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Joyful Weddings

Wedding Event co-ordinator Joyful Weddings are very professional in nature. They handle every project with the utmost care and preparation and are very reliable. I had my recent wedding done with them and it was honestly stress free. They did all the things that are expected of the couple. …

Grant Hill

Grant Hill of the Orlando Magic was a perenial all star before injury struck hard. Playing for the Pistons back then he was simply in a league on his own. Highly agile for a 6-8 forward/guard, he often entered the lane with his crossover moves, using his quickness and …

Anfernee “penny” Hardaway

Once considered as the heir apparent to Micheal Jordan, Penny Hardaway was primed for bigtime even in the collegiate ranks where he played for the University Of Memphis. Hardaway entered the league after being drafted 3rd overall by the Warriors. He was then sent to the Orlando Magic on …

Chris Webber

Philadelphia 76ers forward Chris webber who has been hampered with injuries this late in his career has been trying the road to recovery for a number of years now. He tore his ACL on the 2004 season and since then has struggled with his game. Famous before entering the …

Ray Allen

Ray Allen the sharp shooting Guard from Seattle Supersonics who has just signed a new six year deal with the team last year. He is expected to be the franchise player for this team for years to come and should be able to handle the team responsibilities quite well. …

Stephon Marbury

New Knick guard Stephon Marbury the self proclaimed greatest point guard in the league today and as he said probably all time is much maligned in the new york media as he has been unable to deliver the Knicks to the promised land. Finishing last in the Eastern Conference …

Scott Skiles

Chicago Bulls Head coach Scott Skiles has a very strict mannerism and attitude when it comes to reputations in the NBA. He is often criticized for it after leaving a team or after a player leaves a team like Tyson Chandler did when he was traded to the New …

Roger Federer

Tennis great Roger Federer has dominated the game of tenns the last three years now. Outside of the French Open where he has a hard time getting by Arch Nemesis Rafael Nadal who specializes in Clay courts, Federer is virtually unbeabtable in grass and hard courts. He has won …

Rafael Nadal

Clay court specialist Rafael Nadal from spain often wows the crowd with his personality and his vigor to return the ball. His style of play matches well in a clay surface as he has speed and that awkward heavy topspin that is designed to hook the ball back into …

Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick owns the games fastest serve. Broke the Record previously held by Greg Rusedski of Great Britain three times. The record was at 149 mph when he first surpassed it by hitting a hammering 150 mph ace serve. He has since then broken in a couple more times …

Eagles Versus Browns

The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to be back in championship form after their pre-season win over the Browns last night.
McNaab didn’t look like he missed Terrel Owens as he lead the team to their first score of the game (a field goal) and back up Jeff Garcia showed why …

Rams and Colts

Watching this game, I think both the Rams and Colts will be in the playoffs this year.
Peyton Manning only played a couple of minutes during the game, but watching him score quickly in his only possession, I’m confident they will be able to put up a lot of points …

Babolat Pure Drive

Used by many touring pros Babolat Pure Drive is the flagship racket that represents the company in the game of tennis, Andy Roddick and Robi Genipri to name a few who plays with this stick. I’ve tried this one time, when a friend from Japan sent us one to …

Tracy Mcgrady

Tracy Mcgrady of the Houston Rockets is capable of doing what only a few elite in the league can, and that is to take over a game with utmost terror!! When not bothered with his bad back T-mac should be the league?s best scorer. The only hindrance to his …

Kobe Bryant

What can I say? The ultimate scoring machine in the NBA right now. Needless to say his very valuable to the Lakers. He often creates his shots with wicked jab steps and crossover moves, head fakes, pump fakes and freakish speed to accomplish his fadeaway shots, drive to the …

Kirk Hinrich

Point guard for the Chicago Bulls and one of the deep shooters for team USA for the ongoing World Championships in Japan. Kirk Hinrich came from Kansas University and has slowly earned respect around the league not just as a shooter but a stable court general for the Bulls …

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan probably is the NBA’s best player when healthy right now. He impacts the game in so many ways that he often contributes in the smallest of ways often unknown to himself. He creates open lanes for his teammates especially Tony Parker that leads to uncontested baskets in …

Jameer Nelson (Orlando Magic)

