeans. When I saw that there was a store only 30 miles from me I, of course, …

Coach in Prime Outlets

Coach in Prime Outlets mall is located in San Marcos. This Coach is one of the bigger ones I’ve seen, bigger than the ones I’ve seen in any Texas mall, outlet or not. I don’t tend to shop at Coach because I don’t really see the purpose in spending …

Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally sells clothing especially designed for the taller woman. At 5’9” I am on the shorter end of tall but I still have to go to specialist clothes shops like this for certain items such as coats and jackets especially as the fit is awful in …


I’ve heard of Kohl’s as an east coast store for years, but it looks like they’ve made their way to California at last. Recently, I received a promotional brochure in the mail that came with a $10 gift card. Well, these days, $10 is $10, so I …

Crate & Barrel

The entire city of Calgary, Alberta seemed to be waiting with great anticipation for the opening of the first Crate & Barrel store in Western Canada, and only the second one in the entire country. In fact, several morning television shows and even the evening news carried live reports …

Payless Shoes Kids Department

I recently visited Payless Shoes in Tampa in order to get my son a new pair of sandals. The clerks there were very friendly and helpful. They measured my son’s feet and helped me to fit him with a new pair of shoes, and got down on his level …

This is an awesome store! They have a wide range of items from household items to furniture, appliances, and even clothing! All these items are offered at very affordable prices. The best part is that you can shop right from the comfort of your home!
Ginny’s also …

Dragon Palace Chinese Restaurant

My family dined in at this restaurant not too long ago. The place was nice inside, with attractive Chinese paintings and decorations. I enjoyed watching these decorations while waiting for our order. I can see that based on how the restaurant was decorated, it reflects a lot of the …

Welco Supermarket

I’ve been in this Asian store several times this year. This is just one of the few Asian stores that I love going to because it sells goods/items that I needed for cooking. This store is a lot smaller compared to other specialty stores in the area. What I …

Dunelm Mill

Dunelm Mill is an economically priced home furnishing store. The Fenton branch in particular is quite large with a good sized car park. I went to this branch in particular to look for some bedding and fabric for a relative who wanted to make some curtains, and …

Zhuhai City, the Shopping Maze in South China

Have you ever been to the Cartuchap market in Thailand? If you have, think 3 times the size and perhaps twice the variety of cheap goods available. What does it gives you? To me, 3 hours of splendid shopping experience.
I had the chance to visit Zhuhai City, located just …

Dollar General

I stopped into the Dollar General store that is located on 15th Street in Allentown, PA to buy gallon size freezer bags. I will never go into this store again!
I felt like turning around and leaving as soon as I walked in and saw how dirty and unorganized …

Delhi Big bazaar, funcity mall

Shopping can really be fun if done in an effective way without burdening the pocket.
Today we do not have to go from shop to shop in the market areas for our different needs.
I still remember that previously we used to keep different days for shopping of different items. One …


Hanley is the best shopping area in Stoke-on-Trent but it still does not have a great choice in my opinion, so I was glad when the new Primark was built in place of the old Littlewoods shop. I was aware Primark was in bigger cities and I heard …

Somerfield, Sheffield City Centre

When it comes to city centre convenience stores, the big chains do offer an affordable alternative, but the range of goods isn’t always that great, even when you consider the smaller size. This particular store offers a surprising range of products and a pretty decent amount of square footing. …

Sainsbury’s (Acocks Green)

While I’ve shopped here many times before, I’ve become increasingly turned against Sainsbury’s. This particular store isn’t one of the largest out there, but it’s of a decent size and big enough so that I’d have expected more variety than what we’re left with.
For a start, the store’s …


Tesco has always been one of my favourite supermarkets, and out of the main four it’s certainly the best of the bunch. It’s affordable, offers a wide range of products and overall provides both a pleasant and hassle free shopping experience.
The company operates throughout the UK, offering a variety …

Aldi, Acocks Green

You’ll find ALDI stores throughout the UK, but up until recently they’ve been dealt a bad reputation, purely based on its history as a discount supermarket. This is a shame, because ALDI has recently upped its game, with a snappy advertisement campaign and a real lift in its products.
I’ve …

Primark (Clothing Store)

Situated on New Street in the centre of Birmingham, the city’s Primark store boasts an extensive range of items across several floors and serves as one of the biggest department stores in the city. You’ll find what you expect; mainly clothing, but there’s smaller items including household goods available …


Shopping at Seattle Premium Outlet Mall in Tulalip, Washington is one of the pleasures of my life. The prices are the best anywhere for almost everything, and the variety of stores at this mall is great. Nautica is one of the outlet stores that has outstanding prices, both regular …

The Co-operative Food Shop, Bucknall

The Co-operative food shops are all over the United Kingdom and they are a very familiar sight in residential areas. They are a good convenience store that stays open until 10.00 pm (for most branches) selling food and groceries, including a fresh bakery section, newsagents and a tobacconists. …

The Potteries Shopping Centre

I am old enough to just remember what Hanley was like before the Potteries Shopping Centre opened in 1988. Lewis’s was the big department store in those days, but Lewis’s was transformed into Debenhams and the shopping centre was built to adjoin and encompass this new Debenhams. …

