Hotels Reviews

Davenport Hotel Spokane

I have been to Spokane, Washington before on my long-distance love relationship and another time I was there again was on work purpose with my colleague. We had a seminar to attend there and I was not sure why my company chose that state since I was sort …

Contessa Hotel San Antonio

Hotel Contessa is located in San Antonio, Texas and I was with my aunt and her family at that time. We decided to stay in this hotel since it looked like a pretty good location to be at. Upon arriving, I instantly felt the warm vibrant of …

Caesars Pocono Resorts

Caesars Pocono Resorts is the best and cheapest way to go on a honeymoon that will make you never want to leave. The rooms can start from anywhere to $200-$400 per night, however after you go 2 times you are what they call forever lovers, can reserve the …

Sul Lago Laveno

The Hotel Sul Lago is probably Laveno’s best hotel, not so much for what it looks like, both inside and outside, but also because of it’s location. The hotel is situated right on the shore of Lago Maggiore giving it’s guests a beautiful view of what nature is really …

Hard Rock Biloxi

In Missisippi, there is this hotel that I have been to with my parents and siblings and it is called Hard Rock Hotel. It is located in Biloxi and the hotel has a lot of nice open floors that are suitable for walking and roaming about. The …

Quality Hotel Glasgow

I have been twice to Glasgow, a very nice and beautiful place in Scotland. I stayed over in Quality Hotel and let me tell you something. This hotel is very spooky. The fact that many people had said this hotel was haunted was lost on me. …

Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and Spa

I have been to Bahamas before and staying in Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and Spa with my 2 best friends with their partners. My boyfriend couldn’t make it at that time and we spent around 4 days there.
The place where this resort is located is in …

Art Siru Brussels

Has anyone ever been to Brussels, Belgium? I had the wonderful chance of going there with my family and my dad was the one who wanted us to have a feel of the Belgium life. He is so interested in European countries I don’t know why and …

Doubletree Hotel Omaha Downtown

In Nebraska, there is this particular hotel that I had been to with my aunt’s family and that is Doubletree Hotel Omaha Downtown. I have been to a couple of Doubletree hotels and the experiences were not quite the same. To start off, I would say that …

Bahia Resort

San Diego, California has a lot of places to stay and one of them that I had visited would be Bahia Resort Hotel. The name sound kind of Arabic or perhaps Spanish? I am not sure, but however, the stay wasn’t that particularly good for me. …

GullWing Beach Resort

GullWing Beach Resort is in Florida and is located in Fort Myers Beach. There are quite a few hotels in Fort Myers Beach and for the beach itself, was pretty alright to me. But I having doubts about staying in GullWing Beach Resort again due to the …

Doubletree Guest Suites Atlanta-Galleria

In Atlanta, Georgia, there is this stinking hotel called Doubletree Guest Suites Atlanta-Galleria. That was the joke my friends and I had when we refer to this hotel experience. We call it the stinking hotel because everything seems like in a bad shape or something, including the …

Sheraton Tahiti

I have been to French Polynesia and I stayed in a hotel in Tahiti called Sheraton Hotel Tahiti. It is near to the airport, and a lot of other nice places. I really enjoyed my stay in Sheraton Hotel Tahiti and I was there for close to …

Westin Paris

Another nice Westin chain hotel that I have been to would be in Paris and it is called The Westin Paris Hotel. For those of you who are looking for a budget hotel, this is not the one as this hotel is a very expensive hotel. The …

Le Regina Hotel

I had traveled with Polish Air a few times before and for that fact, I have chosen to stay in Le Regina Hotel. It is a very posh name and I extremely love staying in this hotel. I was with my dearest boyfriend at the time and …

Locanda di Orsaria Hotel

Locanda di Orsaria is in Venice, Italy and I was in this great hotel for 2 days. Actually, it wasn’t planned at all. My whole family was on a cruise to Venice, Italy and we had wanted to use a flight back home. However, upon arriving …

Clarion Hotel Scranton

Pennsylvania is a very nice place. I have been to Clarion Hotel Scranton before and it is a very nice hotel. I have good positive experiences staying in it and would really love to come back again.
Let me tell you a bit about Scranton. It is …

