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Fann Wong

Local celebrity in my country, Fann Wong has broke the news that perhaps she is getting married. She is a very talented actress and I have sort of been following her success from way back since she first started acting.
And she had even made a Hollywood sort …

Sienna Miller

I hope that Sienna Miller will change for the better or good. Perhaps the lady isn’t behaving quite as expected. But personally, I think that’s her own life and business to handle and see through. However, I can’t help but read about the different rumors regarding her.
I …

Balthazar Getty

I love the performance of Balthazar Getty in the family drama, ‘Brothers and Sisters’. Amazing and superb! He could really act in a serious role, and being a romantic and loving husband. Also a good and sometimes too firm a businessman as well. That’s his character …

Daphne Zuniga

I think that Daphne Zuniga is a real gorgeous actress, and there are certainly lots of talents out there who are certainly rare gem. I’ve seen Daphne Zuniga acting in ‘One Tree Hill’, and her acting ain’t that bad.
She is a gorgeous brunette lady and I think …

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley is a gorgeous woman in her own right. I have read news before that she was trying hard to lose weight and all that; well, none too sure about it. But I think she is way healthy and certainly unique.
I certainly respect women that are very …

Cristiano Ronaldo

I think it is very hard being Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, it is. I think he has a lot of things on his plate right now, and to juggle soccer and at the same time, to make sure that his name is not dirty in the public and etc. …


Norfasarie is a local singer and actress in my country whom has recently gotten married to her sweetheart and fiancee, local soccer player, Baihakki Khaizan.
They are pretty popular in my country and a lot of hype and coverage has been given for their engagement as well as marriage, …

James McAvoy

I think I have a silly little crush for James McAvoy, the actor that has acted for the latest movie, ‘Wanted’. He is a Scotman, I think and is very dashingly nerd. I wonder if there’s such a term.
I think that movies nowadays are not really caring that …

Jamilah Star

Jamilah Star is indeed a star. She is an awesome sports woman and I think that not only is she a very healthy person, she is also a great and awesome family woman and a great mom to her newborn son.
I think her son is around a …

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is not only gorgeous but she is a multi-talented actress as well. She is someone that I would go for should I be a guy, because I think she has this very willowy and gentle woman nature and at the same time, having mother-like qualities that guys …

Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu is a very gorgeous lady and a good actress at that. She is of Cantonese and Hawaiian descent or something and I saw her acting the first time in The Scorpion King, alongside the famous ‘The Rock’. She really looks dashing there and she acted really …

Rebecca Loos

I really wouldn’t want to hate anyone at all, but Rebecca Loos is really getting on my nerves these days whenever I read about her anywhere at all. At first, she made the confession that she had slept or something with David Beckham, but as a Beckham fan, I …

Katie Holmes

I love Katie Holmes, the actress because she is someone that I think embodies a gentle and nice true-natured spirit of a lady. And she’s such a lovely mom, I love seeing the pictures of her and baby Suri, coming to be 2 in malls and stuff like that.
But …

Ashlee Simpson

It’s not hard to figure out who Ashlee Simpson is. Yes, she’s none other than Jessica Simpson’s sister, and currently, there are lots of rumors and news about her pregnancy. I think she’s a bit of an unconfirmed case. Like firstly, her and father of the baby, …

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke, an actor that I really gushed over when I watched ‘Great Expectations’ before, with him alongside Gwyneth Paltrow. He is such a good looking fella that I think that every woman would want to have a boyfriend or husband like him. Unfortunately, I don’t really have …

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson is a gorgeous mixed-looking actress with a Thai descent, I think. I’ve read about that somewhere before. I was like going ‘ahhhh’ before when she had romantic links to the character guy in ‘OC’. I had forgotten his name. The one playing alongside Ben …

Miley Cyrus

A very sweet faced young lady, Miley Cyrus sure has a lot on her plate right now. Her estimated fortune is targeted at around 3.5 million. WOW! I say to that. If you guys do not know who she is, well she’s the crooning star of …

