The Roman Catholic Religion
  • This review is about Roman Catholicism and my views are based on my personal experience
  • I was born a Roman Catholic and was baptized in a Roman Catholic Church until I found a new religion that completely changed my person and my outlook about life and death
  • It was just for the purpose of saying I know how to pray the Rosary but that was just all about it
  • After some thorough contemplation, I decided to leave the Roman Catholic religion

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      This review is about Roman Catholicism and my views are based on my personal experience. I was born a Roman Catholic and was baptized in a Roman Catholic Church until I found a new religion that completely changed my person and my outlook about life and death.

      For 25 years I was a Roman Catholic and was attending mass without fail during Sundays and even during Wednesdays or Thursdays. Every Saturday afternoon I would queue to the confession room to confess my sins to the priest. After which the priest would tell me to recite prayers repeatedly as punishment for those sins. During the Sunday mass I would diligently follow all the phases of the mass, singing, sitting, kneeling, praying, listening to the sermon, taking the communion and then giving my offering. I used to think that was all any religion could offer me and I was for sometime quite contented. However, later on I realized that death will one day come into my life as it is appointed. But all throughout those twenty five years, the Roman Catholic religion

      did not clearly teach anything about salvation of soul. There was no clear introduction of the significance of Jesus Christ and what is the reason for his death on the cross. There is no clear teaching on how one could be assured of heaven after death. All the priest would discuss Sunday after Sunday was good works, goodness, giving, compassion, honesty, mercy and many other areas of good living. Things about the goodness of God would go with the sermons from time to time but nothing was taught about how to have personal relationship with Jesus Christ, nothing very much clear why Jesus Christ died on the cross was ever shared in the pulpit. All the while I was thinking that going to heaven was just through good works but how much good work I would not know. The Bible was never completely and thoroughly taught. There would be some short reading of the Bible as part of the mass but the people were never encouraged to read the Bible, and were never taught that the Bible was the Word
      of God. I would even pray using the prayer book as what was taught to me. I was not really talking to God directly from my heart. I had so many pictures of this and that saint but they did not ever made miracle on me. I was even buying images of Sto. Nino, Virgin Mary and different saints because I was taught to pray to them but later I began asking why I had to pray to this man- made idols when I knew deep within my heart that these graven images could not even hear or answer my prayers.

      Indeed one thing about this Roman Catholic religion that made me very confused is the use of so many graven images. There are so many saints and idols and it was as if praying is a very complicated thing. I had to pray to this and that saint. I had to even ask Mary’s intercession. We were even encouraged to pray the Holy Rosary which is just a repetition of prayers and I used to do that without any ...

      • The Roman Catholic Religion
      personal connection with God. It was just for the purpose of saying I know how to pray the Rosary but that was just all about it. There was no involvement with the Holy Spirit while doing so. I then began asking why I have to pray to Mary when Mary is not God. The Roman Catholic religion is placing Mary in equal position with Jesus which made me ask why? How could a human like Mary be equal with Jesus and worse, sometimes in the sermons and teachings, it appeared to me that Mary is being worshiped and adored more than Jesus?

      One time, I was also encouraged to attend the Recollection and from that activity I was asking why the speakers were talking so much about the Virgin Mary and not much about Jesus. And what most distracted me was the people leading the activities were mostly gay. I was asking myself, if indeed God is in their life why were they living a pervert life? Yes indeed the songs were beautiful in that Recollection activity and I saw many

      of my colleagues crying in joy during all the entire activity but I felt no joy at all. I was looking for something more satisfying than that. Jesus was missing in that activity.

      To me then, attending mass was more of routine but within me there was spiritual drive to worship the Lord but the Catholic Church could not offer that. While attending mass, I sensed I was only following a ritual but there was no fulfillment of my spiritual longing. There was no clear teaching on how I could achieve eternal life after death. They were teaching there is heaven but the surest way to heaven which is none other than Jesus, was never directly and clearly taught to me all throughout the 25 years of my Catholic faith. It was like no one has the assurance of heaven and would only know till one died. Then, I finally realized I had to look for a religion that will teach me the truth about Jesus, about heaven and about the Bible. After some thorough contemplation, I decided to leave the Roman Catholic religion.

