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The Eastfield mall in Springfield

The eastfield mall is located in Springfield MA and it is a decent mall to go to but it is far from being the best mall to go to. The mall is pretty big inside but dirty and so loud all the time. I can’t stand how noisy it …

NikeTown New York

This is a review for the NikeTown in New York, situated on 57th St. I visited this shop only a few months ago.
Please be aware this is a review for the store itself and not the items in the store. I will be rating the shop based on 1) …

Whole Foods - NYC

Though it may sound crazy to some, one of the many reasons I chose to live in my amazing East Village neighborhood is its proximity to the Whole Foods store in the Union Square area!
Now I will be the first to admit that the awesome selection of …

Urban Yarns

This is a store for knitters or people who want to be knitters. Urban Yarns in the Point Grey area of Vancouver is full of energy…it has always got knitters in it and is well staffed with people who know about knitting and spinning.
There are classes, none of …

Charolette Russe Outlet

If you are looking for trendy fashions at a reasonable price, I would definitely check out this place. They have recently opened within the last year, and I have found a ton of cute shoes and clothing here, and the best part about it has been it has been …

Nike Factory Store

If you are looking for a great store to find a comfortable pair of tennis shoes, or even shoes for the kids at reasonable prices, I highly recommend that you check out Nike Factory Store. You will save a ton of money versus going to a place like Footlocker, …

Colorado Mills Shopping Mall

I just recently arrived in Colorado and will be staying here for some time due to work so I decided to familiarize myself with the area. I needed to buy some birthday presents and was looking for a good mall to shop at. Some co-workers recommended the …


I think I mentioned in another review that my wife and I went out furniture shopping this past weekend; looking primarily for some foot stools to use in our living room.
One of the stores we stopped at was Slumberland on North Spring Street here in Beaver Dam. All I …

Verlo Mattress Factory Store

We got a pretty sizeable federal tax return back this year (thank you earned income credit) and, rather than just putting it in savings or using all of it toward bills, I decided we should use part of it to buy some things we needed around the house.
One thing …

Mill’s Fleet Farm

There was a time when I didn’t mind going to Mills Fleet Farm in Beaver Dam, WI to do some shopping. But, I have to be honest with you, I really think that store is starting to go downhill now.
Selection wise, I have no complaints. In fact, we did …

Big 5 Sporting Goods - North Tucson

My family and I really enjoy shopping at this Big 5 location. My husband takes my son fishing all the time, and they love browsing for new fishing poles, lures, and other tackle at this store. The store often runs really good deals on hiking boots and backpacks, too. …

Fascination’s Romance Superstore - Tucson

Fascination’s is an adult novelty store with locations all over Arizona, with stores in Colorado and Oregon as well. I used to love shopping the giant Fascination’s that was by our house in Phoenix with my husband or friends. When we moved to Tucson, I was afraid they …

Ingleside mall in Holyoke

The Ingleside mall is huge and a lot of pretty awesome shops fill up the place! The Ingleside mall is located in Holyoke MA and you can get to it right from the highway so finding it is easy if you are not familiar with the area. You cannot …

Ocean State job lot in Chicopee

Cheap prices, decent items, somewhat long lines and clutter are the best words to describe the Ocean State job lot in Chicopee. Ocean state job lot is a retail store that has very low prices on a variety of items from home ware items to holiday items to bathroom …

Target in Holyoke MA

Target in Holyoke at the mall is without the doubt my favorite Target store to go shopping at. I loved going to this Target to shop at often for so many different reasons and I can honestly say that I have always had a pleasant shopping experience when visiting …

Singapore guitar shop, Swee Lee Music Company

Swee Lee Music Company is one of the established and leading guitar shops in Singapore. I recently went to their branch at Bras Basah outlet with my husband. He wanted to try some new guitars there.
My husband is a regular appearance at the store and when we stepped into …

Wal-Mart Lima, OH

I visited Wal-Mart on a Saturday night for some grocery shopping. My first opinion is that this Wal-Mart is very clean and tidy compared to a lot of grocery stores I have been to. There were a plentiful number of employees available. One greeted me while I was in …

