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Marriott’s Cypress Harbour Orlando, FL

We have just returned from an Orlando vacation with the kids, and we stayed at the Marriott’s Cypress Harbour during our trip. We had a very spacious two bedroom suite, so there was plenty of room for all of us. Although the second bedroom is a bit …

Crown hotel Frankfurt

Although this Hotel looks a bit dull and boring from the outside, inside it is a totally different look. It is light, airy and modern looking. I stayed here last wednesday and paid £46 for a double room. This price had a continental breakfast included.
The hotel had 7 floors …

Easybed24 hotel Frankfurt

Just back from Frankfurt, and due to my job I was staying on this street in different hotels. I stayed 1 night in this hotel and I would not stay here again.
As far as I understand, this chain of hotels are owned by Easyjet, but there was no note …

Fairmont Hotel Victoria BC

The Fairmont Hotel properties throughout Western Canada are generally grand landmark buildings in their respective cities that have existed long before the Fairmont chain started to purchase them from the CP Rail. The Fairmont Empress in Victoria, B.C., on Vancouver Island, is no exception. The exterior of the building …

Paradisus Varadero

Varadero is Cuba’s main tourist area and is a peninsula of literally hundreds of resort properties, all lined up along the turquoise water and crystal-fine sand of the ocean. What I discovered in my travels to the area is that the peninsula is a gradation of cheap to high-end …

Chalet Continental Valemount

Valemount, B.C., is a very small town located in the Rocky Mountain Range and mostly known for its proximity to heli-skiing operations of nearby Mount Robson and the other world famous mountains in the area. The town itself it is not a tourist destination, and is mainly a stop …

Bayview Palm Hotel in Puerto Galera, Philippines

One of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in was Bayview Palm Hotel in Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental, Philippines. Mindoro is about an hour and a half boat ride from the Batangas port.
The first thing that you notice upon arrival at the hotel is the magnificent …

White Palace Hotel Bangkok

During one of my visits to Bangkok, Thailand, on a business trip, I stayed at White Palace Hotel located on one of the alleys of Petchburi Road.

Hawthorn Suites Riverwalk

I do not like the neighborhood that this hotel is located in. I say this because there seemed to some activity in the neighborhood that was not something that I wanted to see. There was quite a bit of police activity every night and there were groups of people …

Comfort Suites San Antonio at Rittiman

I do not believe I will be staying at this hotel a second time. The reason I will not be staying at this hotel a second time is because of the hotel staff. The reason I was not happy with the service provided by the hotel staff is because …

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites at San Antonio

This is a very pleasant and relatively reasonably priced hotel to stay at. The reason I say that it is pleasant is because of the staff. They were all really quite attentive and personable and I did not feel like they were being insincere at any time. I feel …

Marriott San Antonio Rivercenter

This is really an incredibly attractive hotel and it is even more gorgeous at night. It is quite modern and smartly designed. It is also smarty run too as the hotel staff was really quite attentive and personable. Whenever I had a question about a hotel service or a …

Days Inn NW Seaworld - Medical Center

For even just fifty dollars a night, this hotel is absolutely positively terrible value in my opinion. The reason I consider it to be an absolutely positively terrible value is pretty much everything was disappointing and completely unsatisfactory as well as disgusting and dirty. This hotel is a complete …

Hampton Inn San Antonio/Six Flags

For well under one-hundred dollars a night, this hotel is a good value in my opinion. The reason I consider it to be a good value is pretty much everything was satisfactory or exceptional, although I do have two minor complaints. First though, I would like to focus on …

Cambria Suites Airport

This was a very nice hotel and I had a real pleasant time. This hotel is located very close to the airport though, so be prepared for some noise from flights coming in and departing as well as noise from traffic coming in and leaving the airport. However, this …

Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch

For just under one-hundred dollars a night, this hotel is a nice place to stay. The area where the hotel is located is really quite beautiful and pleasant. I liked how the surrounding grounds were quite well and neatly kept as I did not see garbage thrown on the …

