Restaurants Reviews

Chick Filet Resteraunt Tulsa

I love Chick Filet. Even when there’s a long line, which there usually is at this location in town, it moves fast. This Chick Filet is constantly busy; at any given time during the day it is hard to find a parking space, much less a place to sit. …

Lori’s Place restaraunt Logan OH

In the Hocking Hills region, your choices in non fast food dining are very limited. I love Lori’s Place, it is the best restaraunt in Logan Ohio.
I enjoy taking my family here on Sundays for an affordable family meal. We love the burgers, steaks and appetizers! Lori’s Place …

Dinosaur Bar B Que NY

The Dinosaur Bar B Que Restaurant is one of the best kept secrets in New York. I am from Houston, TX and I absolutely love Bar B Que as we simply call it BBQ. I have eaten at Dallas BBQs in New York but they do not compare to …

Thai restaurant Northridge

Thai Bamboo was the fist Thai restaurant at which I ever ate, and I’m glad I did. Although I came from a place without much Thai cuisine availability, I have–since moving to Los Angeles–eaten at many Thai restaurants. Thai Bamboo in Northridge, though, remains my favorite.
Despite its …

Olive Garden Whitehall PA

If you are looking for a delicious Italian meal, be sure to give Olive Garden a visit. This is by far the best Italian restaurant that I have ever gone to.
I walked into the restaurant and immediately felt welcomed. The hostesses were very friendly. As the …

Hi-Life Bar and Grill NY

Navigating the different blocks of the Upper West Side on a Saturday morning for a brunch place that doesn’t have lines out the door tends to be about as likely as finding free parking on the street. Most places don’t take reservations, and let’s face it, if you are …

Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi would be my first choice of Japanese restaurant if I want to eat sushi for a reasonable price. There are some difference as well as some similarities compared to other Japanese restaurant. Like any other sushi restaurant, there are conveyors there with the choices of sushi. I …

The Feast Buffet at Boulder Station Hotel & Casino

Last night I took my family to the Feast Buffet in Boulder station Hotel & Casino. As we went in the hostess was very polite and had a smile on her face as if she enjoyed her job. We were seated where a friendly server immediately showed up inquiring …

Fish & Co restaurant

Fish & Co in Tampines mall is one of the good restaurants I have been to. Good food and better served on the B1 floor of Tampines Mall. Very nicely served. The restaurant is packed with number of people. We ordered the famous seafood platter for two with fish …

Max’s Restaurant

Alot of things makes living in the Philippines really great. But one reason why I love this country so much are the many restaurants and food chains that offer a wide variety of sumptuous, healthy and really affordable food (very important for a budget-conscious woman like me). My family …

Chick-Fil-A Waldorf MD

I’ve never had fast food that was so tasty and good until I’ve eaten at Chick-Fil-A. the food is out of this world, and when I’m in a real hurry, this is the place I go. the food is not greasy, and the taste is mouth watering. I could …

Second Cup Toronto

If you are looking for an atmosphere, a coffee and some desert, or maybe a nice smoothie, this is the right place to go. Unlike other coffee shops, the Second Cup Cafe is setup in way that provides an a pleasant, inviting and intimate atmosphere and the coffee is …

Khan Toke Thai House

As the name indicates, Khan Toke is a Thai restaurant. Now Khan Toke delivers excellent food at a cheap price. Once entering you feel as if the restaurant was chic and beautiful, the food is good and the bill is even greater!
Now the first thing you have to do …

Pizza Antica Mill Valley CA

Pizza Antica is definitly not your typical pizza place. Pizza Antica serves thin crust pizza with some original toppings.
Now the pizza here is delicious and the flavors are new but good. They have about 10 specialty pizza’s which may seem weird at times but are actually great.
I must warn …

Ristorante Bari York England

While visiting York for the weekend me and my husband went to a small Italian restaurant called Bari. We’d spotted it earlier on in the day while walking down the oldest part of York, The Shambles. The Shambles is a tiny cobbled street with buildings so close together they …

Codys II Steakhouse

I can honestly say that this restaurant was a wierd experience for me.
We had attempted to eat at this restaurant on a previous occasion but since this place had elected to remain a smoker friendly restaurant and because we had children with us who were under 21, we were …

