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  • This product is recommended for many doctors but I don’t recommend it

    • by myworkforcecdp


      I have used this product for a long time and I don’t see any changes in my skin, sometimes I see it like it’s glowing but it may be just my imagination. This product is recommended for many doctors but I don’t recommend it.

      Its active ingredient is glutathione that

      is an anti-oxidant it is used also as a supplement for cancer treatment, liver disease, anti aging, but there is very little evidence that taking these whitening capsules will provide benefits on any condition.

      It’s said that they are good for the skin and the face pimples, any of that happen to me.

      They are hard to swallow, not easy on the flavor.

      I have been using them for almost five months and nothing at all change on my skin.

      I might have to wait a little bit longer for them to act on my skin.

      These whitening capsules are ...

      • Metathione whitening capsules
      a total failure.

      Also I have some secondary effect like, stomachache, some skin rush and discoloration in some areas.

      It’s a product that needs to be banned if it were possible.

      Please don’t try it as it may cause serious health issues in you or someone you love.

      This product

      is not good for me.

      My cousin it’s taking this whitening capsules too, and he told me he is feeling tired and has visual issues as well as intestine problems and all that after he started taking the whitening capsule.

      If u starts taking this whitening capsules please consult you doctor before start taking them because this product it’s not good.

ATO says :

ive used metathione before. and it did work for me. my complexion lightened and my skin is clearer. i stoppped using them then i my skin went dark. so now im back on it again. and yes you do get tummy aches. just like i do. but my friends says you need to drink more water. maybe youve reached youre most fair complexion your skin can get thats why you cant see any difference.
myworkforcecdp replies :

Though I am not most complexioned as on usage date, i did not find any use in using that.
ADS says :

you look like indian…. maybe its already on your genes. sometimes all you have to do is to accept it. peace
merra veitch says :

Yes its true You are indian Why would yoi expect a result??
I am using met for almost 3weeks. And yes it did the job.
Galega says :

Let us please keep talk bordering race aside. We all are free to express our opinion on ReviewStream platform. All opinions matter and given great value by the admin.

India has become a very big market for whitening products. There are lots of Glutathione based supplements available in the market. Apart from genetic issue, you are rightly referring to, some melanin concern is there. A good whitening product can work on containing melanin. Whether it is MET or other, it is not going to work with every user. That is also true.
Queen says :

The medicine changed and this old trial is not correct now
richelle says :

hi. im taking thyroxin it okay to take met ?
Galega says :

I would suggest you to first wait for your thyroid or TSH level coming into the normal and acceptable range. If it is within range, then you can start taking MET.
reina says :

hi. is it okay if i don’t drink vitamin c along with met because i just use met only?
Galega says :

There won’t be any problem. However, it is always recommended to take a Vitamin C capsule while taking MET. It will help in better absorption and hence better result.
Marj says :

Hi. I am interested to start using Met, but may I know how is it become more effective to it to take 2 capsule in one dose or same time or 1 cap. in the morning and 1 cap. in the evening? And is there any distribution outlet you can recommend where I can buy at a cheaper price? Thanks.
Galega says :

You can take it in any way that is convenient to you. Timing doesn’t make any difference. Keep an eye on any side effects. Ensure to take one capsule of Vitamin C supplement of your choice daily.
Marj says :

Thank you..I had just started taking MET.. Hope to expect everything positive..
quick note by anonymous :

if u are goin to take this pills u need to have a vit c. so that the absorption is fast. I dont take this pills bec I have already a fair skin…Im scared if i take this it may go into opposite result.
Galega says :

If you are already fair, there is no need for using Metathione. Making skin fairer is its main job. Further, MET won’t convert your fair facial skin into reverse. That won’t happen, rest assured.

Taking 500 mg of Vitamin C daily while going ahead of Metathione is recommended. It won’t make the absorption fast, as you say. But, it is definitely something users should do.
vida says :

i dont think this logic applies … its like saying I am not thirsty, and am afraid, if I drink water, I might feel thirsty. The medication is formulated to do a job, it does not a have a mind of its own, to do otherwise.
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