Kappy’s liquors in Chicopee MA

The Kappy’s liquor store is located in a plaza in Chicopee and there is plenty of parking around. I always liked going to Kappy’s in Chicopee because the place has a great selection of booze. I always enjoyed getting absolut vodka there.
I use to get a 1.75L of absolut …

Davis Guitar Music Centre

Davis Guitar Music Centre is a very popular guitar store in Singapore among guitar players, professional musicians and collectors. They offer various products and services related to guitars. They sell accoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, ukelele, amps, guitar strings, pick-ups, pedals, tuners and many more gears.
Some of the …

Singapore Nike Factory Outlet

Nike Factory Outlet is a Nike store located at this discrete West Coast Plaza. The shopping mall is not a favourite by many since it is not located near to any MRT train station or bus interchange. My family and I have not visited this newly-renovated shopping mall for …

EB Games

As a successful chain EB (Electronic Boutique) stores do not tend to vary apart from the management and staff. All current models of gaming are catered for, although there seems to be a strong emphasis on X-Box 360.
At the Wagga store they have managed to cram a regular …

Cyber shop in Chicopee

The Cyber Surf Shop in Chicopee sucks and I am telling you right off the bat to not go and buy anything from there. The Cyber Surf Shop is a real small store that sells used computers and computer related stuff as well as prepaid cell phone plans. Like …

Sgt. Grit: Marine Specialties

I love Sgt. Grit! This site/catalog is a must-see for Marine’s and their families. I just received their new catalog in the mail this afternoon and it had 111 pages of great products ranging from t-shirts and other apparel, housewares, yard decor, military equipment, ka-bars, jewelry and much, much …

The Oracle at Whistler

So, many tourist destinations have at least one novelty, eclectic shop or store which sells a mix of unique items, and Whistler, BC’s answer to this is The Oracle at Whistler. Located right in Whistler Village, I spotted it while we were hanging out in the village, doing some …

Whitney Field mall in Leominster MA

The mall at Whitney field in Leominster is a dump. The place is full of crap, crap stores, crap security, crap good and small as crap! Ok you get the idea; the mall at Whitney field is garbage.
First off every time I have paid a visit to the …

Home Depot in Tewksbury MA

The Home Depot in Tewksbury is the best darn home improvement store there is.
The Home Depot in Tewksbury is usually always mobbed no matter what time or day you go on and that can be a little frustrating because I fine it to be a pain the butt …

Hobby Lobby store

I have shopped numerous times at the Hobby Lobby at 13729 Research Blvd in Austin, Texas and one thing that makes this store stand apart from the other locations is the people.
I’ve always been treated with kindness and respect when visiting this store. I have many times driven …

Cross Iron Mills Shopping Center - Balzac, Alberta

This huge mall opened recently just north of Calgary, Alberta. There was quite a lot of hype surrounding this mall as it is very large. I visited it for the first time last week and was impressed. The mall itself is quite beautiful, actually. Each …

Hannaford supermarket in Ayer MA

Hannaford supermarket is located all across the state but I use to go to the one in Ayer MA every now and than but I am sure most of the Hannaford’s stores are the same in pricing. However this one location I was not pleased with at all for …

Bargain Outlet in Westfield MA

The Bargain outlet in Westfield is a great store! They specialize in building materials, doors, lumber, windows, kitchens and much more. They are basically a hardware store for builders but homeowners and people alike can benefit from savings such as I did. Anyways this particular Bargain outlet is located …

Price Rite in West Springfield MA

Price Rite is one of the best places to go and do your grocery shopping at. The Price Rite in West Springfield is a good one to shop at because I personally thought that the cashiers were a little quicker at ringing customers up than the other Price Rites …

London Drugs

I go to various locations of London Drugs throughout Western Canada frequently, as I find that some of their toiletries are priced well, and they have a pretty good selection. As well, there are usually enough locations around to make this retailer convenient. I really like the location nearest …

99-Cent Store North Tucson

I love to save money by shopping sales, but it can be hard to catch the best deals before they expire. Shopping at The 99-Cent Store at Ina Rd and Oldfather in North Tucson/Marana helps me find great prices on things my family needs on a regular basis, …