Taco Bell Dickson Tennessee

I have always been happy with this particular Taco Bell.
The bathrooms are always clean and smell fresh. They do not carry that ‘everyone has used this bathroom’ smell. The fixtures and mirrors are always sparkling. That’s a big plus for me. I will leave a restaurant if the bathroom …

Cabo Mexican Restaurant Las Vegas

I went to the Cabo Mexican Restaurant in the Palace Station Hotel & Casino for dinner. I had received an invitation to enjoy the Cabo’s dinner special via email. This is the first time I have eaten at the Cabo.
Upon entering, the restaurant was clean and comfortable. We were …

Red Hot and Blue restaurant

While the little town of Waldorf Is building up, you can still enjoy some of its southern roots, as it has not lost its southern touch. If you are looking for a southern style meal, Red hot and Blue is the place to go.
My best friend and i go …

Miguel Jr’s restaurant

You know it’s really a good thing when you will drive WAY out of your way to get to a Mexican food place. I am willing to drive from almost anywhere to be treated to a meal from this place. It makes me feel like I’m really …

Subway Redlands CA

I have always liked to head out to this place to eat. Although the parking is a little funky (all in the back, or to the side of the little narrow strip mall), I think it’s worth it to make it to this place!
I think this has to be …

McDonalds Colton

I really have got to say from the beginning, that this review is for a McDonalds, so we all know how the story is going to turn out about the food; so I won’t go into that. I think what I mostly want to say about this restaurant …

King’s Buffet San Bernadino

This is not one of my favorite places to eat, but I have a couple of friends that really think it’s to die for! Sometimes I think that may be closer to the truth than they think because I find that a lot of their food is over …

Jose’s Mexican Food

I really like eating out at Jose’s. I know that I can always count on the place being clean, and I like the fact that the staff is always a delight to talk to. I happen to love the singing chef in the back. You can …

Wendy’s Redlands CA

I run through this Wendy’s almost every other day for lunch, and I like them because service is usually really quick. Almost always, as you pull up to the drive thru window, they stick their hands out the window with your bag of food already ready, which is good …

Zabella’s Mexican Food

This has to be one of the best Mexican food restaurants of all times. I really like the food here, although the facility itself is a little worn down, my family and friends and I like the food so much, we tend to overlook those minor details. …

Alice’s Teacup restaurant Ch I location

This was an adorable sit-down restaurant I had the pleasure of visiting in May of 2008. While one may think that Alice in wonderland is just for kids, this place will prove anyone wrong. I myself have been a fan since childhood, but the love for it …

LONGHORN steakhouse Brunswick Ga

My husband and I have been to this restaurant twice since they have opened in Brunswick Ga. If you like the western way of life this is for you. The items that they have as decor on the walls is wonderful. Paintings of cowboys and cattle, A collection of …

Sam’s Cafe

Sam’s Cafe is a very well located place to eat. In realty this place has a beautiful view, you can see San Francisco from the Terrace and a lot of the bay.
This place is quite nice to eat at for lunch or dinner (come a bit early to be …

Figaro’s Pizza Wausau WI

Figaro’s Pizza is relatively new to the pizza business in my hometown. And like any pizza lover I was obligated to give it a few tries before I could official give it a review. After numerous times having their pizza, almost always through delivery, I would say …

Baan Thai Restaurant Sheffield

Last Saturday night me and my husband went to a Thai restaurant called Baan Thai. The restaurant is on the corner of a busy street in a busy part of town, and the capacity of the Restaurant really reflects that. We could only get a table for 7.30 and …

Noddle House

There was like a podium outside with a staff behind wearing a typical red silky Chinese Dress. As my partner and I approached them, they said they were full already. The staff asked if we would like to wait.
We said yes and she asked our mobile number so as …

Trader Vic’s Restaurant

A couple friends of mine were visiting Abu Dhabi and we decided to have a dinner in a Japanese Restaurant in Beach Rotana Hotel. To our dismay (well partially our fault too as we did not make any booking earlier), the restaurant was fully book.
We ended up unintentionally in …

Sizzler restaurant

Sizzler is one of the best restaurant in Australia. It has heaps of branches in every city in Australia. As for what I experience in Sizzler townsville branch, they have this amazing service that you would love to keep on coming back on that restaurant. The food in …