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears, 16 years old, is Britney Spears young sister. Yes, she is THAT young and nowadays, she is pregnant as well. It seems that there is a pattern or some sort in Tinseltown. Like suddenly, everyone is pregnant, and Jamie Lynn Spears is included.
I can’t …

Emma Bunton

I think it was last year that Emma Bunton, or also known as Baby Spice, had given birth to a healthy baby boy, named Beau. A really nice name there. And the daddy is none other than front-man of the band ‘Damage’, a UK band at that. …

Josh Duhamel and Fergie

I think both Josh Duhamel and Fergie make a really fine pair and they are both awesome and beautiful people. Josh has this serious and brooding look, while Fergie is all about fun and dandy. So, I think they both suit each other.
Josh is an actor and Fergie …

Adriana Lima

Gorgeous Brazilian model, Adriana Lima is someone who knows her strut or catwalk well. I’ve seen some of her modeling shows in Victoria’s Secret and the likes, and she really has the “IT” thing going on. And I think she looks pretty intelligent as well, with her nice …

Mary-Kate Olsen

What is happening to Mary-Kate Olsen? I think they really need extra help, perhaps? I used to watch them in this TV sitcom starring both of them, and part of my growing up process included watching them on telly.
So to see them both being a bit of a …

David Blaine

I didn’t know in the beginning that David Blaine is an Egyptian. Well, now I know and he certainly has the brooding looks of a magician. Latest from this man that certainly never cease to amaze me is for holding his breath the longest and breaking his record …

Taye Diggs (actor)

I was first introduced to Taye Diggs (not literally) in the film “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” His cute little accent just drove women wild. And I will admit that it seemed fairly authentic at the time. Taye is one of those …

Richard Dean Anderson

Growing up, I watched a lot of soap operas, including General Hospital. I’d watched it for years when in 1976 some young blood was introduced, and Richard Dean Anderson was one-half of the new blood, playing the role of “Jeff Webber” opposite Patsy Rahn, who played his wife, “Monica”.
Ricky …

Brett Favre

on Thursday morning, August 7th Brett Favre was officially traded from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets. The stipulations of the trade will vary depending on how Favre perfroms this season. If the Jets miss the playoffs, Packers will receive a 3rd. If …

Ted Thompson

The interesting thing about good leaders is they don’t always make decisions that are popular; but they do make decisions they feel are the best for those they are leading.
That’s the best way to describe Green Bay Packers’ General Manager Ted Thompson.
Since coming to Green Bay in 2005, Thompson …

Brett Favre

I won’t spend my time reviewing Brett Favre today only to trash him. Some fans might do that because they are bitter over what happened between him and the Green Bay Packers. But, I’m not one of those people. I’m saddened to see him leave Green Bay but still …

Richard Petty

NASCAR recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of retired driver Richard Petty’s first career start. While I will say Petty is one of the most recognizable sports figures and will admit he did quite a bit for the sport of stock car racing, I have to think he is also …

Michael Jackson

When I started listening English music about 15 years back, Michael Jackson was a big craze then. This songs black and White, Bad, and Remember the Time, and Beat It, and many more were big hits. They were revolutionary songs, Jackson dances amazingly in them. I think that was …


I don’t really like Pink very much, the artist who made it big with her songs with strong conviction and lively song tunes. As what she said, she does not want to sing love songs and don’t mean it. I think that is true. I believe in her with …

Shane Warne

Shane Warne is the greatest leg spinner of all times, and one of the best, if not the best, bowlers of all times as well. He recently retired from the international cricket arena, but it will be hard for any cricket fan to forget him, and his records, will be …

Christie Brinkley

I admire Christie Brinkley, and her courage. Really. If you look at her closely, she have had lots of modeling portfolios before and she has had a very high-profile personal life, especially her divorces with all her ex-husbands.
I think that the media should really give her …

