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  • So I started searching pre-paid phone plans, and that's how I found Straight Talk
  • Their customer service with Straight Talk is amazing
  • I love the fact that they haven't outsourced their customer service
  • I don't have an issue with dropped calls at all
  • You can switch plans at any time so I recommend trying the $30 plan and upgrading if you need more time

    • by SweetGirl

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      I recently switched cell phone carriers. I was with Sprint where I was paying over $60 a month for bad phone services and horrible customer service. I decided it was time for a change. I knew right away that I did not want to get trapped into another contract. So I started searching pre-paid phone plans, and that’s how I found Straight Talk.

      Straight Talk is brought to us by the same company that owns Tracfone and Net10. However, they have

      done a manager overhaul. Their customer service with Straight Talk is amazing. So far they are all from America. I love the fact that they haven’t outsourced their customer service. Hold times are very short, always under 3 minutes. They are polite and always helpful.

      I don’t have an issue with dropped calls at all. There does seem to be some problems with texting. I can send and receive texts from everyone but Verizon users. Which I am told this is an issue with Verizon, not Straight Talk.

      There are two plans. There is a $45 a month plan. It includes unlimited calls, unlimited texts, unlimited web access, and unlimited 411. There is also a $30 a month plan. Which includes 1000 minutes, 1000 text messages, 30MB data, and free unlimited 411. This is the plan I have. Surprising, no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to use up all 1000 minutes. I have gotten really close though! You can ...

      • Straight Talk Cell Phone Service
      switch plans at any time so I recommend trying the $30 plan and upgrading if you need more time.

      The inital purchase of a Straight Talk service plan is a little expensive. Most prepaid phone plans include so many free minutes when you purchase a phone. With Straight Talk, you have to purchase both a phone and a plan. The cheapest phone that they have to offer is $30. So you are looking at an inital $60 purchase. Long run though,

      it will save you money.

      There is one thing that I do not like about Straight Talk is that the minute’s don’t roll over. So if your one the $30 plan and you don’t use all of your minutes within 30 days you lose them. However, that’s pretty much standard for prepaid monthly plans.

      Overall, Straight Talk is a great cell phone service if you want excellent customer service, good phone coverage, and the most value for your hard earned money.

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Ann says :

I just got a straight talk cell phone the 100 dollar on that slides out with keypad, and i am wanting to add music to it form my laptop, form music folder do they have a cord that i can buy that allowes me to connect it to my laptop?????
SweetGirl replies :

You can buy a cord for the cell phones. Straight talk doesn`t cell them, but you can buy them at almost any store that carries cell phones. You can also use a micro sD card. I hope this helps
Violet says :

Most cell phones have special USB cables that will allow connectivity from the phone to the laptop. The first thing you need to do is see if your phone has a USB port. If it does, you can use Google by searching for the name of your phone’s model and USB charger. Ebay and Amazon are a great place to get these at affordable prices.
connie campbell says :

can you tell me if straight talk works on the hawaiian islands.
Jules Li says :

As of now the answer is no. However, it may interest you to know that they have launched an initiative to get service in Hawaii.
chasity says :

why cant I download or save pic`s and music from a text ?
Jules Li says :

In order to download anything, it usually requires that you have a data plan. I would suggest that you check to see if this is a part of your current plan.
ReadingBug says :

If you can’t download or save pictures to your phone, then you need to do the following: check your plan and make sure the data is covered or call their customer service for technical support. One thing I learned when I used to have a prepaid plan is there is a huge difference between call minutes and data/texting minutes. If you don’t have any data/text minutes or coverage in general for data/texting, then you won’t be able to receive or download pictures from texts. However, if it’s a technical issue with the phone you need to call Straight Talk customer service at 1-877-430-2355, and explain your issue. They should be able to help you over the phone or see if you can exchange the phone depending on your phone’s insurance.
Violet says :

As of prior to July 2012, Straight Talk DOES outsource their customer service. In fact, it’s quite difficult to get anyone who can understand an American accent on the other end of the line. Although I am still a customer of Straight Talk, my first customer service experience with them was a nightmare.

I purchased my phone in one state where the signal bounced off of Verizon towers. I checked with Verison before I returned to my home state.. We were supposed to have coverage in my area. Even Straight Talk assured me that Verizon towers worked in my area.

My phone, just 5 days after I had purchased it and added the $ 45 plan to it, went dead when I came back to my home state - Verizon claims to have coverage in my town and does not. Of course, Straight Talk simply took their word for it. I spent a great deal of time on the phone with the first CSR. The company agreed to send me a phone programmed for different towers and reimburse me for the minutes lost. I was told that I would have my phone in days and that Id be sent a package to return the one that no longer worked.

The first problem that I had was the CSR couldn’t understand me when I gave my address. “11B as in Boy Jones Ave. Hometown, IL.” I spelled out the name of my town THREE times for him, along with the zip code before he got it right.

The second problem came when two weeks later, I still had no phone. I called Straight Talk. As it turned out, the first customer service representative had not properly completed the claim form so that a new phone could be sent to me. I was irate. After about two hours, a customer service manager arranged for me to receive a new phone and reimbursement.

They never asked for the old phone back. I received my new phone after just 3 business days and it was a HUGE upgrade.

The only real issues that I’ve experienced with the phone service itself is the fact that those phones that bounce off of AT T towers in my area frequently lose signal at a particular time of night on a regular basis. I also added more minutes once and although it showed on Straight Talk’s computer system that I HAD minutes, I had no service. It took only 15 minutes to remedy the issue, but the CSR understood English just fine and was very pleasant.

I highly recommend straight talk to anyone wanting unlimited cell phone service on a budget
Brii says :

I currently have Straight Talk. Before I switched I was with Metro PCS (Which I hated it and I was paying $ 60 for bad service). I have an iPhone 4S that I found and I kept it, Metro PCS doesn’t allow iPhones’, so my friend told me about StraightTalk. Now I only pay $ 45 for unlimited everything with my iPhone. I love Straightalk , I have had no problems with it whatsoever.

All my text, phone calls, and internet works perfectly fine. Its better service than a lot of the major phone companies.
Shannon says :

I cant imagine after being with straight talk for a few years why anyone would stay with another company that is so much more expensive.
Joselyn says :

I am currently a straight talk customer and I love their service. I have the $ 45 plan that gets me everything unlimited. Yes they outsourced their customer service but I have called numerous times and never had a problem. I would recommend anyone to use them.
healthyliving says :

re : Their customer service with Straight Talk is amazing
I had Straight Talk cellular a couple of years ago. Their customer service was adequate, but not out of this world.
Darling Violetta says :

I’ve used Straight Talk for two years now. My phone pings off of AT T towers and I usually have to be in a very remote location before I lose service.

The customer service department has always been quick and more than fair in resolving any issues that I have had.
Crystal Lanham says :

I have been a Straight Talk customer for roughly a year now, and I love the service.
I was previously an AT T customer, so I dealt with a lot of dropped calls, terrible service, and bad customer service.
I’ve not yet had the chance to deal with the customer service people at Straight Talk. I did, however, keep my old cell number when I switched over to Straight Talk, which was great. They also send me monthly reminders when it is time for me to refill my account.
Paige Lindsey says :

re : You can switch plans at any time so I recommend trying the $30 plan and upgrading if you need more time
I was searching for a cellular plan that allowed me to have a affordable price with what I need
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