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  • First of all, I know he is getting a meal that he enjoys
  • Beneful provides the best of both worlds, wonderful taste and hearty nutrition
  • This ensures that I'm happy and my dog is happy as well
  • Many dog foods cost a great deal of money but fail to provide any more nutrition than my dog gets from his Beneful
  • I highly recommend Beneful dog food to anyone who has a dog

    • by Valerie

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      When I purchased my Jack Russell Terrier at five months old, I started him on Beneful Dog Food and he has been eating and enjoying it ever since. Regardless of the fact that the part store I purchased my puppy at recommended Iams dog food, I chose Beneful for a myriad of reasons.

      Purina claims: “Beneful serves up a whole variety of superb formulas for the perfect balance of healthful ingredients, quality nutrition, and great taste. For your best friend, that means pure contentment.”

      The reason I chose Beneful for my puppy is because it contains truly wholesome ingredients. I have to admit the colorful packaging did catch my eye. Beneful is one of the only dog foods that contains such a balanced variety of nutrition. This dog food contains oatmeal, eggs, vegetables, meat and fish. Many dog foods simply contain meat for protein, but Beneful goes above and beyond to ensure that your dog is able to get his nutrition and protein from a variety of sources.

      The most important thing about choosing a dog food is determining whether or not your dog enjoys it. If the dog does not like the taste of the food, he or she will not eat it and it won’t matter how nutritious it is. My dog absolutely loves the taste of this food. Many dogs fail to enjoy their dog food and instead desire to be fed dog treats which are not nearly as healthy. This

      is the instance in the case of my mothers dog. He hated his dog food and refused to eat it. I gave him some of my dog’s Beneful and he absolutely loved it. He is now a Beneful eater for life.

      Since Beneful tastes so good I never have to worry about my dog getting the nutrition he needs and actually enjoying it. When I place his breakfast down in the morning he simply cannot wait to eat it. He gobbles it down as if it is a gourmet feast which makes me feel good for two reasons. First of all, I know he is getting a meal that he enjoys. Second of all, I know that Beneful is packed with nutritious protein so I know he is eating something that is good for him. Beneful provides the best of both worlds, wonderful taste and hearty nutrition. This ensures that I’m happy and my dog is happy as well.

      Beneful is wonderful because it comes in a variety of options. There is Beneful playful life which is designed for puppies 0-2 years of age. My dog has now graduated to the original Beneful designed for adult dogs. However, he also likes the Beneful “playful life” which is intended to make the dog more playful and active and basically provide the dog with more energy. Beneful even makes a low fat food called “healthy weight”. Therefore, regardless of your dogs age, breed, weight or ...

      • lifestyle there is a Beneful dog food perfect for him or her.

        Another great thing about Beneful is the fact that you do not have to sacrifice quality for price. Many dog foods cost a great deal of money but fail to provide any more nutrition than my dog gets from his Beneful. This is a dog food that is truly affordable. I am able to buy a three month supply for around twelve dollars at Wal Mart, a deal that simply cannot be beat.

        I love the fact that Beneful is packed with protein in the form of real beef as opposed to the cheap byproducts some other dog foods contain. This protein enables my dog to build strong muscles which he has. As a result of eating this food he has grown into a strong and healthy dog.

        Beneful also contains wholesome grains. Very few other dog foods include grains as an ingredient and these grains help give my dog extra energy. I honestly believe that the grains he gets from his Beneful dog food give him the endless amount of energy he has. It allows him to run and play for hours, making him a very happy dog.

        One of the most important ingredients contained in this food in my opinion is omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Very few other dog foods contain antioxidants and all of the recent research exhibits the benefits of antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent against free radical

        damage. I love the fact that Beneful contains this ingredient because it allows me to be confident that he will remain healthy. I attribute his wonderful health and energy to these antioxidants, a great addition to the dog food which I consider a revolution as far as dog foods go.

        Beneful also contains REAL vegetables which are obviously very healthy. It also contains a great deal of vitamins and minerals, making it a very healthy dog food.

        My Jack Russell has thrived on Beneful dog food. He has been eating it since he was a puppy and I truly believe the reason he has grown to be so strong, healthy and energetic is a result of this great food. He loves the taste and it makes me feel good that I am able to feed him something that he is able to enjoy while also feeling confident that I am giving him something healthy for him.

        I highly recommend Beneful dog food to anyone who has a dog. It contains all of the ingredients necessary for a happy healthy dog and based on the way ny dog gobbles it down I know it must taste wonderful. Not to mention the fact that you cannot beat the price. Don’t waste your money on more expensive dog foods or prescription dog foods that you’re vet might try to sell you. Beneful is an excellent food at an excellent price that will make your dog strong and healthy.

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