Althea contraceptive pill
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  • With the economic crisis nowadays, I was searching for alternative brands of pills that would cost cheaper than my usual Dianne 35 pill
  • Also it's really important to consult the OB gyne first before switching pills because you might regret it if your basis would only be the price in the market

    • by bbyshe

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      With the economic crisis nowadays, I was searching for alternative brands of pills that would cost cheaper than my usual Dianne 35 pill. So I was very convinced to buy this new product in the market that offered women looking for birth control pills with added benefits.

      This is a

      Trust brand contraceptive pill and I would say now that it was an unsuccessful attempt by this brand to match the Dianne 35 contraceptive pill in the market.

      Althea contraceptive pill aims to give women the benefit of contraception with added benefits such as clearer, acne free skin for women taking ...

      • it but all I got after a month of taking it are painful headaches that won’t go away.

        The only time that these headaches did went away was when I stopped taking the pill altogether.

        I would say that it’s not a good buy for your money even if it’s

        less expensive.

        Also it’s really important to consult the OB gyne first before switching pills because you might regret it if your basis would only be the price in the market.

        The ingredients of this pill I could say matches its price for it did not give me any benefits whatsoever.

    anne says :

    hi did althea pill have all the benifits of dianne but coast not much but this pill can also lost weight please respond thanks
    a says :

    weight gain or loss really depends on how the individual reacts with the hormones of the pill, some women gain weight and some don’t. both pills offer birth control.
    Galega says :

    Minor changes in weight (gain or loss) can happen as a side effect of Althea Contraceptive Pill. But, this doesn’t only happen with Althea Pill, it can even happen with Diane 35. Actually, the possible change in weight happen because of the extra dose of estrogen female hormone that your body gets after you starts to get this pill.

    If you see some unwanted weight change (loss or gain), please contact doctor. You may even consider changing your pill from estrogen based to progesterone based.
    Mike says :

    Hi I am using Althea pills for months now and I never had a problem with it. I just have one question, is there a possibility that I could get pregnant if I had unprotected sex any day on my 7 free day pills? Am I still protected? I take my pills on time religiously and I have never missed any ever since I took it. Thanks
    Galega says :

    According to the manufacturer of Althea, you should be from unwanted pregnancy even during the seven pill free days (if you had taken pills regularly). I don’t see any problem in having unprotected physical relationship during seven pill free days in your case.
    Clary says :

    Is it true that althea wont really protect u from pregnancy since its low dosed? So what it will do is, youll still get pregnant, but althea will thin the uterus lining and youll get an abortion? is this a fact? Omg. pls help me and enlighten my mind.
    Galega says :

    This is completely a false information. Althea protects from unwanted pregnancy and widely prescribed by reputed doctors. It is not a medicine for abortion, it is used to keep users away from unwanted pregnancy.
    tresmarias says :

    hi. i started althea pills for both birth control and also for my acne two weeks ago.. i observed my acne worsened and i experienced itchiness on my body. should i switch to ther brand?
    Galega says :

    First complete the entire set only think about changing the brand.

    Althea contains Estrogen and progesterone hormones. The condition of acne depend on the reaction of your body to these hormones that are injected in your body through Althea. It should get better once your hormonal disturbance will become normal.

    As far as changing the brand is concerned, I would suggest you to consult an OBGyne. If Althea won’t work for you, there is no guarantee that other Estrogen based contraceptive pills will work.
    quick note by anonymous :

    im newbie in taking althea pill. i finished my 21pills last april 5. my 7 days pill-free start april 6 to april 12. until now i dont have my mens yet. my husband and i had unprotected sex april 6. he finished inside me. is it posible that im pregnant? my o.b said last march 7 that im polycystic.
    Galega says :

    Delayed period is one of the most common side effects of Althea which happens with new users. Your period should be there within next one week.
    jhee says :

    does althea helps make my boobs bigger
    a says :

    some women experience that but it really depends on the individual.
    Galega says :

    You may experience little bit bigger boobs during the first few days of using Althea Contraceptive pills. It is because of the breast tenderness side effects of this pill. Over time, your boob will be normalized.

    If you are expecting permanently bigger boob, Althea will not help you.
    bbyshe adds :

    Based on my experience I went to the OB gyne after I gave birth and she suggested not to take just any contraceptive pill immediately.She even suggested the pill Exluton because she said it’s milder and safe for breastfeeding moms than Diane or these other ordinary pills.
    Galega says :

    Althea is a combined pill. Here`combined’ means that it contains both Estrogen and progesterone hormones. The major part is Estrogen, though.

    Estrogen suppresses the milk formation, and hence it is not considered an optimum choice for breastfeeding women.

    Mini Pill, or pills containing only progesterone, is good for breastfeeding women.

    That is why your OBGyne suggested you to stay away from Althea during breastfeeding stage.
    Kc says :

    i am done taking my minipill and had my menstruation already. , but i am not sure if minipill has a 7day free pill period.. I am on my 3rd day not taking mini pill.. Is this right? If not.. Can i switch to althea for the next month once i have my mentruation again? Or when can i start using other brand?thanks
    Galega says :

    You should start Althea on the first day of your next menstruation. That is the best way to change brand of contraceptive pill for you.
    Kc says :

    Great help Thank you
    Shane says :

    Hello i want to use althea after expired my injectable dis february, should i wait my menstruation before taking the pill??
    Galega says :

    Yes, it will be better if you start Althea from the first day if menstruation.
    Ley says :


    This is the first time that I am using the Althea pills. But instead of starting taking it on my first period, I took my first pill on the last day of my period and having contact on the 4th day of my pills without using any protection. I’ve experience all the side effects that was mentioned by other users like nausea, bloated, headache and breast tenderness and as far as i’ve remembered I was not able to take my pills on time but I do take it everyday but not on the same time. I am now on my 2nd day for my 7 days pill free. Am I still safe if I have sex on my 7 day pill fee?
    Galega says :

    You may be safe during the 7 pill free days, but you were not safe during the 4th day. If you don’t start Althea on the first day of menstruation, then you need to avoid making unprotected contact for the first seven days.
    tine says :

    which pill is more safer to take, with less side effects? is it yasmin, diane 35, or althea? or what pill can you recommend?
    Galega says :

    All of these three are combined form of contraceptive pills, containing estrogen and progesterone with varying quantities. It is not possible to say that which one among these three will be suitable to you. If confused, you should consult an OBGyne who will suggest you the most suitable pill based on your medical history.
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