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  • Even before this worst condition came, I already noticed I was having difficulty urinating although I felt my bladder was filled and felt like bursting already

    • by ladyli

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      The worst urinary track infection that ever occurred to me was in 1992. My son was barely four years old then and while I was putting him to sleep when I suddenly felt a very sharp pain that was hardly bearable that I really cried hard. I felt a very strong urge to pass water but when as I sat down the toilet bowl there were but few drops of urine that passed and after which I felt a very painful sensation on my vagina. Even before this worst condition came, I already noticed I was having difficulty urinating although I felt my bladder was filled and felt like bursting already.

      Obviously my condition worsened as terrible pain was felt by me not just on my genital but also on my lower abdomen.

      Obviously the condition was

      urinary tract infection and I knew all along because there were numerous times I held my urge to urinate for long. Many times was waiting too long before I could pass water because I was busy with taking care of my child and with household chores too.

      Indeed when I went to the doctor, she almost scolded me for being a willing victim of UTI. She explained that the bladder is a muscle that stretches to hold urine and contracts when the urine is released and if waiting too long even if one feels already the urge to urinate, it can cause the bladder to stretch beyond its capacity and hence will weaken and will no longer have the capacity to release the urine entirely and eventually those unreleased urine will trigger infection. I would admit that ...

      • I knew that explanation long before but I disregarded it.

        Hence, I suffered the consequences of disregarding. I remembered my doctor gave me pain reliever and apart from this she prescribed that I take antibiotic. The name of antibiotic is Bactrim.

        I remembered that this same antibiotic was prescribed to my husband when he suffered from UTI sometime ago too. This antibiotic healed my husband and I was hopeful it could heal me too. All I wanted then was healing because the pain was truly beyond my capacity to bear.

        I was swearing to high heavens that should I get healed I would never ever disregard the call of nature ever again. So, I took Bactrim three times a day every 6 hours. I was told to complete the seven days medication.

        I am happy that

        that my conditioned got so much improvement even just on the third day of taking Bactrim. But I did not stop with the medication but continued as the doctor prescribed. On the 8th day I went back to the doctor as instructed even if I felt the urinary tract infection was completely cleared already.

        I was given another urine test and the result was very satisfying. The infection indeed was completely healed by Bactrim. Nevertheless, I knew Bactrim is an antibiotic so even if it had been effective in healing me, I would not want to take antibiotic again so since then I took extra care so that I could prevent having this infection or if not to immediately treat early signs of urinary tract infection so that there would be no need for me to take antibiotic again.

    Joy Noel M. Bularin says :

    How to cure this a painful urination, then thier is aomething a yellow comes out in my penis and i dont know why?please help me
    Jennifer Davis says :

    Hi, it is important that you go to see a urologist as soon as possible. You could have anything from a simple UTI or bacterial infection to an STD. Your doctor will be able to run blood tests and then diagnose your problem very easily. Once diagnosed then you can settle on the most appropriate course of treatment.
    Galega says :

    This seems to be a case of Sexually Transmitted Disease. I would suggest you to go for some tests and symptoms indicate Trichomoniasis - an STD. Once successfully diagnoses, Trichomoniasis can be cured easily. Consult a Physician immediately.
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