Court General for the Orlando Magic, Jameer Nelson should be a valuable piece in the magic’s quest for the title in the years to come. With its young core of Dwight Howard and Darko Milicic in place, they should become the rising team in the East. Every marquee team …

Shaquille O’neal

Shaquille “the Diesel” O’neal is widely accepted as probably the most physically dominant player in NBA history. It’s not just that his big but how he uses his heft is how he becomes so dominant. Playing almost exclusively with his back to the basket, O’neal punishes his defenders with …

Lebron James

“The king” as often called, Lebron James is hyped to be the next saviour of the NBA. Gifted with the physical and talents to dominate the league for the next decade or so. His speed is above average for his size, Passing is extraordinary which brings a lot of …

Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat

Reigning NBA finals MVP and a member of the world Champions Miami Heat, Dwayne Wade in three years has earned quick superstardom status. Unstoppable in offense and a slowly developing perimeter game makes him one of the permiere players in the league. His crossover moves coupled with lightning speed …

Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets)

Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony who belongs to one of the deepest and most talented draft class in recent history has slowly been showing signs of becoming a superstar if not already one in the NBA. In the ongoing World Championships he has anchored the US team in offense …

Kevin Garnett(Minnesota Timberwolves)

Kevin Garnett’s highly considered as the best player in the NBA today. Certainly in Fantasy leagues his often drafted ahead of James and Wade. What in my opinion sets him apart from these players is his enthusiasm and passion when playing this game. You can see the burning desire …

Forward Center Dwight Howard

Orlando Magic Forward/Center Dwight Howard is currently the youngest member of the new age Dream Team representing the US in the World Championships which will be held in Japan starting Aug. 19 to 30. Howard will play the pivot position along with Chris Bosh and Brad Miller of the …

PG Gilbert Arenas

Washington wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas is another one of those highly scoring point guards. Coming out of Arizona University, he expected to be drafted at the early rounds of the NBA draft that year. Instead he landed at the second round. This has always been his motivation in …

Tony Parker

San Antonio Spurs french point guard Tony Parker is a rarity among point guards. He has difficulty in hitting his outside shots but constantly belongs to the top 5 in the league in FG percentage. He often creates his shots with ball fakes, head shakes, crossover moves, and with …

Guard Allen Iverson

Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson or more widely known as “the Answer” was nearly traded last month to the Boston Celtics. If ever there was a mold for a high scoring guard then he is the ultimate example of one. Held the league scoring titles multiple times, AI is …

Point Guard Chauncey Billups

Detroit Pistons PG Chauncey Billups carried the pistons into the finals and during the classic battle with the then heavily favoured the LA lakers. Billups is a scoring point guard who can post-up and also step outside to shoot the deep balls. Widely known for his heroics during end-game …

Steve Nash as a PG

Steve Nash the point guard of the Phoenix Suns and the reigning two time MVP of the league is undoubtably the best pure point guard around. Highly a pass first PG and scoring is only his second option. What separates Steve from other Guards around the league is the …

Coca Cola tigers in the PBA

Philippine Basketball Association team The COCA Cola tigers supported and paid by the world renowned soda makers, are making waves at the PBA. with a core line-up of ALi Peek, John Arigo and Johnny Abbarientos, the coca cola tigers have contended for the title the last couple of years. …

Gamma TNT2 Livewire

Tennis string makers gamma created for the public their bannership product in gamma TNT2 livewire. Cost a bit high but not as much as with the premium natural gut, i’d have to say it feels like one. I had this strung with my Babolat Aero tour ones and with …

Wilson Sensation tennis strings

Wilson one of the more famous brands of tennis rackets and strings came up with this offering tothe general population who plays the sport. Less expensive than the premium gut Wilson NXT tour, The sensation offers in my opinion the same feel and spin potential. Available at 16 and …

Espn probably the most widely known sports channel in the world, also has a popular website to boot. is their offering to the world of NBA basketball coverage. More Spumier and hip than your regular sports webpage, ESPN tried to convey unto their webpage the type of character …

Yakima Bears (baseball game)

Baseball is my passion. I especially love minor league baseball. I was in my element recently at a home game for the Yakima Bears. There’s something special about minor league baseball. It isn’t all dressed up and the players are trying to prove themselves so they really try as …