Treasure Island Resort

We stayed at Treasure Island Holiday Resort for 10 days in September school holidays. The accomodation available consists Townhouses, Cabins, Caravan and Camping sites. We stayed in a 2 bedroom Deluxe Poolside Cabin and found it to be very clean, comfortable and modern. The bedrooms were …

Timbers Log Motel Pigeon Forge

If you travel to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with your pets I have an awesome place for you to stay! Located in the heart of downtown Pigeon Forge off HWY 441 South at stoplight #3 behind the Payless shoe store sits what looks like a giant log cabin. …

Euroflat Brussels

I stayed in this hotel for three nights and I was sorry I didn’t pick this one from the first day during my trip to Brussels! It is right in the centre of the city, 5 minute walk to the subway, and walking distance from the European Parliament, nice …

Plantation Bay Cebu

When my Aunts would visit the Philippines, they always go back to Cebu where they grew up. Plantation Bay is their favorite resort and always opt to stay there even though the prices are somewhat inflated. Because I was a favorite, they would always bring me along. I have …


I hd some family down for a week end and they stayed here the service is great it is in a good location it is very clean and the parking is wonderful they are so caring about their guests and the house keeping department they keep it very clean …

Hyatt Regency Orlando

Hyatt Regency- Grand Cyprus, Florida
Several years ago, when my son was young, we took a trip to Orlando Florida, home of Disney World, Universal Studio theme parks and the place where every young child dreams of visiting. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cyprus in Orlando. I …

Le Meridien Dom Hotel Cologne

Le Meridien Dom Hotel Cologne is another Meridien hotel chain in Germany and I have been there with my family once before. However, honestly, I think that this place deserves a 0 rating since the main focus of this hotel was the fact that the staff were terribly …

Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur is another chain of hotel that I have been to. Kuala Lumpur is a nice place to be at and pretty near to my hometown, Singapore. Usually, my aunt’s husband would bring his family and sometimes me for short trips to Kuala Lumpur. …

Bel Ami Saint German

If you are very familiar with my travel reviews, you would be sure to know that I am very so much in love with Paris and that includes all the nice hotels and resorts. I can never travel enough in Paris and other parts of France, and another …

Willard Inter-Continental

I have always thought that there are never interesting hotels to be at while in Washington DC. I sure was wrong. This great chain hotel again, The Willard Inter-Continental proves to me once more that Inter-Continental chain of hotels is something not to be messed with. …

Presidente InterContinental Los Cabos

Mexico is a great place offering lots of beautiful resorts and hotels. Another yet great InterContinental hotel chain in this beautiful Mexico is Presidente InterContinental Los Cabos. At first when my boyfriend suggested going to this hotel, I thought that it would be a very expensive trip. …

InterContinental Hotel Chicago

Another InterContinental Hotel that I have been to would be in Chicago. And this was 2 years back when I went with one of my friends that I sometimes meet up for gatherings and stuff like that. Her name is Tina and she brought along her boyfriend …

Peninsula Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand is a very nice place to visit and I really recommend this place to just about anyone at all. For those who are visiting, one of the best hotel that is amazing to stay would be The Peninsula Bangkok. Now, this hotel has just about …

Gresham Belson Hotel

I stayed at this hotel recently, what mainly lured me to choosing this hotel over all the other reasonably priced ones was there “wireless service” in the rooms so that I could still work an hour or two, even on vacations. I stayed with my boyfriend in a regular …

Intercontinental Hotel New Orleans

I just got back from an awesome vaction with my husband. While at New Orleans we stayed at the Intercontinental hotel. Wow, what a great hotel. Staff is great, helpful, and the place is beautiful. I would for sure stay there again and its a must for anyone who …

Maribago Bluewater

I have stayed at Bluewater Resort in the past and loved the place. I had been anticipating the trip that we were supposed to have about two weeks ago. Unfortunately, there was a storm and we weren’t able to fly out on the scheduled day. We had called up …

