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Zinedine Yazid Zidane, Retired French Soccer Player

By far the best footballer I have ever seen in my time, although I was not privileged enough to catch all of the best games Zidane played in.
My first real encounter with the magical touch of Zinedine Zidane was during the 1998 FIFA World Cup, when he almost single …

Etnies Fader Skate Shoes

I bought these Etnies skate shoes around 6 months ago in a board shop sale having owned several pairs of Etnies shoes in the past and also some Etnies clothing it has always been a brand that in my opinion produces excellent quality clothes and shoes.
Out of the box …

Heddon Supersonic Lure

The Heddon Supersonic lures, a great example of a item ahead of its time, and ultimately destined to fail. First introduced in the 1970’s, the Supersonics are a freshwater lure made in a large assortment of color schemes. Everything from basic black to shocking pink and everything in between. A …

2010 Minnesota Vikings

Well, I’ve been holding off on writing my opinion about the various NFL teams until I had a chance to see them in action. And, when I say in action, I mean real action; not the fake action you see in preseason.
I didn’t get an opportunity to watch the …

Febreze Sport Extreme Odor Eliminator

Febreze Sport Extreme Odor Eliminator is a spray in the line of Febreze products used especially on hard to get rid of sports odors. It advertises itself to have an advanced technology to get rid of sweat odors on non washable equipment ad fabrics. I find that …

Speedo Quest Snorkel and Snorkel Mask

I bought the Quest snorkel and snorkel mask from Speedo last week as I recently went on a trip that had a lot of snorkeling in its itinerary. Both of them cost Php1700. Originally, I was torn between buying this pair or a set of snorkel and …

Pre-season American football in the NFL

I’m a pretty big football fan. I’m not hardcore like some people are and I really only follow my two teams (Ravens and Redskins) but I enjoy watching it and I get excited when Football season starts to ramp up and get going.
Before the season starts, however, there …

Adidas Adilite Shin Guard

Since soccer is a dangerous sport, you need all kinds of protective gears. The cleats that you should wear are designed with strength and protection to your toes and feet. The jersey uniform is dri-fit to maintain proper ventilation while actively engaging in the sport. There are also protective …

Thierry Henry, New York Red Bull, Forward

The recent prized addition to the MLS’s New York Red Bull franchise is none other than former French National team standout Thierry Henry. In addition to his duty with ‘Les Bleus’, Henry has starred for English Premier League team Arsenal, and La Liga giants FC Barcelona.
A month …

Nietes vs. Rodriguez: WBO Minimum Weight Championship

Donnie Nietes was able to defend his WBO minimum weight championship title against Marlon Rodriguez last weekend. Although the fight was held in his opponent’s hometown of Mexico, he still scored a unanimous decision victory. This proved the ability of Nietes to fight well even in hostile territory. Not …

Barclays Premiership English Premier League

Widely regarded as the best league in the world, I am rather mixed in opinion as to weather the Barclays Premiership is in fact the best football league in the world. If it is though, I don’t think it beats the rest by much.
In terms of organization, money and …

Barcelona Football Club

Since I consider myself a purist when it comes to soccer, I am considerably impressed by the style of play employed by the likes of Barcelona FC as well as Arsenal FC.
I am particularly fascinated by the way in which Barcelona play of late, especially since in the past …

Little Tikes Shoot and Slam Basketball Trainer

I recently bought the Little Tikes Shoot and Slam Basketball Trainer for my nephew’s birthday. The basketball trainer is basically a miniature basketball hoop that can be played with by kids ages three and up. The basketball hoop has five different heights that it can adjust to, ranging from …

Adidas Scorch Thrill D Low Cleats

I bought this cleats late last year. I have been using this whenever I play soccer. This costs around 90 USD. I checked the website it is exactly 90 USD but the retail shop where I got this gave me a more expensive price.
The thing that I …

Rollerblade Lightning 2 Inline Skates

The Rollerblade Lightning inline skates are awesome! I have been inline skating for 18 years now, and have found that Rollerblade is the best brand. They have the best technology, excellent quality, and most durable inline skates. I have owned other Rollerblade inline skates along with a few other …

Adidas Sport Tech Fit Underwear Short Tights

I used this before after I wanted to shift from the use of supporter when you are playing basketball or when you are playing soccer. Sometimes I always feel of trying whatever I see in a store when I shop for sporting apparel. I tried this because it has …

