Motions Professional Hair Relaxer
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  • As nice as it is to have flowy, straight locks, it also has a high cost
  • I noticed more split ends during the three month period of time where I was using Motions Relaxer than at any other time using other brands of relaxer

    • by Intensify

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      Ask any woman who gets her hair chemically relaxed on a monthly basis the one thing she wishes she could change about the product she uses and the answer will most likely be the damage they cause to hair. As nice as it is to have flowy, straight locks, it also has a high cost. I have had all kinds of horror stories about women basically losing large amounts of hair after using relaxers with such strong chemicals. I have been getting my

      hair relaxes for nine years, so I have tried just about every perm out there and I can honestly say that I am not a fan of Motions Professional Relaxers.

      Motions Hair Relaxer is extremely harsh for the hair. I have thick hair and using Motions just twice really thinned out my hair in a way that I just did not like at all. I do not know what chemicals Motions uses in their relaxers in comparison to other similar products, but whatever they do use is just not conducive to having and maintaining healthy straight hair. I noticed more split ends during the three month period of time where I was using Motions Relaxer than at any other time using other brands of relaxer. It also became dry and brittle even after I tried moisturizing treatments and deep conditioners. Thinner, drier, more brittle hair with more split ends is not what I wanted from a relaxer. I wanted smoother, healthier hair.

      The other terrible thing about ...

      • Motions Professional Hair Relaxer
      Motions is that it burns like no other. I have a high tolerance for pain, but using this relaxer really made me second guess whether relaxing my hair was even worth it. I almost cried for the pain. I understand that using any chemical on your hair is not going to be a walk in the park, but this one really did not sit well with me at all.

      A good relaxer should be one that does not damage your hair at all. Otherwise,

      who would go through the trouble of going through that process once every few weeks? It just would not make much sense! Even though it has chemicals in it that are altering the way your hair is naturally, a relaxer is meant to help your hair become more manageable. Motions Relaxer is not the type of relaxer that will be kind to your hair at all and I would not purchase this again. It is a complete waste of money, time, and effort.

soulglo says :

Beauty salons always praise Motions relaxer. The first time my daughters long beautiful hair started breaking off I didn’t take her back to that salon. It took a long time for me to get her hair back long and healthy again. I was hesitant about letting another salon stylest touch her head but my daughter wanted something different, so I took my chances and went to the salon. Her hair looked good and she was happy, but later on we noticed breakage, and I remembered they used Motions relaxer in her hair.I did her hair myself ever since then. Just this past June before school started summer break, my daughter called me on the phone to tell me she had been chosen by the cosmetology class, to get her hair done for free, and as excited as she was I said yes. She came home and her hair looked better than it had ever looked before. Then she told me that the cosmetology teacher told her to only use Motions on her hair. A few days letter, her beautiful hair that I had faught so hard to keep healthy started to break off like it did several times before, and each time Motions had been used on her hair. It’s ashame it took this long to figure out that the Motions relaxer was the cause.
brittle hair - says :

it left my hair reallllyyy dry and brittle…. jus after using it for 2months i’d realize.. when i was using soft n beautiful i never had that problem.. motions hair relaxer A NO NO Turned my hair brittle, dry, it caused breakage, anddddd it dropped.. -(
Heather Brighton says :

I used Motions 3 months a go. So far, I have had to get 4 inches cut off of my hair to match the 4 inches of breakage that this product caused. That was 4 weeks ago and my my was cut evenly. There is, already, another patch that is 2 inches shorter due to breakage
nita says :

My sister suffered the same fate not too long after using motions too. She went on to using Africa’s best, relaxers that have Organic ingredients. She began using it on her daughter that was experiencing breakage from her last motions relaxers too. They both have carpet like texture hair that was strong. After motions they could bare comb through it out a few strands coming out. Motion uses stronger chemicals in their formula. They use similar ones but are stronger. Optimum relaxer are gentler on the hair.
Jenna says :

I have been using regular hair relaxers for year. However, lately the product does not relax my hair. It seems as if they change the product or the texture of my hair has changed. My hair is still nappy and breaking off. Did the company change the overall product.
Adam says :

Well I guess I come from a unique or maybe not too much prespective as a guy lol I used the motions- regular relaxer not in the box the one in the jar pre-mixed.. well I will NEVER use it again it didn’t burn however it made my hair too straight I never relax my hair much but normally I used dark and lovely.. no probs.. but I got lazy I wanted to use something where I didn’t have that extra fuss of mixing the activator in it I have used other in jar pre-mixed no issues but motions for me is just too strong it made my hair so straight I cant get any volume or body from it… it dotn hold a curl neither much.. its limp and dry somewhat.
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