Hyatt Regency Hill Country

If you can easily afford to pay close to two-hundred dollars a night, then this hotel is very much worth staying at! The grounds surrounding this hotel are really quite beautiful and so very green and ever so clean! In addition, the hotel also provides a variety of activities …

San Antonio-Days Inn

For fifty dollars a night, this is a moderately decent hotel to stay at. While the outside of the hotel looks nice and aesthetically pleasing, I must say that the interiors of this hotel could use some real attention and care. The decor as well as the furniture and …

Grand Hyatt San Antonio

This is a very expensive hotel to stay at. Expensive as in two-hundred and fifteen dollars a night! For the amount that they charge, you would expect that they would be able to throw in complimentary parking, right? That is what I expected too, but surprise surprise, the hotel …

Omni Hotel

I had a really pleasant stay at this hotel and I left smiling. From the very moment that I entered the hotel, I was greeted by friendly and well-spirited hotel staff and their words and attitude all seemed sincere to me. I have stayed in hotels where the staffs’ …

Comfort Suites San Antonio

I wanted a hotel that was relatively near SeaWorld, so I decided to stay at this one. It is only about five miles from SeaWorld and another water-themed park called Water World. Both are very much worth a visit and I had a memorable time at each. My stay …

Red Roof Inn San Antonio Downtown

I will never, ever stay in this hotel again. It was absolutely positively horrible. The hotel as this sickening smell that the hotel staff all acted as if they could not smell. They seriously acted as if I was imagining it! That was really insulting. I am actually surprised …

Holiday Inn Express San Antonio

I had an enjoyable stay at this hotel. When I arrived in my room, I found the degree of cleanliness to be quite satisfactory. The carpet was clean and free of dirt and the bathroom floor was quite clean as well. There were no traces of dirt that I …

Quality Inn & Suites Fiesta Park

For sixty-five dollars a night, I consider this hotel to be quite a bargain! I admit that when I first saw the price, I kind of wondered what I might be getting myself in to, but upon spending an hour or so in this hotel, I found myself disregarding …

Hyatt Place San Antonio

I found this hotel to be a very comfortable and attractive one. From the moment I stepped into the lobby, I was greeted by friendly members of the staff and treated as if I was some sort of honored guest. Checking in was quick and free of problems. My …

Comfort Inn and Suites Vance Jackson

I enjoyed my stay at this relatively new hotel for the most part. My room provided me with a decent amount of space to walk around and there was a good amount of both closet and counter space. I did notice though that the bathroom floor seemed to be …

Marriott Plaza San Antonio

This hotel reminds me of a country home in the way it is designed and all the open space around it and all the old, old oak trees in the area. It offers a person a nice little retreat from the city and it is real relaxing to just …

Red Roof Inn San Antonio Airport

Do not let the relatively low price of $55 a night scare you away - this is most certainly a wonderful hotel to stay at! It is not at all glamorous, but it does offer a simplistic beauty that I consider acceptable and comfortable. There is nothing about this …

Mimosa Riverwalk

What a terrible hotel this is! I stayed at this hotel because of the reasonable price, but now I understand why the price was under $100 a day! When I made my reservation, I was told that the hotel was in the process of being remodeled, but that the …

Riverwalk Plaza

I found the staff at this hotel to be quiet rude and unhelpful. Each time I had a question about the area or the hotel, my question was returned to me barely answered and without any extra information that they felt was unnecessary to divulge. They acted as if …

The Westin Riverwalk

I will not be staying at this hotel again. Everything from the price of the room to the cost for parking to the hotel restaurants was ridiculously high and certainly not worth it at all. My room was not even clean! In the shower, there was hair in the …

Hilton Palacio Del Rio

If you are in search of a hotel that is positioned very close to the San Antonio Riverwalk, look no further! No hotel is closer to the Riverwalk than this one. It is also within a couple of blocks distance from the the Alamo, the Tower of the Americas, …

Best Western Sunset Suites Downtown

My stay at this hotel was not an exceptional one. For one thing, the number of parking spaces provided by this hotel was limited - just about fifty or so I would say. This is not nearly enough parking for a hotel of this size, and they were apparently …