Original Jeet Kune Do Foundational Structure DVD

Lamar Davis’ Original Jeet June Do Complete remains one of the most comprehensive home DVD series on the subject of Bruce Lee’s martial art. Volume one in the series is the DVD “Foundational Structure” and it is a MUST HAVE for anyone that wishes to learn the art of …

Head Liquidmetal 8 Tennis Racket

I remember the third Christmas after starting to play tennis. I woke up that morning to find a fairly large rectangular box in under the Christmas tree in the living room. Guessing that it probably was I tennis racket from my tennis addict father, I anticipated and hoped that …

Santiago Bernabeu Football Stadium

Going to witness one of the greatest derbies of the game of football live, was one of if not the best birthday present I had ever received in my lifetime, considering the fact that watching Real Madrid up against Barcelona in person is something that was beyond my wildest …

Prince o3 Tour Tennis Racket

Ever since I started playing tennis, I’ve always used my old twenty dollar tennis racket I got from a local sports outlet. But when my tennis addiction grew, along with the skill of my level of tennis playing, my cheap old racket began to feel weak and brittle. Starting …

Lionel Messi, Argentine Soccer Player

Watching this footballing genius mesmerize the world over the past two years at club level, I really expected him to set the world stage alight when he was to do his thing at the FIFA World Cup 2010, in South Africa.
Although Messi has proven his class time and again …

FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 South Africa

This is undoubtedly an event I eagerly anticipate and have done so ever since I first understood the objective of the beautiful game, otherwise know as football or soccer in some parts of the world, so much so that one can safely say I live for it.
It is so …

Red Asics GT-2140

I bought these Asics about a year ago to prepare to run for the Boston Marathon. (I had already qualified for it earlier that year.) My old shoes looked the almost 1,000 miles that it had suffered through, and I saw that my wallet was almost depleted. I headed …

Battle Creek Bombers Baseball, Battle Creek, MI

I am a huge baseball enthusiast and have almost made it my goal to go to every major league team to watch the play. Usually, I am extremely excited and can usually look over small kinks of usually a happy experience. However, it was a different story when I …

2002 Yamaha YZ85

1998 was the year that I was introduced into ATV riding. My Grandpa decided that he wanted to get his Grandchildren (My brother and I) intro the whole offroad scene. He did so by picking up a Yamaha Breeze. We rode that breeze into the gound. We rolled …

2010 World Cup Final (football)

Rather as I had feared, the 2010 World Cup Final proved to be a pretty disappointing affair, which will probably end up being remembered more for the enormous number of niggling fouls and yellow cards (fourteen, including two - and therefore a red - to one player) than for …

Spain football team

As I write these words, Spain has just lifted the World Cup for the first time in the nation’s history. That being so, it is perhaps a bit unfair to be too critical of them, and I do accept that they have been the best footballing side in the …

Adidas F50 Adizero TRX FG Leather Cleats

The euphoria of the World Cup compelled me to purchase this new leather cleats from Adidas. I felt relieved when it came early just even before the much awaited conclusion between Spain and Netherlands. I have been playing this game since high school and proper gear is always important. …

Nike White Cortez

I found this much too expensive for just casual wear, it’s price was valued at approximately $60.8 USD and I just couldn’t buy it because I would only be getting to wear it when I walk my dog or when I’m in a hurry to get dressed, which doesn’t …

Nike Air Max Breathe Cage Shoes

After using a pair of ordinary Nike The Nike Air Max Breathe Cage is a good shoe with decent support and stability. When I looked at these shoes, after looking at the exterior design and its price.
I have to say that after receiving the shoe, it looked just as …

Head Youtek Radical Lite Racquet

The Youtek series is a new brand of racquets that allows the racquets to conform to “you” and your style of playing (hence the name “you” “tek”). After buying this racquet and playing with it on numerous occasions over a year, I am delighted with the overall performance of …

Bally Arm Slimmers

Bally Arm Slimmers made by Bally is available online at Amazon. I bought it for $15 because the price is lower in Amazon than anywhere else. It arrived after 15 days, after which I wore it twice a day for 1 hour.
My arms were not that big, but …

