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  • I always think it goes a little slow once they get to the army base but it picks up at the end and I like the ambiguous ending

    • by jeanne71

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      28 Days Later is a zombie movie with a realistic and terrifying feel to it. Directed by Danny Boyle, it was shot on digital video which gives it a documentary feel to frightening effect.

      The ‘zombies’ here are not actually dead like in other zombie movies, but infected with a virus called ‘Rage’ after animal rights activists break into a laboratory and release some rather angry monkeys.

      Just like other zombie movies, the infected create other ‘zombies’ by

      attacking them, or simply contaminating them with blood, and soon the majority of Britain has become infected and indeed they are referred to as ‘the infected’ rather than zombies.

      The scene cuts to 28 days later when we see Cillian Murphy in a hospital bed, in the part of Jim, who has woken up and is starting to wonder where everybody is.

      The scenes of a deserted London as Jim walks down the streets are now infamous and fascinating for their eeriness.

      When Jim wanders into a local church and discovers an infected Priest who does not have a message about Jesus wanting him for a sunbeam, he faces his first encounter and realizes what he is up against.

      The Director endeavoured to create realistic scenes of what the City might actually look like based on real tragic events and the piles of bodies in the church and the message board with pictures of missing loved ones are ...

      • 28 Days Later (2002)
      based on scenes from real tragedies.

      He shot that before the 9/11 terrorist attack but was criticized for insensitivity as the film was released afterwards.

      Jim meets up with other survivors and having picked up a radio message from an army base in Manchester claiming to have found a solution, they make their way there, only to find Christopher Eccleston as the Major who does not quite have the solution they were hoping for.

      28 Days Later is an exciting

      film that I found genuinely frightening and I made sure to check my doors and windows were locked before I went to bed.

      I always think it goes a little slow once they get to the army base but it picks up at the end and I like the ambiguous ending.

      A lonely, post-apocalyptic vision of England with plenty of profanities and violence that is gritty and British rather than glossily Hollywood.

      I find this one of the most scary modern horrors.

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