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  • I decided to just take plenty of water that night because I remembered how I neglected my taking water for the last three days
  • Sambong Re-Leaf Forte healed me and since then I’ve been advising my friends who suffered the same problem to take this too

    • by ladyli

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      Sambong Forte is a very effective medicine in treating Urinary Tract Infection at early stage. I myself have used this medicine and I am glad I need not resort to antibiotics to heal my Urinary Tract Infection.

      How did I discover this medicine. Well, it was actually my husband who first used this. My husband was prescribed by their company doctor to take Sambong Forte after he complained about low back pain and difficulty in urinating. After a week of taking Sambong Forte he felt significant ease and within two weeks he felt completely well.

      One time too, I also suffered urinary tract infection. I was then having a very busy week. I was so loaded with computer jobs that I even neglected taking enough water. I could not even stand up in front of my computer to take

      water. It was straight three days of less water consumption actually. Then at night I even took a can of coke while inside a bus. I was on my way home from office when suddenly I felt the urge to drink. But I was inside a running bus and I had nowhere to get water. Then suddenly a bus vendor went up our running bus and from him I was able to buy a can of coke. Even if I am not really fond of cola drinks, I had no choice but buy and drink to quench my thirst. When I arrived home, I felt the urge to pass water but when I went to the comfort room to fulfill this urge. I was having problem in passing water. Very little urine came out of me and ...

      • it was not a comfortable feeling indeed. I was so worried and I immediately asked my husband’s help. He asked me if I want to see the doctor but I refused. I decided to just take plenty of water that night because I remembered how I neglected my taking water for the last three days. However, this did not help me. The whole night, I would go to the comfort room to urinate but my urine could not fully pass out. It was somewhat painful but still manageable. My husband would not know what to do. Then, suddenly he said it could be urinary tract infection. In the morning he brought me to the doctor and I was required to take urine test. The laboratory test showed I was having Urinary Tract Infection indeed. The doctor prescribed
        antibiotic for me and pain reliever too. However, my husband remembered Sambong RE-Leaf Forte and asked the doctor if I could take this instead. The doctor agreed and changed the prescription but he told me to take antibiotic if I will feel no better in a day or two So, I took this medicine 4 times a day and also plenty of water. In two days I felt significant relief. I was given 5 days Sambong medication. After 5 days medication, I was feeling completely well but still I went back to the doctor for another urine test as he instructed. Well, my urine test was already negative of infection. There was no need to take antibiotic anymore. Sambong Re-Leaf Forte healed me and since then I’ve been advising my friends who suffered the same problem to take this too.

    RYE says :

    after nearly 3 days of taking sambong forte, my kidney stone which is already in the urethra which is evident in the ultrasound around 3 months ago measuring 1.7cm pass through during my urination, ty so much for this medicine i think im fine now )at first im skeptical about this drug , but when i asked my friend who is also a doctor he said i can take it 3 x a day ) .. wow it really works ,, thanks GOD )
    mgn says :

    Did you take releaf forte 500 two capsule each three times a day?
    bernard says :

    how about gallstone?can it also desolve using sambong releif forte?
    ladyli replies :

    I can’t really tell. I have not also heard of anyone who have such kind of success story.
    Galega says :

    No, Sambong isn’t intended for the treatment of Gallstone. It is an anti-urolithiasis (and diuretic) medicine. You should rather consult a doctor to get a suitable prescription for your gallstone problem.
    Jong baquirab says :

    You can try pure apple juice or eat them for 5-days. It can help to get rid of gallstones.
    Galega says :

    Having apple or apple juice for 5 days CAN NOT cure gallstones. I would strongly suggest to speak to a physician and follow the prescription rather than self medicating in such a medical condition.
    liezrl says :

    I had my kidney stones before but it flush out,it is safe to have a maintenance a sambong re forte?to avoid again kidney stone?it is safe for the kidney?
    Galega says :