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sally says :

Do you think its right that the pentcostal churches pray in tongues and howis it catholic’s don’t?
hinklepup says :

The Pentacostal and Catholic faiths are extremely different. While praying/speaking in tongues it is not necessarily a matter of right or wrong, the differences in beliefs allow for differences in expression of faith.
ladyli says :

Maybe you mean speaking in tongues. Most pentecostal churches do that but as per my observation the way they do it is not biblical or misapplication of what is in the Bible.
Andrew says :

I am Pentecostal. I pray in tongues on a regular basis, and catholic’s just choose not to.
Mary says :

Hi Sally,

There is a group in the Catholic Church called the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement (CCRM). The CCRM is an organization in the Catholic Church. They are composed of different communities, some are parish based, some are not. But the charismatic movement is Catholic. In the Charismatic, we also do praise and worship and also worship in tongues. We do not do that normally in Mass, but there are communities in the Catholic church that also have prayer meetings and during praise and worship, there is a moment where the members can pray in tongues. But I’d like to share with you that when one practices praying in tongues, he or she should be in the state of grace. That is, the person should not have an unconfessed mortal sin. If the person is not in the state of grace, you should be careful. Yes, the Holy Spirit prays for us when we pray in tongues. But if our soul is full of sin and we are away from God, another spirit can possess us and the “praying in tongues” could be not praises to God but blasphemies created by the evil spirit. That is why in charismatic movements, they make sure that the members who experience the Baptism of the Holy Spirit are spiritually prepared to receive the gifts - that is, they have gone to sacramental confession and have attended a seminar explaining the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I hope this enlightens you. God bless.
Mary Cee says :

re : This review is about Roman Catholicism and my views are based on my personal experience
You are entitled to your own views and personal experience. People may find it hard to understand but people have different views where religion is concerned.
Azriel says :

Agree, There are a lot of things to consider and no one would really win in the game of which religion is the best. I think that it really is about the person’s faith and if one religion works for him, then so it shall be his religion and other people have no means to interfere it.
Blal says :

re : I was born a Roman Catholic and was baptized in a Roman Catholic Church until I found a new religion that completely changed my person and my outlook about life and death
Sometimes you have to think that everyone around you that u may know of personally that has been brought up in a religious background, will have many different beliefs and not everything that these religions might preach in certain aspects or maybe entirely will be the right one. So naturally its good that u looked outside of your born faith to analyze what u feel to be right using your intellect. I personally think that Knowledge is the most important aspect of our lives, but its how we use it that is the key to our personality’s and our characters as people. With knowledge you can find truth so i think before any submission to any religion you must thoroughly study and take your time studying each religion in depth. With that knowledge u can create a clear understanding of what u can agree is the truth. It might take time but your heart will be more at ease, a true religion will mirror logical reasoning as well things we cannot see or have not experienced yet or have no knowledge of.
Some people say to me religion is the problem in this world but that simply is not entirely the case at all, Religions such as Islam Christianity and Judaism divided into sects and fight each other, all because of the human factor (the messengers of their holy scriptures), yet if they just worshiped one god they would all be theoretically at peace with each other. Well to be honest to an extent theirs also the factors of their books of teachings which are not holy that some believe were written by man concerning the teachings of a prophet they’ve neither seen nor met. That in itself is a corruption. The question is how to find a book that hasn’t been added nor changed or altered. Nowhere days we have secret codes on bombs or computers or safes and these numbers cant be cracked easily they use prime numbers,numbers is the language of the universe so whoever or whatever u believe started the world the universe he did it in numbers and counted all things, numbers are also in value in some languages of certain words and letters worth numbers, so i think a religious teaching or scripture should be preserved in a grammatical number form if u believe your religion is beyond human intelligence.
Grecy says :

Reading your post is like reading my mind. I feel the same way. I think it is bad to feel confuse of our religion because it should be taught the right way, so what is the right way anyway. I do not want to leave the Catholic world but I am still looking for answers on why we should pray the rosary where in the bible it is taught that You can only pray to God The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. My sister says that the bible is revised and they delete something about Mary because she is not a God but why does we are still praying the rosary.

