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  • There was also this boring and rather long part of the episode when The Doctor war following the new
  • This episode dealt with a rather interesting topic, the arrival of aliens, are they good, are they bad

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      This was a rather funny but still very serious episode, it still didn’t convince me this wasn’t a children’s show but I guess I am considering of promoting it to adult show. Rose and The Doctor arrived back to London, although The Doctor wanted to take them back to the time they left London in the first place they arrive there one year later. Rose finds out that her mother thought she was missing and she was looking for her the whole year, organising searches and sticking ‘’Have you seen this girl?’’ fliers everywhere. Her boyfriend Make was accused of murdering her.

      While Rose is processing all the information a strange craft hits the Big Band. It is a big news because it is an alien craft but what they find in the craft is a scared pig. That was a cover up and The Doctor wants to know what the cover was for.

      Everyone is scared of aliens and on

      TV they say that if someone has any information to call a number. Rose’s mother calls that number so the army comes and picks up Rose and The Doctor. Rose thinks they are arrested but they are actually taken to the 10 Downing street because the Doctor is known as an expert of aliens.

      He has also realised that the craft didn’t come from the space but from Earth, which means that the aliens have been on Earth for a while now. Harriet has a meeting with the prime minister but he can’t receive her because of the alien emergency. The prime minister is missing so Green takes his place.

      Green is so strange because he farts all the time. Harriet is left a lone in front of the meeting room so she enters there to leave some papers but then the new prime minister arrives with some colleagues and they take down their skin showing their really body, they are ...

      • aliens, and Green is an alien too. Rose’s Mum, Jackie, is at her apartment and Commissioner Strickland is questioning her.

        He is an alien too. The Doctor is on the meeting about the aliens with the prime minister and the general, both aliens in human’s bodies, and some other experts on aliens. Rose and Harriet are in the cabinet with Margaret Blaine, she is an alien too and all the 4 aliens remove their human skin in the same time.

        Here the episode ends. This was a funny episode because of these aliens; although they are supposed to be scary they are funny because they fart all the time. They call this gas exchange because they are much bigger than humans and they have to fit in human bodies, so they have a device that shrinks them, but that also makes them fart all the time.

        It is also funny that all the aliens had to choose fat people’s body because

        as they are big they needed more space to fit. The scary effect these aliens are supposed to have is softened by their baby faces. Although they are giants and have giant claws in the same time they have these big baby faces and they look like grubs because they are green and have long faces.

        We still don’t know what they want but I must say that I wasn’t very excited to see how will all this end. There was also this boring and rather long part of the episode when The Doctor war following the new. I understand that the craft was big news but still it lasts for almost 3 minutes.

        Nothing happens we just see the news about the aliens. This episode dealt with a rather interesting topic, the arrival of aliens, are they good, are they bad? What do they want? Have they been here before? Why did they come? I guess these questions are asked each time we think about aliens.

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