Cnn’s affiliate sports network the Sports Illustrated has NBA basketball coverage in their main page at What i like with their site better than most Sports related pages is its approach and dedication to simplicity. Most Sites that handle sports as their content are full of scripts made …

Donald Driver

Looking at the names of the top receivers in the league, I always notice Donald Driver’s name is ommitted. He has to be one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL.
Coming to the Packers as a late round draft choice, Driver worked his way up the depth chart …

Slazenger Tennis balls

Tennis balls from wimbledon come’s from slazenger. This are perfect for the grass court as they tend to be high bouncing. thus, contradicting the low bounce of a grass court. Slazenger is also softier not like Penn which is quite stiff. Using it the first time, resulting on mishits …

Tennis Racket: Prince Original Graphite

This tennis racket was and still is legendary in the 1980’s and the 90’s. Used by Michael Chang to win the US open, this is one of the best frames ever made in tennis. Available in three head sizes, 90, 93, 107 sq. inches the most popular of which …

Raiders versus Eagles

I wasn’t sure if Art Shell was the right person to come back and coach the Raiders this year, but I have to admit the team looked pretty good during this pre-season matchup.
The defense forced 5 turnovers and kicker Sebastian Janikowski kicked 3 field goals in the win.
The Eagles …

Packers 2006 scrimmage

It’s hard to draw any real conclusions from a team scrimmage (I’m reserving final judgement for preseason) but, from what I did see, the team looks much sharper than it did at this time last year.
Brett Favre was very accurate during the scrimmage and even managed to throw for …

MLB Baseball coverage for personal computers

I am a big fan of baseball at any level.
For the last couple of years, I’ve subscribed to On Demand’s baseball coverage on cable. This service has let me watch baseball games when I’m sitting in front of my TV, but frankly it was expensive.
This year I subscribed to …

Tennis Racket babolat

The babolat aero tour tennis racket which combines the aero technology and the traditional power of babolat rackets is for me, the ultimate racket for creating head speed. To add more UMPH.. in your swing. I’ve used this since last year when i demoed one after purchasing a used …


The liquidmetal prestige also comes from a line of Head’s traditional players racket. From the classic prestige to the i.prestige series, the liquidmetal prestige is the newest installment from head for this product line. Noticeable with this racket is the lesser dampening system i felt when i demoed …

TENNIS RACKET: Ncode 6.1 tour

My brother uses this perenial installment of the legendary classic series of the “Pro Staff tour” rackets from the Pete Sampras Days of dominating the sport to the evolvement of this stick as used today by probably one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time Roger …

Tennis Rackets: Prince O3 tour

This is prince’s version of a players racket. 100 sq. inch headsize and slightly lighter than its counterparts offering. I was wxpecting a more traditional feel on this racket before i used it and was pleasantly surprised with its versatility. You can basically serve and volley then get back …

Tennis Racket: Wilson Triad 2

Used mostly by lady and the older players of tennis. The Wilson Triad 2 has a large headsize of 118sq. inches that creates unbelievable power. As a tennis enthusiast, i buy and demo multiple rackets. I tried this one and found it too powerful for my liking. It compromises …

Dallas Mavericks offseason reviewed

The runner-up of last years NBA Finals made roster changes this season. they acquired Anthony Johnson who was instrumental in indiana’s play-off push last year when he averaged 20 points and eight assist per game in the series against Jason Kidd and the New Jersey nets. They sent veteran …

Tennis Racket: Prince More Control

I used the Prince More Control tennis racket last year before changing to the Babolat Aero Tour racket. At first i was more impressed with its cosmetics. it has a two toned color(black and white) that produces an effect of having two faces. I expected this to have an …

As an alternate to reading as the main provider of information for anything NBA i read and scroll through section. The difference between the 2 sites is that foxsports focuses and gives more emphasis on the articles by its contributing bloggers or writers. The capture their audience …

Tennis Racket: Head FLEXPOINT instinct

Great for intermediate level players that aren’t ready for the big time sticks like the Flexpoint Prestige, Ncode 6.1 tour, etc., It’s a tad above the tweener rackets since it has more emphasis on control rather than the in-between game the tweeners offer. Used by many touring pros such …

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