Cebu Waterfront

Upon the recommendation of my siblings, my boyfriend and I decided to stay at Cebu Waterfront for our anniversary. I had booked a whole week through their website and was glad to receive a phone call confirming our booking. What I didn’t know was that they would be debiting …

Orbitz hotel booking

I booked a hotel through Orbitz. It was a cheap hotel, and not in the best shape, but that was because I had very little money to spend. Orbitz had some very nice hotels on their website to choose from also. I searched the web for …

Embassy Suites Seattle Washington

This is a great hotel location because it is located near an airport (specifically the Tacoma international airport) great for people traveling for business trips and all or just people on vacations. Anyway this is a hotel like any other I suppose, pretty nice, with satisfactory service. …

Hyatt Rosemont IL

This is actually a hotel right in Rosemont which I stayed in when I went to an anime convention so this makes things even more convenient for those traveling all the way up to Illinois. Its actually a really nice place not to mention that if you …

Hawthorn Suites OH

This is again, pretty close to the airport but not as close as other hotels Ive been to. I thought its another high-classy type of hotel so if you enjoy that grandeur type of feeling, you may choose to stay here that kind of though- but its not! …

AmeriSuites Vernon Hills IL

This is a hotel that has many suites in America. Actually, I didnt plan on staying in this at all its more like a spontaneous thing. Were too used to hotels such as Hilton or Hyatt that this situation was kind of out of the blue. However the …

Juh Sum Hong Kong Hotel

Juh Sum HK Hotel is a pretty newly built hotel at the heart of Wong Kok. Its known for famous celebrities staying there but I havent actually seen any. I have seen some pictures of the rooms and they all look pretty nice. Anyway people dont actually go there …

Ibis Paris

I have been on a couple of 2 stars hotel and that would be several hotels in Paris and one of them is Ibis Paris Roissy Cdg. This is a 2 stars hotel but I would say that with the experiences that I had and the services given, …

Allegro Playacar By Occidental All Inclusive

In Mexico, there are quite a number of good hotels around. There is this hotel over in Mexico that I have been to before and that is Allegro Playacar By Occidental All Inclusive. I am not sure why the name is mouthful and long but I certainly …

Sonesta Beach Resort Key Biscayne

An interesting place in Key Biscayne, Florida that I think would be worth the trip is Sonesta Beach Resort Key Biscayne. This is a very beautiful resort and a perfect romantic hot spot for honeymooners, newly reconciled couples, families and the likes. In short, I think it …

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta is a nice Mexican hotel name and I have been with my boyfriend about 2 times before. Everything about this hotel is great and I especially enjoyed its ambiance that is not only beautiful but also very warm and relaxing plus a very outstanding …

Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina

Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina is in U.S Virgin Islands and is a very interesting and beautiful place that I have enjoyed going so much. There are so many things to do over at this resort such as the close proximity to the restaurants and sea activities like …

Queen Mary Exclusive Hotel

Exclusive Hotel Queen Mary is a hotel in the wonderful Paris, but I don’t think I could say the same for this hotel. I am extremely baffled by the management behavior and my best conclusion is that I will never stay in this hotel ever again. Here …

Holiday Inn Lille

In France, there is a lovely French town city known as Lille. In Lille, I have stayed in a familiar chain hotel name, which is Holiday Inn Express. The hotel is a very comfortable place to be at and certainly has a good value for money. …

Les Jardins D Eiffel Hotel

Les Jardins D Eiffel Hotel is another hotel in Paris and in which has a nice location to it. I am extremely pleased with the staff which were all very friendly and helpful. However, the rooms in this hotel appeared to be very small but would be …

Timhotel Tour Eiffel

Timhotel Tour Eiffel is a very nice hotel in Paris and one that I have been to around 3 times. The first time was with my aunt, the second with my family and the 3rd was with my boyfriend. I shall describe my overall feelings about this …

Timhotel Opera Madeleine

Timhotel Opera Madeleine is also another hotel that I have been to in Paris, France. I totally dig Paris and places of interests are just aplenty that it is really worth it to be staying in hotels nearby. Timhotel Opera Madeleine is in a nice location and …

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