England football team

Now that the 2010 World Cup is over, I suppose it is time to review the performance of the England side, which happens to be my home team. That’s not something I am particularly pleased about, given their disappointing (to use a very mild word) level of achievement in …

Graeme Swann cricketer

Graeme Swann has gone in the space of a few years from being considered almost a has-been as far as the England cricket team are concerned to being thought of as one of the premier spin bowlers in the world, and a real “go to” man for the England …

Canadian Grand Prix - 2010 race

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Canada was the site of the 2010 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix race. This event was held after not holding the event in 2009. I actually enjoyed this race much more than most other F1 events, which normally bore me big …

George Steinbrenner Field

George Steinbrenner Field on Tampa Bay is one of the nicest and biggest ballparks I’ve ever been too for a minor league game. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the people that worked there and the people at the game more than usual. The employees were very curtious, even with …

Head Liquidmetal 4 racquet

The Head Liquidmetal 4 is a good racquet for players who are looking for a intermediate racquet with a lot of power for a low price.
I have had this racquet for about three years now I have to say that its one of the best intermediate racquets currently sold. Hitting …

Mckenzie Town, Calgary, Alberta Skatepark

This is a small skatepark put up that is “temperary”. It is only there until the LRT tracks come, although this will not be for a couple of years, so skate away well you can.
The location of the park is nice. The next nearest skateparks in the south are …

Nike Pro Women’s Training Bra

One of the things that I do in order to keep a good shape is going to the gym and engaging in various group exercises. One of the most enjoyable and fun activity is dancing. There are classes offered in the gym where I go to like combination of …

Nike Knit Knot Women’s Yoga Capris

One of the best exercise for me in order to tone your body is yoga. It is light and easy and most importantly you can do it alone in your home or attend group exercises at your nearest fitness center. I am very happy when this training exercise was …

Manny Pacquiao vs Joshua Clottey Boxing Fight

I’m a lover of good fights, I do not care if it is boxing, karate, mixed martial arts or other sport fighting, I only want exciting fights that will amuse me. A few months ago a boxing match between Manny Pacquiao which known as Pacman and Joshua Clottey caught …

Babolat Aeropro Tennis Racquet

I started playing tennis about 2 years ago. I started out playing with an NCODE 6.1 95 Wilson. This tennis racquet did not fit me so I search for a more lenient tennis racquet. I searched online, but did not know what to buy due to my lack of …

North Korea football team

Of all the teams which are competing at the 2010 Fifa World Cup, the one which I am most intrigued by is North Korea - or “Korea DPR” as their management team insists everybody should refer to them. Of course, at least part of their attraction is in the …

Nike Pro Combat Hyper Strong Men’s Football Shorts

I have tried various action sports to maintain my desired weight. I always believe that the constant cardio exercise which can be boring can be substituted with active sports. In this way, you cannot tell that time flies and at the same time you are enjoying what you are …

Suunto t3c

The Suunto t3c is the first sports specific heart rate monitor/watch I have ever invested in, so I can only give my opinion on this product without comparing it to any other brands.
I would like to start by saying I have recommended this watch to all of my …

Marcy Exercise Bike

My wife decided to buy a Marcy Exercise Bike a few years ago, as a way of getting into shape. Like most pieces of gym equipment she has purchased, it ended up in a corner of our house and was used more as a coat rack than anything else.
Well, …

New York Knicks:Summer 2010

The New York Knicks certainly were not considered an elite franchise for the past 9 years. The NBA always criticizing the moves the franchise made up until two years ago when Donnie Walsh took over as team president. From the day he started working he had two goals; one …

NBA Finals 2010

The NBA Finals tip of June 3rd 2010. This year’s matchup features the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. These two teams have much history in the NBA Finals as they have combined to win 32 out of the possible 62 NBA Finals. The Lakers have been to …

Lake Elsinore Storm

The Lake Elsinore Storm is a minor baseball team that is one of the best games to attend. I took my kids the other day and we really had a good time there. They always have something for the kids to do. Lots of entertainment and different incentives. The …

Anti-Hero Skateboard Deck

I bought an Anti-Hero skateboard deck about 3 months ago, and I have to say, it’s one of the most durable decks I have owned! Here’s the breakdown.
Looks: Excellent, I got the “Nothing’s Free” deck, costed the same as any other deck ($45). Very detailed eagle design, made me …

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