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  • I have been a Safelink customer for four months, and I believe it is a great no frills prepaid cell phone program designed for people who need a phone for emergency purposes only
  • This is very convenient because Safelink Wireless prepaid cell phone accounts only have to be recertified once a year
  • Although I can buy a Tracfone prepaid cell phone card to purchase additional minutes, the amount of minutes added in comparison to the cost is much higher than other prepaid cell phone companies

    • by simply_fabulous

      I became curious about Safelink Wireless after watching a television commercial promoting a free government provided cell phone. I have been a Safelink customer for four months, and I believe it is a great no frills prepaid cell phone program designed for people who need a phone for emergency purposes only.

      Safelink Wireless promises to provide a government funded prepaid cell phone for individuals with low income or participants in government programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Food Stamps. Applying for the phone was easy. All I did was log on to the company’s website,, and answer a questionnaire which took less than 5 minutes. After receiving a message that told me I had been approved, I received my Safelink Wireless prepaid cell phone at my home address in about

      a week. The cell phone came fully charged along with an instruction manual and a charger.

      The activation process for my Safelink Wireless prepaid cell phone was very easy. After I finished the activation process, I received a text message stating that 74 minutes was added to my account. The amount of minutes added to the cell phone each month varies by state. Because I live in Alabama, I automatically receive 64 minutes on the first day of each month, and I have not experienced any problems with receiving my minutes.

      All Safelink Wireless customers receive the same refurbished black LG cell phone. The phone comes with 24 standard ringtones, 7 cell phone wallpapers, and 2 games. I can not download any music, ringtones, or wallpapers, and the phone does not feature mobile internet.

      In the four months that I have had my Safelink Wireless prepaid cell phone, I have never experienced any dropped hone calls, and the reception seems to be good. Safelink Wireless prepaid cell phones do not come with a lot of features. It is a basic cell phone that I can use for making phone calls and sending text messages. Phone usage is rounded up to the nearest minute, and minutes are deducted by one unit increments. Text messages cost .3 minutes for either sending or receiving a text message.

      A Safelink Wireless prepaid cell phone is not a substitute for a house phone or a regular wireless phone. I can not transfer my service to another cell phone, and the service does ...

      • Safelink Wireless Government Cell Phone Program
      not include any free night, weekend, or holiday promotions. All the minutes that I do not use each month are rolled over, and my rolled over minutes do not expire as long as my account is active. This is very convenient because Safelink Wireless prepaid cell phone accounts only have to be recertified once a year. Although I can buy a Tracfone prepaid cell phone card to purchase additional minutes, the amount of minutes added in comparison to the cost is much higher than other prepaid cell phone companies. Fortunately, I have never run out of any minutes because I rarely use the phone except for emergency purposes only or as an employer contact number.

      There are a few things about the Safelink Wireless prepaid cell

      phone service that I believe could be improved. Only one person per household can qualify for a cell phone, and a Safelink Wireless customer can only have their phone shipped to a home address instead of a post office box. It would be safer to have the option of having the cell phone shipped to a postal box instead of a home mailbox. I also believe that the company could provide more upfront information about the amount of minutes customers receive by state because customers must choose between the prepaid cell phone service or a similar home telephone service.

      Aside from the worry of actually receiving the Safelink Wireless prepaid cell phone, I believe that it is a great option for someone who needs a cell phone for emergency purposes only.

Terri says :

I haven’t recieved a letter stating I was approved, BUT on te safelink wireless website it says my enrollment status was approved on the 31st of July ad today is August 6th. Should I be expecting my phone then? It has been a week and I will be leaving te 9th put of town and don’t want it to be possibly stolen from my mailbox Please help
Margo says :

Keep an eye on your email and the website cause when they send your phone out, they will put it as a ’sent’ status, not just approved and you then should get it in a week to two weeks after that. My niece and neighbor have this service and it took a little while for them to get their phones once approved, but not too long. You can always put your mail ‘on hold’ if you will be out of town for a little while and then pick up your mail at the local post office if you are worried about it being stolen while you are gone.
Darling Violetta says :

It took approximately eight calender days to receive my phone. I don’t believe that it is unusual for a product to take one to two weeks to arrive in the mail.
Caleshia Finnie says :

I have forgotten my passcode for my voicemail, and I need to know how to change it to a new one?
Simply_Fabulous replies :

I would try contacting Safelink to see if they can reset it for you.
Tracey Scott says :

How can I get an extea year of service on my Safelink Tracfone?
Simply_Fabulous replies :

All you have to do to renew your service is go the company`s website and click on the Verify tab. Enter your information and click Submit. The company will check to make sure that you still qualify and the additional amount of service days for the year will be added on your phone. You should notice it on the Service Days display in the middle of the screen of your phone. I also want to tell you that a lot of things have been updated since I wrote the review. You can go the Safelink website and change plans on the phone.
gordon cardin says :

How can I turn off the voice mail, I don`t want it to take messages because people leave long messages. I can always call them back
Simply_Fabulous replies :

To be honest, I don`t really have an answer to your question. You could always delete the messages in your voicemail before you check them or you could just go by your missed calls and ignore your voicemail Another option is changing your voice message to state that you would prefer for callers to leave a brief message and you will return the call. I would definitely try contacting Safelink since they should be able to tell you how to fix your problem.
tanya powers says :

I won an AT T pantech reveal cell phone and was wondering if I can use this phone with the safe link program I am enrolled in?
Simply_Fabulous replies :

Hello, I do not think that is possible. I think the only option for you to do is activate the phone with ATT under a prepaid or contact type of service. You could try contacting Safelink, but I believe that the only type of phones that will work are the ones that they provide.
Darling Violetta says :

Safelink cellular services only service the phones that they provide. These phones are typically old, basic model Motorola candy bars that are not equipped with keyboards, Android, or WiFi capability.