I still have lot of questions in mind but I rather end it like this.
kashif says :

there is only God to prayed no one else can be prayed. Mary is creation of God and not God.
Mary says :

We do not worship Mary. But we venerate her with high regard for She is a model of obedience to the Holy will of God. Again we do not worship Mary in the same regard as we worship God. But we imitate her virtues and the way she loved, honored and worshiped God. “True devotion leads to imitation” -St. Louis Marie de Montfort
Gunnar Campbell says :

re : After some thorough contemplation, I decided to leave the Roman Catholic religion
I am Lutheran, and I have found that as a Lutheran, everything that I am taught is based solely on scripture, which is the only way
Jeff says :

My mind is confused by religion. I don’t know how it can be considered lovable when so much bloodshed has been shed in the name of this ghastly entity.
Julius says :

re : This review is about Roman Catholicism and my views are based on my personal experience
Religion is nonsense. God does not want us to kill just because of differences of our beliefs,opinions,and religions. The instructions are clear, love your neighbors and love God. Then why do people are killing each other. Where is the love.The Roman Catholic killed many people in the 15th century charged with heresy.The Pope are using religion in a wrong way and asking for indulgence. Martin Luther reformed the Roman Catholic Church.
I don’t believe in the bible because the bible are edited so many times that it contradicted itself.God does not create the bible,humans did.
As I said earlier,the Pope uses the name of God in a wrong way.
God and Allah is the same.
zubeda says :

I agree that Allah and God are the same. I was a muslim and was told everyone is wrong we are the right and true religion. I’m still confused.
Mary says :

re : It was just for the purpose of saying I know how to pray the Rosary but that was just all about it
I’m sorry that you found the Catholic religion to be this way. But if you have a chance to know the faith in a deep way then you would appreciate it better. The rosary is not supposed to be prayed in a mechanical way. It is a contemplative, Christo-centric prayer, wherein you meditate on the birth, life, sufferings and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you notice, the mysteries of the rosary are mostly focused on the important things that happened in the life of Jesus. When we meditate the Holy Rosary, we meditate on the life of Christ. In fact, in the rosary, we meditate the life of Jesus in the eyes of His mother. For who knows Jesus better than anyone else but His mother. So the rosary is not a vain repetition, but it is really meant for us to meditate on the life of Jesus in the loving eyes of Mary.
Jung Shook says :

re : This review is about Roman Catholicism and my views are based on my personal experience
Roman Catholic is a not so good religion because not all in this religion know who the god is. But many of members of Roman Catholic is a faithful human being and they know boundaries
Marcus Aurelius says :

Hi, so which denomination of Christianity if you are still Christian did you choose? I can understand what you`re going through, my family and I have been former Catholics. We have seen all the heresies in the Catholic faith but we did not lose our faith in God, so we started reading and searching for the truth. I finally realized what the real path was, after years of investigation and reading, it was Orthodoxy. I became an Orthodox Christian because I found out that it is the true church which had not changed over 2000 years. It is exactly the church Christ left. I have searched deeply to find any mistakes in the Orthodox doctrine but I found none. The Orthodox church gave me a direct relationship with God, and I have the answers to your questions about Virgin Mary and the saints and everything you want to know. Today, all of my family are Orthodox Christians, and I hope that I could help you. If you have any questions, please ask me on supermario_missions or find the closest Greek Orthodox Church and ask the priest anything. Trust me, I`ve been in your position and I know it all, so please ask as much as you want.
ladyli replies :

Of course I still am a Christian and will never ever leave this faith. I now belong to the a Fundamental Baptist Church. I believe the Statement of Faith of my Church is the closest to the teachings of the Bible. I can only worship in a church which is Bible-based and Christ Centered. I appreciate your concern and I thank you for that but I think I am already contented with my church. Thanks for reading my review. God bless
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