Travelodge Alamo/Riverwalk

If you are in search of a clean hotel in a nice area, you will need to continue on your search. This hotel is located in an area that I did not feel safe and did not look all that attractive or well-kept. I would not advise walking from …

Hill Country Inn & Suites

What a terrible hotel. Do not let the cute, country-style exterior fool you into stopping in and staying for the night! The inside is nothing like the outside. Where as the outside looks homely and inviting, the inside makes you want to run back outside! My room had no …

The Crockett Hotel

I will not be staying here again for a couple of reasons. For the price of a room a night, this hotel is a rip-off and then some. For one, get ready to pay a high twenty-five dollars a day just for parking. That is an insult and should …

The Sheraton Gunter Hotel

Aside from this hotel charging for parking (you do not have to pay them, there is a public parking garage just across the street), something that I do not at all believe is right or justifiable, especially when a hotel charges close to $150 for just one night, I …

La Quinta Inn & Suites

I truly enjoyed staying at this wonderful hotel. At first, I thought I was in for an unpleasant stay because when I first arrived in my room, I found it to be uncomfortably warm and I discovered that the air conditioner was not working. I put in a call …

The Historic Menger

This hotel did not provide me with the kind of experience that I would consider memorable in a good way. For the price that I paid for my room, I was greatly disappointed in its condition. For one thing, my bed was uncomfortable because of it sort of slumped …

The St. Anthony

This was the only hotel that I ever stayed in where I felt my privacy violated. When I returned to my room one night, I found that some of my stuff had been moved and even gone through a bit. I reported it to the front desk and the …

Emily Morgan Hotel

This is not one of my favorite hotels. For one thing, parking is $28! I do not like it when hotels charge for parking - that should be a convenience that they offer to guests. Other hotels do it, but this one does not. The room that I stayed …

Homegate Suites

I honestly was surprised by the quality of this hotel. The price per night was so low that I thought I was in for an unpleasant stay. I felt though for the price I would try it just in case it proved to be one of those well-kept secrets. …

Radisson Hotel

This hotel was a satisfactory one and I may consider staying here again depending on what some of the other hotels are charging in the area at the time. One thing that I liked about this hotel was the complimentary parking that they provided. I do not like it …

Hotel Valencia Riverwalk

Although this hotel comes with a high price tag, it is worth it if you are willing to spend the money. The hotel is quite modern with sleek and attractive architecture. Check-in was quick and easy and the front desk seemed to be manned by friendly and knowledgeable people. …

Hotel Contessa - Riverwalk Luxury Suites

In my opinion, this hotel is overpriced and to add insult to injury they also charge for parking. In addition to the high prices, the rooms were not even all that nice except for the carpet! The furniture in my room was uncomfortable and ugly. I had trouble sleeping …

Grouse Mountain Lodge, Whitefish, Montana

On a recent trip to Montana from Calgary for a bit of cross-border shopping and hiking, I was certainly not intending to stay at a luxury resort at any of our stops, as it was not that kind of trip. However, on our way back north, we stopped in …

Great Eastern Hotel Quezon City

I stayed in this hotel on four different occasions. I was on official travel by the company I used to work for. It is an ideal location because it is along Quezon Avenue which is a major thoroughfare. It was quite a convenient location in going about the city …

Orange Apartelle Paranaque airport hotel

I can’t say that the rooms in Orange Apartelle are the best, but their rooms are clean, organized and well-maintained. You can book any time of the day. It’s one of the first inns in Paranaque near the airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport). It’s very cheap. They also serve …

Ramada D’Ma Bangkok Hotel

When I visit Bangkok, Thailand, I prefer to stay at a hotel in the business district, yet still a bit away from the busy traffic. On one of my trips, I chose to stay at the Ramada D’Ma Bangkok hotel.

The Hampton Inn in Santa Clarita, California

Over the years, there have been times where my family and I, for whatever reason, have needed a place to stay near my Grandparents in Newhall, CA. The adjacent city of Santa Clarita, CA provides ample hotel accommodations, and I have found The Hampton Inn to be the most …

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