Grocery Shopping at Gaisano Country Mall Cebu City Philippines

I am a frequent shopper of Gaisano Country Mall located in Banilad Road, Cebu City, Philippines. For one, this is one of the 2 malls nearest to my house. It is about 5 minutes of travel time in normal traffic and if one really feels like walking, it …

Perry Ellis Outlet

The only time I enjoy shopping for men’s clothing is when it is as inexpensive and high-quality as it is at the Perry Ellis Outlet at the Seattle Premium Outlet mall in Tulalip, Washington. I simply love all of the stores at this mall, but Perry Ellis is definitely …

Aldo Chinook Centre

My husband and I were in Chinook Centre in Calgary, Alberta, doing a bit of shopping and we went to Aldo to find some black dress shoes for him. He buys most of his black dress shoes at this retailer, because they generally have good quality, decently fashionable dress …


Borders in Rockaway is a huge store that sells books, music and movies. The first good thing I can say about them is the selection- they have a huge collection of books for sale. I do not often buy movies or music there, but these sections are large as …

I love books, and I love to buy them. Buying books can be very, very expensive. A new mass market paperback costs at least 7.99 in most cases, and a hardcover can run over 25.00. If three or four books that you want come out every month, even in …

La Senza

I enjoy shopping at La Senza stores when the merchandise is neat and tidy and the store is organized. Also, I like the salespeople are hands-off, simply offering help but not being in my fact-who wants to have someone following them around while they are looking at intimate items? …

Kmart (Women’s Fashions Department)

I have not stepped inside a Kmart store in probably a decade. Back then, the words ‘fashion’ and ‘Kmart’ were complete oxymorons-the women’s clothing was cheap and poorly made, and decidedly for ‘old ladies.’ On a recent trip to the US to do some shopping, my friend, who was …

Archies gift gallery

We all know that gifting is a sure way to pay love and respects.
I have always loved giving gifts to people, friends and family members, on various occasions like birthdays, marriage anniversary, and on special achievements. I have seen that even a small gift to a person brings a …

American Apparel Shop in Barcelona

The American Apparel shop in Barcelona is the only one in Spain. It has most of the things that you can see in the internet catalogue on their web site which is quite complete, you can shop on-line, check store location, apply for a job etc…
The shop is …

Lucky Supermarket

One delightful feature about living in Calgary is that there are many ethnic grocery stores that stock authentic merchandise, so if you enjoy cooking ethnic food, there is not an issue sourcing the required ingredients. For Asian food, including Chinese, Japanese, Philippine, Vietnamese, Thai and even Malaysian, I have …

The Happy Cooker

For foodies and people who love cooking, or even people just looking for nice kitchen accessories, The Happy Cooker is a great store. There are three locations in Calgary, but my favourite is in Market Mall, mainly because the store seems better organized than the others. The stores are …

SF Supermarket

I occasionally go to this Asian store to buy some groceries for my family. I like the store because it is big and has a wide selection of Asian goods (especially Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino), fresh fruits and veggies, and sea foods. My shopping experience when I went there …

Newtown DIY Markets

I recently discovered the Newtown DIY markets held on the last Saturday of every month. When a friend first told me about the markets and that they were called DIY (Do It Yourself) I assumed that they were craft stalls since Newtown is a very artisan suburb. I found …

Salvation Army Thrift Store in Surrey, Canada

Thank God for thrift stores, am I so glad that this kind of store was invented. I don’t know who was the first to say it, but it’s true, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Maybe this quote originated from the hit mini TV series Rich Man, …

Payless Shoes

I did not want to spend a lot of money to get myself a light pair of casual summer shoes and could recall a time when this was possible by going to Payless Shoes.
Now it seems that this chain is relying on their past reputation for having a …

Firm-n-Fold Massage

Firm n Fold sells a range of massage tables, massage accessories and yoga gear.
I decided to check them out based on the advertising on their website ( that all of the tables are made locally and competitively priced. It seemed logical to me to assume that local manufacture …

Metro Manila Marquinton Mall

The Philippines has turned to malls as its alternative to parks. It is a tropical country and thus we like to escape to the air-conditioned comfort of the malls. Most of the malls here are huge, such as the Mall of Asia which spans several blocks. But in the …

Anglicare Warehouse

This is a very unusual charity store being that it is actually a sorting warehouse open direct to the public. There is a huge selection of clothes, shoes, toys and miscellaneous items. Great for the dedicated bargain hunter - particularly as you literally have to hunt through the clothing …

Oberon Mall

As we went on our annual holiday to my hometown, I went shopping at the nearest mall near my home. Everyone was talking about the Oberon mall including family members, taxi drivers and neighbours. So I decided to have a look at the various shopping …

GAME Store, Winchester, Hampshire, UK

I always go here to shop for games, sell games and accessories and do all that sort of stuff you do in a video game shop. I really like all the staff here, the manager is really nice and he’s always friendly even if he thinks you’re suspicious.
The staff …

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