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  • If you're playing in block, then that's not a huge issue
  • Anyway, if you like offensive creature based artifact decks, then definitely consider using this guy

    • by Blackened30

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      First off, let me say that I was blown away when i saw this card for the first time. A 2/2 with Flash, that protects all your artifact creatures from damage, for only 3 mana is a great deal. To top it off, he’s a common! Talk about a lot of power in a very accessible package.

      For an epser aggro type deck, this guy fits in perfect. The formula for success is pretty simple; Attack with all your artifact creatures, drop

      this guy down during declare blockers step, and watch your opponents stuff die, while your does not.

      You can also play it defensively during your turn. He’ll wreck your opponents combat math, allowing you to group block much larger creatures and have all of yours survive.

      Obviously he doesn’t prevent your guys from getting destroyed, exiled, or a sent to the graveyard with negative counters. If you’re playing in block, then that’s not a huge issue.

      Obviously he can be countered, so ...

      • if your opponent is playing blue, that’s always something to have in the back of your mind before dropping down the shieldmage. If your playing in casual, a fun strategy with this guy is to use him in conjunction with bounce effects.

        I’ve used the shieldmage while running whitemane lions and the 3/2 return gargoyle guy, and it’s usually pretty amusing to use the shieldmage over and over. Also, combining him with some of the Mirodin artifact graveyard retrieval stuff can be

        amusing and rewarding.

        You’ll be playing blue and white with him more than likely, so you can likely counter a key counter to get him to stick on the board. Really surprise that this guy is a common though, I’ve seen rares with much less usefulness.

        It just shows the power creep of Magic through the years. Anyway, if you like offensive creature based artifact decks, then definitely consider using this guy.

        He’s not auto include necessarily, but you won’t be upset to draw him.

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