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  • But on my experience, even if I used whitening lotions, with SPF while taking Kyusoku Bihaku, it didn’t improved much of the skin color or tone that I like

    • by strawberrychocodahi

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      Kyusoku Bihaku is a famous whitening pill taken orally without prescriptions. It is said to be a whitening pill that is also a good anti oxidant in the body. Most Asians are going gaga over whitening pills and glutathione is a craze here because it promises soft and whitens skin complexion that most women would want. This product is a food supplement so whenever you purchase one, you would clearly see “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” on the bottle.

      I purchased two bottles because I would really like to see the results to lighten up my dark spots that were caused by pimples. And for two months time,

      I only did see a small result. This product costs around $16(one bottle).

      I selected the Promo package which includes 30 capsules of Vit. C Rosehips for free which is 500mg. per capsule.

      I strictly follow the instructions in taking these, one before breakfast, and one capsule before dinner. You need to take it on an empty stomach since it is a food supplement and best to be taken with lukewarm to warm water. Once you have taken one capsule of glutathione, you need to take also the Rosehip capsule.

      If you want good result, most people I have known talking over it on forums suggest ...

      • that you need to double the dosage of your Vit. C. But anyway, as long as I have said I followed the instructions, I am already confident and satisfied with it.

        But I really didn’t notice much change. I guess this product is only positive thinking to most. What I do believe that would lighten my dark spots is a visit to a dermatologist.

        They have a website of their own if you wanted to research online. Most glutathione would promise skin whitening. They only differ on their ingredients because KB or Kyusoku Bihaku’s ingredients includes an activator which they claim to be the reason why their

        Glutathione is better than the rest.

        This includes NAC 100mg and L-Cycteine which is a good combination for it. Once you have taken any glutathione capsules, be sure to use an SPF or anything that can shield your face when you go outside because the more you go out, the more sensitive your skin can become to sun exposure. But on my experience, even if I used whitening lotions, with SPF while taking Kyusoku Bihaku, it didn’t improved much of the skin color or tone that I like.

        I have nothing against this product. I am just sharing what I have experienced when I took the food supplement.

    Marylove Estucado says :

    Is it okay if i take 2 capsules a day?

    junmae says :

    No. Because the recommended dosage of KB is one capsule a day and one vitamin c rosehip capsule that should be taken with the KB Glutanac.

    Galega says :

    If you take prescription from a doctor (KB is available without prescription, though), then there is quite a high possibility that the dermatologist will prescribe only one capsule a day.

    This is not only the recommended dose of the manufacturer, but crossing this limit can even lead to some long term health problems for you.

    Stick with one capsule in 24 hours which will ensure that you remain free from the possibility of getting long term side effects (which is quite common among so called whitening pills).

    Cass says :

    ate is KB really effective?thanks po..please reply.

    Galega says :

    Glutathione is really effective and it works in the sphere of pigmentation of the skin. There are many cases where whitened skin was the result of using KB, or for that matter any other Glutathione product. KB also comes with Vitamin C which is an added advantage. You can try it continuously for short duration.

    akki says :

    Where i buy this product in india

    Galega says :

    In India, it is not available in the retail market. You can get it from eBay India website, though. It is also available on Amazon.com, not on Amazon India website.

    Sarika says :

    i have not used it ..but thinking of buying it.I’m taking fish oil as a supplements.Can i take GNC woman supplements for hair nails along with KB glutathione? please do let me know thanks. :)

    Galega says :

    You can take both of them simultaneously. However, if you want to continue taking them together for more than three months, then first consult a doctor.

    Tekla qho says :

    Is it ok to take vit e w/500mg vit c in the morning while taking kb glutanac w/rosehips bfore bedtime? Is there any inflammatory effect?.last question…What is The Best Time to take KB Glutanac? And how many months to see the result. Im a morena type skin…thank you in advance..

    Galega says :

    You can definitely take Vitamin C supplement with KB. There won’t be any problem. On the contrary, it will help in proper absorption of Glutathione. There is nothing as such any best time. You should take it at a time that is convenient to you.

    Michelle Magday says :

    Is it safe to take Vitamin E while taking Kyusoku Bihaku?
    Its my first try out of Kyusoku Bihaku its been 4 days from now. But before I bought KB GlutaNAC plus Rosehips I’ve been taking Vitamin E which I stopped because I do not know if it is safe to take it while using KB.

    Galega says :

    Vitamin E is not included in KB GlutaNAC Plus. Hence, you can take Vitamin E supplement. Just ensure that you are not crossing the daily recommended dose of 400 IU for Vitamin E.

    Michelle Guiza says :

    My dermatologist reccomends KB premium soap and KB glutanac rosehips. I thinked that this product works for me.

    carmie26 says :

    Hi Michelle,

    To be honest KB is a great product to help whiten my skin. I have purchased 3 KB premium soap for the last 3 months and have seen some improvements on my skin. The only thing that I dislike about it is, its price. KB seems to be selling over-priced products. I mean their prize range are overwhelming knowing that they can be purchased over-the-counter. Their small soap costs Php 400 - Php 500 and it only last for a few days.

    Sonia Tecson says :

    I`ve been using this product for six months. I can say that this product works for me. The good thing with this product is that its very affordable.

    Galega says :

    You have already taken it for six months. I would suggest you to discontinue it for some time or take consent of your doctor before continuing. High dose of Glutathione and other ingredients can be disastrous for your health in the long run.

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