McDonald’s Tarlac

On our way home from Ilocos Norte, we stopped by McDonald’s in Tarlac. We had our lunch their which was quite alright. We had the usual fare of burgers and fries. A friend noticed something inside her softdrink cup, it was some sort of plastic tube which she mistook …

Coffee Heaven Krakow Poland

Coffee Heaven is a very popular cafe in the center of Old Town in Krakow. It’s frequented by students and has a very nice and cozy atmosphere, despite the location (Old Town is one of the busiest and biggest tourist attractions). But what made Coffee Heaven so popular in …

Jollibee Fastfood Chain in Cebu City Philippines

Jollibee is one of the biggest fastfood chain here in the Philippines. Although it’s an American-style fast-food restaurant but it has Filipino-influenced dishes such as rice,chicken,burgers,french fries and more. Since year 1993, Jollibee is the best food chain that I have ever known. I like the way they …

McDonald’s Dumaguete City

At least once a week, my entire family dine out as a form of bonding, and since majority are kids, we mostly go to McDonald’s.
I am a big fan of this fast-food company because it has been upholding its high …

Chesters Fried Chicken Katy Tx

A new Chesters Fried Chicken fast food restaurant opened a couple of weeks ago in Katy,Tx.I had heard from a friend of mine that I work with how good the chicken was,so I decided to try it myself.
My wife and I went there on 6-10-08.We bought an 8 pc. …

Hollywood restaurant Costa Del Sol

Whilst we were doing some shopping around the Miramar shopping center on the Costa Del Sol we felt a bit hungry so we stopped of for a bite to eat at the Foster’s Hollywood Diner.
We were greeted by friendly staff who spoke good English as well as Spanish the …

Starbucks Waite Park MN

Since I am addicted to Starbucks, I think I have visited every single location in Minnesota. I got addicted to Starbucks when we lived out in Las Vegas last year, and now that we are back in Minnesota I am bummed that there are not as many locations! …

House of Hunan Restaurant Easton MD

The House of Hunan Restaurant in Easton Maryland is a great place to dine. The food is terrific and the prices are very reasonable. The dining room is nice and comfortable. I visit this restaurant several times or more a week. The food is great. I would suggest several …

Hong Kong Buffet Michigan City

I love buffets, mainly because it’s all you can eat and they usually have such a big variety of different items to choose from, something for everyone. So, I figured that I would try this one, since I’m also a big fan of chinese food.
The service …

Taco Bell Clovis CA

This restaurant is by far one of the most speedy and satisfactory Taco Bells that I have ever eaten at. Not only do the employees (on multiple occasions I have visited) welcome me in a friendly matter but my food is out to me …

Red Dragon Restaurant

I am fond of eating Asian foods. I really like it. When I was in Australia, I came across with this restaurant called ‘Red Dragon’. It is located in the food court of CastleTown Shopping Center in Townsville City in Queensland Australia.
Being a place which is multi-cultural, I may …

Grand Majestic Restaurant Cebu City

My friends and I went over to a fancy restaurant last week. It is called Grand Majestic. It is among the best restaurants in Cebu City, Philippines. Actually, we went over there to welcome back our friend who came from United States of America.
There were a lot of customers …

Starbucks Henderson NV

With all the Starbucks out there, it’s hard to find one that you can say it truly unique simply because they are all different. However, the one I have recently discovered is really something special.
This Starbucks is located in the heart of the new Henderson, Nevada. This is an …

The Old Country Buffet Annapolis MD

“The Old Country Buffet” in Annapolis, Maryland is probably one of the best for quality and price.
The employees are always very friendly and helpful. The dining areas, as well as the rest-rooms are always clean. It is one of the few buffets that include your drinks, and there …

Bottle Tree Village

I have been visiting Bottle Tree Village since it started. My father has known the owner for quite a while, although the owner is usually not stationed at Bottle Tree Village, our family still visits the place fairly often. Most of the time, it’s for the peaceful sea atmosphere …

Thep Lela Thai Restaurant

Thep Lela is a small cozy Thai restaurant. This place is pretty cheap and yet offers great quality food. I enjoy coming here for dinner every now and then or I love taking takeout there and eating it at home. The great part about doing that is that a …

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