Lily Cole

I suppose I really have no say in this, but I do think that British model cum actress, Lily Cole is very young to be dating someone as matured and perhaps cheeky Jude Law who is 30+. But then again, love is blind, so I revise my entry and …

Deanna Pappas

Dark-haired and very nice and tan looking Deanna Pappas is the main star for the season of Bachelorette.
For the finale of the season show, Deanna has chosen the not so handsome Jesse Csincsak as her main choice. Many people are none too happy about it and they claimed that …

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

Relationships are really funny and cute, right. The latest get-together and coupling of Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey really surprised me to the max. But I have gotten over that fact and I think both of them really suit each other, come to think and look at it …

Christina Applegate

I felt pitiful for Christina Applegate, especially due to the recent death of her on and off boyfriend, Lee Grivas. Lee is a photographer of some sorts and cause of death is yet unknown. He was found dead on 1st July 2008, I think.
I think Christina Applegate is …

Minnie Driver

British actress Minnie Driver is currently pregnant. I first got a chance to see her acting in the movie Good Will Hunting, alongside Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. She used to date Matt Damon but there was a bit of a break-up and then both of them went …

Jeff Dunham

If you have not seen the Jeff Dunham Comedy Special of Comedy Central or even on youtube then you are missing out on some of the best ventriloquist comedy that you will ever come across in your life. The puppets that he has create his work around are some …

Brett Favre

With all the talk about Brett Favre and his possible chain of heart when it comes to retirement, someone asked me to weigh in. So, I’m going to.
My opinion of Brett Favre is this. He should stay retired.
As a Favre fan for as long as I can remember, a …

Martina Navaritilova

Martina Navaritilova is one of the tennis legends of all times. Being born and raised in a communist place where almost everything is suppressed, this tennis legend has proven herself success through her strongest spirit and determination.
At the young age of …

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn is one of the best comedy actresses for me. Aside from being the loving partner of Kurt Russel, also my favorite, Goldie Han has proven herself all time’s favorite when it comes to comic entertainment and even in the real life.

Mr. Necitas Tubal-Mejorada

He is the most influential person in my life being my father. He has this strong personality that oftentimes misunderstood as arrogance. But in the real sense he is not, he simply speaks out his mind clearly to people on events and circumstances.

George Clooney

He is one of the most handsome men of the world today especially in Hollywood. And it is one of the reasons that men and women alike adore the personality of George Clooney.
He is a well-respected actor and personality in the …

Rick Warren

This ordinary man turned very popular and rich was no ordinary man at all. He has flocks of followers before and much more now simply because of the inspirations and teachings he shared in his famous book, “Purpose Driven Life.”
This man …

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey the previous years and Mariah Carey as of current is a totally different person. I love her music extremely much and I have been following closely her news because I’m a big fan of her. Her songs ‘Always be my baby’, ‘Hero’ are truly inspiring and …

Ivana Bozilovic

At first glance, when I read the news that Andrew Firestone, the former guy that ladies all over United States perhaps swoon over from the TV Show ‘The Bachelor’, has married Ivana Bozilovic, I was quite shocked and surprised. But then I recover from my shock because I think …

George Clooney

George Clooney is a great and awesome actor, but is he really a playboy like his changing of girlfriends all along in the media shows? I don’t know but I think he is someone that is scared of permanent commitment. Or perhaps he gets bored with relationships and …

Taufik Batisah

If you are living and staying in United States or any other European country, you might not know who Taufik Batisah. He is a local guy from Singapore and he made his debut in Singapore Idol as the winner in the year that I have forgotten. But he …

Hilary Duff

Young singer and actress Hilary Duff is very sweet looking and has a very sweet disposition and manner. I love to see her on TV each time, and whenever she acts in a movie, I’ll try my best to go and watch it.
She has an older sister, Haylie and …

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