The Roongrawee Mansion - Phuket town
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222/4 Soi Roongrawee, Jaowaraj Rd., Phuket 83000 Thailand
  • A couple of complaints I had during my time there was if there was a rowdy crowd of TEFL students sometimes sleeping during the week was tough, as my walls were a bit thin, but most times it was not a problem

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      When searching for a place to stay in Phuket do not pass up the Roongrawee Mansion, located in the Sam Kong district of Phuket town. It’s proximately to great restaurants, shops, the ever present 7/11 and the Bangkok Phuket Hospital makes it an ideal place to start your Phuket adventures. Phukettown is located in the center of Phuket Island on the eastern side, but don’t be fooled, the closest beach would be a 20 minute and 200-400 baht Tuk Tuk ride ( similar to a taxi, but most times charging outrageous prices for the distance). If you’re coming to Phuket for sun, sand and swim Phuket town is not the place to base your stay, but if you’re like me coming to teach English it’s a great central local to the schools and the night life.

      The Roongrawee Mansion is approximately 10 minutes from the center of town, hidden on a small drive off of Jaowaraj Rd, the difference is like night and day. You stepped off the crowded, busy streets

      of Phukettown and now are welcomed into the marble and teak furnished entrance way of the Roongrawee Mansion with the pool and sitting area to your right and the three levels of rooms to the left. The Roongrawee serves as a hotel, offering rooms for around 500 baht a night, to monthly rates , around 8,000 and three month rates, 5,000 each month, with the same amount required in deposit.

      I was offered the three month rate, upon meeting the owner, Kiet and getting approved. Which was just a friendly conversation about how long and what I’m doing here. Of course it was a good deal for a first timer in Phuket , but like anywhere it had its pros and cons.

      The pool being a major pro, along with the surrounding lounge area was a great place to socialize at any hour. The neighboring TEFL school had an option for its student teachers to stay there for a small price increase so ...

      • there was always new faces around, sometimes good, sometimes not so much. The rooms were a good size, fully furnished and clean, with a hot water bathroom with shower, cable TV, comfy double bed and balconies on the upper levels.

        The friendly, English speaking staff was on duty 24/7 and were always eager to help if need be. A couple of complaints I had during my time there was if there was a rowdy crowd of TEFL students sometimes sleeping during the week was tough, as my walls were a bit thin, but most times it was not a problem. Due to my cheaper rate, housekeeping was not included.

        At times my room was a bit messy and for a few baht more I would have gladly paid for a bi monthly cleaning, but that was not in the cards. Jaowaraj rd. during rush hour is very busy, it’s a narrow road with no side walks so keep an eye out, especially for motorbikes going in the wrong direction.

        At the time there was no restaurant on premises, which would have made it that much better, but rumors were circulating for a restaurant addition in the years to come. They did however sell beer and water at reception. 28 baht for a Leo beer, 10 baht for a water.

        At the end of my stint I was sad to go, but moving into a house with a couple friends, closer to school seemed to good to pass up, also living, sleeping and cooking ( I use that term very loosely) was getting a bit tiresome. I gave the room a good cleaning and got the total of my security deposit back, keeping them as my Thailand contact address because they had proven to be so reliable.

        Prices and owner are quoted for the year of 2008-09, I don’t expect them to go up that much but hey, it‘s Thailand and you never know.

        Subject to availability, the places gets rather full in the summer months with the TEFL course in full swing.

    michele says :

    What is the distance between the Hotel and the TEFL school?
    Jen says :

    It’s about 10mins walk to the school.
    NH says :

    A few words of warning to those that decide to go to the ‘better’ accommodation option while doing your TEFL course for a month. I would think twice, as we found other options available for 1 month stay in the area, but already confirmed with Roongranwee Mansion through the school, site unseen, relying on the recommendation from the school. If the school had A C it would have been a far better option for me, but there are private places available if you look on the Net. The issue is the staff don’t need to maintain this property as they are getting a steady stream of students every month recommended by the school, so why bother ( and it seems they don’t). A list of issues (on the top floor rooms reserved for the TEFL students only)are as follows
    - Security - none of the safes work so you have no security ( even though TEFL advertise that they do), so good luck when the cleaners come in. Incredibly, the answer from staff that ‘ none of them work’ seemed to be a sufficient answer not to fix the one in your room. There are no lockers, even if you had your own lock.
    -There is no internet in the rooms so you have to do any work in the foyer (which is not airconditioned) and can be party central as well. ( The school has 24hr internet in the rooms)
    -Each room on the top floor seems to have their own set of problems after that, these range from ( but not limited to)
    - bathrooms stinking - this is an issue with a lot of them - it seems that the smell is bacteria in the drain or coming up from other floors. Students generally put tape over it or clothes etc. just to make it bareable so you could study. Pretty gross problem that was just ignored by staff.
    - if you don’t like ants,bring some bug spray, most of the rooms are infested with them.
    - some rooms, the A C unit was so loud sts had to wear ear plugs. Other rooms the A C was silent, but comparing the difference to get something done, fell on deaf ears.
    - If you don’t want 2 single beds, and you’re alone, get in early as about half of the rooms are that way ( and are generally the worst maintained from what we saw)
    - then other less important issues involved holes in doors, bare flouro lights that hummed in the bathroom, lamp shades missing, door locks not working properly, bathroom and sliding cupboards doors not working, and the list goes on.
    - the cleaners seem to empty your overflowing bins and make your beds twice a week, they don’t seem to actually clean the rooms.
    When any of these faults were mentioned to hotel staff, it just made matters worse and therefore nobody bothered and just put up with it. It was reportedly mentioned to the school, where the answer was ‘ you get what you pay for’ and nothing was done.
    So you have been warned… If you can handle no A C, stay above the school - 1 2 the cost and then use the pool at the hotel if you want. Otherwise, look at 1 month stay options in the area, esp. if doing the course with others and plan to hire a moped. As long as sts put up with basic maintenance issues that need to be attended to at Roongranwee Mansion, then it will just get worse and worse…
    jdt says :

    I am on my way to take the course in Phuket, can you remember or recommend any of the ‘other’ hotels you found?
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