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  • In most cases, I learned, the things that are covered for animals under such policies, are usaully so rare and unheard of, that is basically futile to purchase a policy in the first place

    • by cjaneb877
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      I have loved all of my dogs dearly and been suckered into purchasing health insurance for them many times. It was not until recently when I saw a news broadcast warning people about the scam of pet insurance that I realized what is truly going on.

      The news broadcast I watched said that vets will

      always try to get you to purchase insurance for your pet through them, but usaully, the things that the insurance will cover are few and far between.

      In most cases, I learned, the things that are covered for animals under such policies, are usaully so rare and unheard of, that is basically futile to purchase a ...

      • policy in the first place.

        I personally, have since opted, to never purchase this kind of insurance again.

        Not only have I never benefitted from it, but I have never been able to take advantage of using it for anything becuause it has never covered one dime for anything that my dogs came down with

        or died of, or were in need of.

        So, to others out there, beware.

        Keep your hundred or two hundred dollars and just pay that if your animal is in need of some kind of surgery or procedure.

        Most likely, the health insurance would not pay for the procedure or necessary medication or treatments anyway!

    Marissa says :

    I agree with the reviewer on effectiveness. Most pet insurances are only something you should get for an animal that has NEVER been sick or a new puppy kitten. If they have ever had a torn ligament in their right leg, if it happend years later in the left…it’s not covered. If they have teeth problems in the past…not covered.
    I would, however, love if you made your review specific to the actual insurance you used- some are worse than others And much of it depends on how your vet phrases things. If they make the problem sound like it is in ANY way connected to ANY thing in the past…not covered. MOST vets don’t get paid for suggesting an insurance, but most vets will also suggest a few options…
    LaurenJ says :

    Some are worse than others, but most likely they don’t cover anything because they are going to say - well this is something that this breed of dogs get, and none of that is covered. You have to usually buy a cancer rider. You usually have to buy an accident rider. I’m actually confused on what the insurance thinks it’s supposed to cover
    Vanessa says :

    I agree for the most part as well. I looked into purchasing health insurance for my husky, whose genetic line had some issues with his dysplasia. I basically found that the amount I would pay in premiums before he ever actually needed anything (or even before the “waiting period” was up) came close to the maximum amount they would pay out for any given procedure. I agree with the reviewer in that you are better off placing that money in a savings account. If your pet ever needs it, its there.

    Pet health insurance may have some use for some people. If you’re going to buy it, I’d recommend the ASPCA sponsored program, which gives you a free exam and discounts on food and medications. At least you get something for your money. The main thing it covers is unexpected injuries, but don’t expect any worthwhile coverage for pre-existing conditions or physical defects like hip dysplasia or eye problems.
    Tracy says :

    I purchased Pet Insurance for my dog. He came into contact with rat poison and wasn’t covered for vet benefits because they told me that the benefits did not cover poisoning, only naturally occurring illnesses. Luckily, we were able to pay the exorbitant vet bills ourselves, however, when he started losing his teeth, the insurance company said that it might be due to the poisoning…so guess what? Not covered again. I didn’t renew the pet insurance this year.
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