McDonald’s Restaurant at Cambie Road and Shell Road in Richmond, Canada
10700 Cambie Road, Richmond, British Columbia, telephone number 604-718-1023

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      I decided to come here for lunch on December 24, 2009, after we were told at work that we could leave at the stroke of twelve lunchtime. I looked forward to this lunch because I was so excited about watching the movie Avatar after work, and I knew I could plan my itinerary out in greater detail over lunch.

      I ordered my favorite, the Big Mac combo, which I’ve always known to be combo number 1, only this time I decided to substitute the Coke with a large orange juice.

      The McDonald’s founder must be laughing in his grave, because a medium Coke is $1.79, while a large orange juice is $2.39. Of course, he wants me to pay more!

      I gather that McDonald’s, or good old Micky D’s is getting a lot of money from its juice beverage sales. Well, business is business. Me, I could only enjoy the Big Mac that’s been laid out for me on a tray by a rather friendly looking Micky D’s crew.

      My total order cost me $7.02. The same combo, with just Coke for a drink, would have been only $6.39. But then, this isn’t

      much of a difference, unless you accounted for the millions of Micky D’s customers worldwide who would have ordered the same thing I ordered on the lunch before Christmas eve.

      I have to say I rather enjoyed my meal and my visit. This McDonald’s is clean, and I noticed again, didn’t have too many people coming, lunchtime and all. I only saw three customers, myself included, during my whole stay. Of course, my accounting is based on the dine in, as I have no idea how much drive in business this McDonald’s franchise generates.

      But secretly, don’t you just love it when McDonald’s isn’t full, when it feels like you can have the entire place to yourself? I do sense, however, that the size of the Big Mac seems to be shrinking. Honestly, this time, it came and went more quickly. And usually, I had to hold the Big Mac with both hands, and to my surprise, I didn’t even have to do this today?

      Was I just too hungry, or what? One thing for sure, the toilet of this McDonald’s really clean. It is really small, having only one urinal ...

      • and one enclosed toilet, but to me it will do, unless of course this place got more busy.

        And this is what I often wondered about. The hand soap that the dispenser spits out, is a very strong, especially on the scent side, kind of soap. I had to put my hands under the water for about four minutes before I managed to wash away all the soap. I think this is the same hand soap they use in all McDonald’s.

        Another thing I didn’t like was the proximity of the serviette counter with the trash box, and you’d be surprised, this McDonald’s has only one trash bin! So what that means is if you sat all the way to the other end, like I did, you would feel that it was too much chore to take the tray all the way back after you were done.

        Maybe this is the reason why some people don’t even bother to throw their food trash anymore! And putting the serviette and the trash bin together, this to me is a big no, no. I know that that trash bin closes automatically, it

        even says “closing” or “opening”, but it’s still beside the serviette stand which holds the ketchup dispenser, etc.

        Still, I would recommend this McDonald’s to my friends. No McDonald’s is perfect, but it’s good enough. I guess the people who work in this place more than make up for the shortcomings. I knew in a snap that the crew here is not very good to their newbies, but I guess in time they’ll fit in just as well.

        For example, I heard a female crew member tell the new guy who was serving me that the juice machine wasn’t working. Luckily, he could think on his feet and right after he said “it’s working” my OJ arrived. Which is kind of like “shame on you female crew member, whoever you are, you may have been working here before me, but I know my stuff.” Hats off to my food server! I know you’re new, but you know how to stand your ground, and not to allow any long-staying crew to bully you around. Having worked many times in a fast-food environment, I know that this happens a lot!

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