They are hard-wired… sorry.
Stephanie says :

I don`t have any more minutes on my phone, but I keep receiving calls and messages. How can I get my messages off my phone from another phone.
Simply_Fabulous replies :

I believe that the only way you will be able to get your messages is for you to add more money to your phone. I wish I could give you a better answer.
Dee says :

Just call your safelink wireless phone number from ANOTHER telephone. When the answering machine of your safelink wireless cell phone comes on press the star (*) key, then enter your secret code (or go back and set a secret code) and you can listen to your messages.
David says :

I faxed akk needed info and it says on my account: verified pending shipment wgat does this mean??
Also, have read some ver bad reviews for safelink that I pray are not true.
Sophie S says :

If your status says, Verified Pending Shipment this means that you have been verified and approved and that the shipment of your phone is pending. It takes some time to get the phones ready for shipment and delivered. Keep checking your status update to determine when it will be shipped out to you.
Darling Violetta says :

Most people that give Safelink bad reviews are simply people who want the best of the best for free. Safelink’s purpose is not to provide frills and thrills, but rather to provide those in need with basic cellular phone service to assist them in emergencies and for employment-seeking purposes and other necessities.
Clyde Lyman says :

I have only 3 problems. I have a severe vidual defect this means

1. I cannot read much of the users’s guide. Is there a large-type or PDF version

2. Reading the screen is next to impossible as most of the meterial is much too small

3. If I could read the written material then I could probably find this out. There appears to be no way to control the volume and it is too soft to hear in places where there is the slightest bit of noise, like stores or bus terminals and can only be used in quite areas

Otherwise, this is a boon
Violet says :

Chances are there are no large print versions of the manual on paper, the manuals for many different types of cellular phones are in PDF version online, meaning that they can be enlarged. You can try searching for one online by entering the name and model of the phone into Google.

While you are right that there are usually no volume control functions for the talk function on SafeLink phones, these phones were not provided freely to be toted around everywhere. They were intended primarily to offer those who normally could not afford a phone service the ability to have one in order to dial for help during emergencies as well as to be able to make appointments and have a way in which employers could phone them - that sort of thing.
linda mckoy says :

I had no trouble in getting my free 250 minutes a month government phone but when I did not get my phone recertified when it was time I have been given the run a rounds every since that particular time each and every worker gives me a different answer even though I have sent four awards letters from the social security office as proof that I still do qualify just like before all they have got to do is give my minutes back but they just continue to give me the run a rounds just as if I have lied to get my minutes put back on my phone if I had known my minutes was not going to be returned to as promised when I faxed them my vital personal information especially with ID theft fraud and scams being on the UNGODLY rise higher then high I never would have sent to them my personal four times with me sending what they required and requested my minutes should be restored A S A P as it is not fair to deprive me of what the Lord blessed me to qualify for even though a phone is a material and naked I came and naked I leave still right is right especially when proof is given thank you for blessing me to leave my comment from THE WOMAN OF GODS WHO JUST WANT TO SEE WHAT IS RIGHT BE DONE
Darling Violetta says :

It’s really strange that you are having so many issues. I have not once had to send in a physical verification of income to recertify. I have only had to fill out the form online, submit it, and smooth sailing.

Safelink is a government program that requests employment and/or income and indentification verification. If you do not like the requirements, don’t sign up for the program.

God and religion have NOTHING to do with the failure of a customer service rep to give you anything.
Sarah says :

The whole entire concept of this free phone provided to low income households is in itself a very wonderful plus. However, the times are in fact changing quickly every single day, with that being said I do believe that the analog phone(s) that SafeLink offers us low income families is completely out of date. With the funding that our government receives to help with our poverty level my opinion is that in order for anyone in these times to get a good paying job, we absolutely need something that allows us to take pictures to upload to certain agencies who insist on more information. Personally I’m not able to just rush to wherever I may have put in my resume and provide them with more documents that the employer may need ASAP. So to have the ability to send and receive E-mails is essential in these days and times. Everyone wants to email, so even access to the Internet is also something that needs to be thought about too in the near future. I mean just because we are low income doesn’t mean we should be handed the bottom of the barrel in choices of phones. Some of the people on here may be content with the analog phones you get, but I’ve invested time and research into the amounts of funding goes towards helping low income people. I mean isn’t it hard enough to find a job, let alone using a phone that doesn’t even have volume control. Maybe all of the people who are content with their current free phone already have another phone they can access, but how about the people who’s only means of any type of phone is this refurbished garbage that barely works half of the time.
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