    I would suggest you to consult a physician about this. Since there is no more kidney stone, you may not need any medicine to prevent future recurrence. Your doctor may prescribe some medicine for short duration, though. Apart from that, you will need to take some advise about daily diets to avoid this problem in future. Sambong Re-Leaf may not work as a preventive medicine.
    Meneriza Pascual says :

    Hi, my RBC- 6-10, while WBC is 2-5, it is ok to take sambong forte?
    Galega says :

    I don’t see any problem in taking Sambong Re Leaf with this blood reports. You can take it. Consult doctor and discuss about the possibility of taking this medicine depending on your medical condition.
    ladyli replies :

    I do not know what your Blood report actually states. Nevertheless, if you are suffering hypertension, this will help. I have no proven fact to state whether it heals anemia. Also be reminded that it is proven that Sambong forte will treat kidney stones, wounds and cuts, rheumatism, anti-diarrhea, anti spasms, colds and coughs

    If you are suffering from any of these, you may take this without any fear of bad side effect unless you are allergic to ragweed plant and its relatives. If not, then this is generally safe.
    pitz gerald says :

    i have ureter stone.. .8 cm…is it possible that my ureter stone will move out or it goes with my urine… or dissolved by the sambong forte.. i took 3 x a day forte… also with tamsulusin..400 mcg..thank you
    Galega says :

    It can help you to get rid of ureteric stone. Hope you are taking it on the prescription of your doctor. And, you should keep in touch with your doctor throughout the treatment.
    Rogin says :

    Is it safe to intake sambung for a person who has high uric acid or acidic?tnx Godbless
    Galega says :

    In this case, you can take it only after consulting a physician. Your doctor may prescribe it depending on the exact status of your medical reports.
    gina says :

    In treatment of kidney stone 2.4 cm How long it takes?
    Galega says :

    The time varies and will depend on many other factors, apart from the size of the kidney stone. Your doctor may give you some rough estimate about the possible time depending on your medical reports. In any case, you are supposed to take Sambong Re-Leaf only on the prescription of your doctor. Kidney Stone should never be self medicated.
    Joy says :

    3 days ago i feel burning sensation after i pee. Then i drink lots of water and sambong re-leaf forte. After a day, after i pee i feel ichy then there s a blood (little) after I pee. The blood sometimes disappear then recently on the fourth day afternoon everytime i pee there s a blood (little). I dont feel any hurt at my back or front but still i continue to drink lots of water and sambong. I have not yet went to doctor but i have a plan to go. Is this consider as UTI?
    Galega says :

    There seems to be something serious about your condition. You have blood in urine at more than one occasion. It is not just UTI. I would strongly suggest you to immediately consult a physician and go for diagnostic tests.
    Richmond says :

    how do we know that there is a blood in the urine? what will the urine look like? I am just curious.. pls help. I also have .7mm and .4mm kidney non obstructing stones on my left kidney. I am taking sodium bicarb and potassium citrate since june 2018 and my doctor adv me to take those meds up until Nov 2018. but as I searched thru further ways to heal kidney stones, I found out online that sambong tea and tablet are good for flushing out kidney stones, thus I am taking them everyday apart from my prescribe meds. hopefully the stones will be remove sooner. am I just doing right Doctor? thanks for your reply. God bless you too.
    Galega says :

    Little bit of brown urine will be a sign of blood in urine (if blood is emanating in minute quantity). If large quantity of blood is coming out, you will instantly notice that.

    Your doctor will go for urine culture test to ascertain any problem. I would suggest you to do the same and speak to a urologist.
    Aura Marie says :

    Can sambong be taken together with potassium citrate?
    Galega says :

    I think your doctor has advised you to take Pottassium Citrate. And, you want to take Sambong Releaf to quicken the recovery.

    If this is the case, then stick with the suggestion of your doctor.

    I drink coffee everyday and water less than the daily required 8 glasses. I have difficulty in urinating so my doctor prescribed Terazosin 2mg and a week of antiobiotic. Can I just take RE-LEAF Forte instead which have the same 500mg? Thanks
    Galega says :

    You should rather stick with the prescription of your doctor. There is no point of taking a medicine on your own when you are already under medical supervision.
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