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  • In additional, when I back home, I found out that almost all of my clothes was no longer wearable
  • After doing some research, I decided to try the product, and order it to the reseller which web I access several days before

    • by second_life

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      On August 2008, my weight was already 55 Kg, the heaviest as long as I live. And too bad, several days later my parents took me to an eleven days holiday trip to Singapore. As we all know that most of Singaporean are Chinese so they eat pork, and pork is very easy to be found there. And that’s where the trouble occurred.

      Yes, I am a Chinese too, and pork is one of the food that I can never ever reject. Though I

      realized that I was overweight (I wasn’t overweight when I checked the web about it, but I did feel obese) already, I still eat pork at every meals time.

      Although I did much walking, as I was site seeing everywhere, but still….

      Soon, I felt my jeans tried to bite my waist, and I got out of breath easier. In additional, when I back home, I found out that almost all of my clothes was no longer wearable.

      Feeling guilty and ugly, I started to ...

      • find the simplest and easiest way to get my previous size, and luckily, I found some testimonial about Green World Slimming Capsules (it’s name was still World Slimming Capsules at that time) on the web.

        After doing some research, I decided to try the product, and order it to the reseller which web I access several days before. The price was average for a bottle contains sixty capsules of products, for thirty days of use.

        For one week, I took two capsules a day after

        the breakfast, but not more than 10.30 each day. Without doing any other urge. I didn’t do workout or sport as I didn’t have time for that, and I also didn’t reduce my eating portion by purpose. But yes, my appetite was controlled by the product automatically that I became not so interest in chewing.

        The result was: I lost about 2 Kg of weight, only in 2 weeks!

        And after using it for one month, I lost about 8 Kg in total, and I get my shape again.

    nokuthula says :

    how long must i use the capsules? do the capsules go together with the pro-slim?
    Jules Li says :

    The capsules come as a two month supply. However, there is no designated time span for how long you should use them. It’s dependent upon how fast you notice the results.
    Galega says :

    It will depend on many factors. The first one is the possible side effects. You should not take this pill for extended duration, say for more than three months regularly.

    Further, if you are suffering from any disease - especially the problems associated with high cholesterol or diabetes then you are required to apply caution. I would suggest to take this capsule for maximum one month, if having any disease.

    It will be good if you first consult a doctor about the possibility of side effects, and any allergy before starting it.

    Remember, taking a slimming capsule for more than three months continuously may have some serious side effects.
    miss p says :

    Does the new one work effectively as the old one? Cos I just bought mine 5 days ago and I hope it works cos am trying lose 15kg in 2months time
    Galega says :

    If you look at the composition/ingredients (available on the Internet), you will find that both old and new are almost similar. If the old will work for you, then new capsule will also work.

    The manufacturer has added GREEN word before the name to present the product strongly in the market. The term GREEN may help it to convince customers that it is free from any side effects, and completely natural (though, that is not the complete picture).
    John says :

    Is there any known side effect for men that causes erectile disfunction?
    Galega says :

    You are unlikely to get erectile dysfunction after using this product. There are many other possible side effects, though.
    susan says :

    does this product help to reduce tummy fat and tyres?
    Galega says :

    This product is intended to be used for the same purpose. You can definitely try it with little bit precaution, like maintaining proper dose and taking it strictly as per instructions.
    nwando agusiobo says :

    What are the side effects of this drug? Also, I`ve been taking this drugs for about days now and most times, I feel funny inside. Like my body walls are constrining and my chest hurts at times. What can be the cause?
    licia says :

    what are the side effects of this product when one stops to use it? do you tend to blow up again or have high appetite for food?
    monsurat says :

    How does slimming capsule works? What are the side effects, and what are the likely symtoms patient will experience when using it?
    Jules Li says :

    According to the manufacturer of the drug, there are no associated side effects.
    miss p says :

    Dat happens mostly if u are de-hydrated… happens 2 me bt after drinking more water it stops
    Galega says :

    Though, it is made of natural floral products (as said by the manufacturer), it has some side effects. The manufacturer says that there is no associated side effects of using Green World Slimming Capsule.

    But, if you are suffering from any problems related to blood pressure, please take it with caution. I must mention here that it is supposed to cut cholesterol, yet you are required to consult a doctor first.

    Then, if you will take the capsule for more than three months continuously, then you may have to bear many side effects. The crux of the matter is, try it for short period. If you don’t get any result within three months, quit it.
    kay says :

    If your chest is hurting it might be stomach ulcer. I had the same too after going almost a week without food cause of lack of appetite while using this product
    quick note by anonymous :

    What website can I order it from?
    Galega says :

    You can order it directly by making a phone call. The phone number is displayed on the TV advertisement which is different for different countries.

    You can order it online through Alibaba and eBay. Please make a search on these two websites, as URLs keep changing.
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