Home Depot

The thing I most like about Home Depot is their helping mentality. Home Depot in general follows customer care in a way that is not seen at most of other retail chains. And about this particular Home depot I am reviewing, my experiences were always pleasant. I had been …

Tesco Supermarket

I use this branch of Tesco for the bulk of my grocery shopping so it is about time I did a review on it. The prices here are very good and I have a good choice of branded goods or value goods to choose from, plus a good …

Wal-Mart Superstore

There was great hype surrounding the first Wal-Mart Superstore to open within Calgary city limits, and fortunately, it is only about 10 minutes from my apartment. I waited for the Saturday a week after it opened to check it out, thinking I could avoid the worst crowds, but it …

Walgreens in Chicopee

The Walgreens in Chicopee is a small retail store with items from prescriptions to razors to some foods and everything in between.
First off this Walgreens is awesome because it is open 24/7. This means that if you need something or craving junk food than you can go to Walgreens …

Kmart in Holyoke

Kmart is one of the best places to shop at. The prices are great and if you are on a tight budget than this is the place you need to go and shop. You can find items such as clothes, vitamins, small appliances, baby and kids’ stuff and so …

Kwik Trip

I ended up with a flat tire on my way to work this morning. While that was a bad enough of an inconvenience just from having to get it repaired and hitch a ride with my dad to work; it became even more of an issue at lunch because, …

The O Cake Shop

I feel pretty lucky that this fresh oatcake and pikelet shop is about two minutes walk away from my house. This shop is actually called ‘The O’cake Shop’ and is situated halfway up Beverley Drive, one of the main roads that goes through the Bentilee estate. Oatcakes …

Rechek’s Food Pride

A couple years ago, I staged a protest of Rechek’s Food Pride here in Beaver Dam because they had been a customer of the company I worked for and had left us. I figured, if the store wasn’t going to do business locally when it had an option to …

NBC Name Brand Clothing

I have saved alot of money since a friend turned me on to NBC. However, I have not saved time. This is a store you need to have patience at. I always plan a time to go shopping at NBC when I have several hours. This is a store …

The Best of the South

The Best of the South is a local home shopping program in the Etowah County, AL area that features great deals from local businesses at a great discount price. Not only does The Best of the South television program save the consumers in the area a lot of …

Ross Discount Clothing Store in Montgomery, AL

I am from a very small city in Alabama, and it has always been very difficult for me to find clothes that are both fashionable and reasonably priced. I am a plus-sized young woman who does not want to be confined to wearing flowers or Walt Disney characters. …

Dollar Tree in Gadsden, AL

I lve finding great bargains, and the national retailer known as Dollar Tree carries a wide assortment of name brand products for the everyday low price of $1. I have visited a lot of different locations of the chain store; unfortunately, shopping at the East Gadsden, AL location …

Michaels Arts & Crafts Store

Michaels Arts and Crafts store is a very creative idea. As their logo ‘where creativity happens’, I saw products that support creativity inside Michaels store. I was searching for a fancy color ink pad with decorative ink so that I can have some decorated finger print in my greeting …

Ross Department Store Monroe, LA

This location was my first ever Ross experience in 2004 and since then the store has taken a drastic turn for the worse. I used to love to go there for the bargains and cute stuff I would find but now I don’t even waste my time.
The reason …

Old Florida Seafood House

If you love seafood, and you’re ever in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a trip to the Old Florida Seafood House is definitely a must. Located at 1414 NE 26TH St, Wilton Manors, the restaurant is not in the major tourist area, but is worth the little extra distance.
A decent-sized …

Calgary Giuseppe’s Italian Market

Calgary, Alberta has many things going for it as a city, and one of the things I have been enjoying most is the plethora of farmer’s and ethnic markets around the city. Given that my husband loves to cook many diverse cuisine styles, it is nice to be able …

Radio Shack Holyoke mall

Radio shack inside Holyoke mall is horrible when it comes to buying cell phones and other equipment that requires a contract. This Radio Shack was one of the worst sales transactions I have ever had to encounter.
First off this location is located inside a very large mall. The mall …

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