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  • It really comes across as an interesting place with unique surveys that can earn you some nice hobby money
  • This was my experience, as well as others from what I've read

    • by Orrymain

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      When you’re on the internet looking for extra ways to make money, you have to be careful where you go. Some places look and sound great, but then you find out they are scams, set up to specifically steal your money or mislead you, either directly or with loopholes that work only for them.

      One such place is A.W. $urveys. This place sounds like it’s really neat. They offer you money for taking surveys that are short. Supposedly, they want your opinion of certain websites.

      It really comes across as an interesting place with unique surveys that can earn you some nice hobby money.

      When you first sign up, you get a survey with an instant $6.00 on your welcome survey. Right away, you’ll get several more surveys. You get encouraged because you see your account rising to $20 or $30 with very little effort.

      Ah! But there’s a catch. You have to reach a minimum pay out level before you get a dime, and the surveys dry up long before you ...

      • get there. They tell you to try back every day, and every day you go, there won’t be any new surveys. It will go on like this for days and then for weeks. This was my experience, as well as others from what I’ve read.

        Then what happens is that you stop checking every day and then times goes by and you haven’t checked in. The next time you go, your account has been erased because if you don’t check in within their time frame, their

        terms and conditions say they can cancel your account. This is exactly what happened to me.

        This company gets some kind of incentive from people registering and doing these initial surveys, but then they have set up so that you can never collect. They are on the boycott list it’s so bad.

        There are numerous legitimate sites at there, but A.W. $urveys is not one of them. Stay away from this website. It’s a waste of your time, and you won’t get a penny out of it.

    Lorin says :

    re : This was my experience, as well as others from what I’ve read
    I agree I joined about three weeks back. The first time on A.W. Surveys I had quite a few reviews to do, now NOTHING All I can do on there now is make 1 cent a day - what a waste of time and effort.

    Thanks for this review

    Galega says :

    That can still be not termed as malicious. The real scam will start once you will reach the minimum payout. At that time, when you will start expecting money in your account, and the company will refuse to do so. They cheat majority of users.

    Grecy says :

    The high pay for a simple survey is what makes me in doubt in this kind of site. Any site that has high pay when you are only doing simple and easy things has a catch in it. The high minimum pay too makes me think that the site is a scam, much more if I can reach that minimum pay for as easy as a week?. AW Surveys, catch my eyes but not my decision to stay, but I registered though to study the site until I found out it is a scammer. Never trust a site like this.

    edwin cooper says :

    I have looked online for ways to make money for years now and i can personally save you time by telling you that there are different types of scams.First of before working for a company see where they are registered.If they hide the country where they are registered then they are most likely a scam.Second make sure they reply to you support emails before you make them any money

    Scarlett says :

    I tried this a few years back and didn’t care for it. When I first signed up it seemed like I’d have a lot of reviews to write. After 6 or so websites to review there were no more to review.

    I simply depended on my a referrals to earn my money on there. After 350 referrals I barely made $ 15, again this was a few years ago, could be a different pay out. You can also do little task like liking videos, watching videos, signing up for free trials and etc to earn a little bit of money. I cashed out once and received my money so from my experience they do pay.

    I wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re willing to spend countless hours a day affiliating your referral link.

    wowexperience says :

    re : This was my experience, as well as others from what I’ve read
    I think that winning money via completing surveys is impossible. All the surveys offers I have met in my life , they were just scams that do not pay. Even if there will be found a sincere company, they will pay you pee-nuts. It’s a loose of time.

    Galega says :

    Not all survey platforms are scams. But, yes, majority of them area. There are few survey companies who let only North American use their platforms, and they are legit. Others are not. Almost all survey platforms which allow people from developing countries are fake. They used these manpower to earn money and never pay.

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