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  • Voyager that I like a little, but that is about it
  • I love the backdrop of the ocean, the sand and slightly rocky shoreline

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      “Inside Man” is a season seven episode of “Star Trek: Voyager” that I like a little, but that is about it. What I like about this episode is that two characters from “Star Trek: The Next Generation” appear: Lt. Barclay and Counselor Troi appear and deliver entertaining moments, especially while on the beach of a planet.

      There are moments of humor, like when Barclay surprises Troi in his “outfit” designed to “hide” him from dangerous foes that he thinks are out to get him so that they can acquire information on the holoprogram that he is working on and there are genuine heartfelt moments as Barclay begins to explain what he feels is his life unraveling after everything just started to go so right and well. I love the backdrop of the ocean, the sand and

      slightly rocky shoreline.

      It is so refreshing to see something like this on Star Trek, and it makes the show feel more real when, for once, the characters are not surrounded by props and blinking lights. Unfortunately, this is all that I like about this episode.

      The plot is absurd - some Ferengi intercept Lt. Barclay’s holoprogram that Starfleet is attempting to transmit to Voyager, reprogram it and attempt to lure Voyager into a trap that will hand them more wealth that they could ever dream of.

      First of all, the Ferengi presented in this episode seem so cartoon-like and silly that it is hard to imagine that any of them could possess the skill or ability to reprogram such a sophisticated program and manage to hack into the Starfleet satellite designed to transmit messages to ...

      • Voyager and then transmit that program to Voyager. The Ferengi just are not shown to be that technologically savvy in Star Trek for this to be believable.

        Then there is the “science” behind Voyager’s supposed “way” home. Open up a “rift” in this special type of stellar body in the Delta Quadrant and do the same in the Alpha Quadrant, and that somehow opens up a “corridor”? That does not make the slightest bit of sense to me.

        There must be more than two of these stellar bodies in the universe, and even if these two were the only two, it still makes no sense how using a special kind of tunneling beam at two stellar objects that are millions of lightyears apart is going to create a corridor that allows for instant transportation from one

        point to another. Then there is the fact that the Voyager crew falls for all this.

        Voyager is supposedly manned by intelligent individuals, and yet only at the very end does one of them, Seven of Nine, discover that the shield modifications will not be sufficient. Why was it not discovered earlier that the shield modifications would not be enough? The Voyager crew are required to hang their intelligence and training on the coatrack for an episode in order for the story to work, and I hate it when characters are dumbed down to make a story “work” because ultimately, that is when the story falls apart.

        There are a few scenes that work thanks to the characters from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, but ultimately, the episode is a waste of time and not at all satisfying.

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