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  • The cigar, I wish to consider at the moment, is, unusually, Swiss

    • by Andrew HN Gray

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      “ A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke,” wrote Rudyard Kipling. Clearly, he knew his cigars, though one wonders about whether he knew women! However, this does raise the question of what constitutes a good cigar. The archetype, of course, is the Cuban Havana cigar, supposedly rolled on the soft, inside of Cuban beauties’ thighs; a fantasy which probably endeared them to many men in an age of buttoned-up sexuality. It didn’t explain the taste of Cuban cigars, which are quite distinctive. Of course, to many non-aficionados, a cigar is a ghastly, smelly object of revulsion. In the health lobby, the cigar smoker was seen as a lesser evil than the cigarette smoke. To some he (most cigar smokers are men) probably still is. Cigar smokers are less likely to have the ‘packet habit’ than cigarette smokers. They last longer, for one thing and many cigar smokers do not inhale, so I am told.

      The range of cigars available on the market currently is quite extensive. At one end,

      there are the kings of them all, the Havanas. At the foot, perhaps some of the rather more dubious kinds obtainable overseas from small tabacs selling what tastes like the sweepings of the tobacco factory floor. From the accounts I have heard from people who have worked in such places, they may well be right.

      Naturally, there are always many products from many nations that can claim pride of place in their specific market. In whisky, for example, Scotch is highly regarded, despite competition from other countries’ own whisky and whiskey products. In cigars, the Cubans may well lead the pack, but many others are in the field too, most notably the Dutch.

      The cigar, I wish to consider at the moment, is, unusually, Swiss. Notable for their invention of the cuckoo clock and almost nothing else, according to Harry Lime in the film, ‘The Third Man’, the Swiss have a taste for the good life. They have had no wars for almost two centuries and have made money from everyone else’s money during all that ...

      • time. We acknowledge their chocolate as being excellent, just as their beautiful country offers the rest of Europe an example of clean living to a high standard. Thus, as a Swiss product, we can expect the Villiger cigar (pronounced, ‘Fillicher’, with the ‘ch’ sound as in Scots ‘loch’) to be of good quality manufacture. Indeed, the Swiss do not disappoint. They use a proportion of Cuban tobacco in these cigars, but, otherwise, it is quite different from the larger Cuban variety.

        It is fair to say that a cigar is designed for a particular market. Cuban cigars are for specialists with deep pockets. They last long, are aromatic and long-lasting. Of the Villiger, it is fair to say that it is pungent, giving off a good quantity of smoke. It is not the cigar for the secret smoker to try. He would be detected in a moment. No. It is a cigar for one who enjoys a good quality product which will:

        1) give a long smoking experience; 2) give a good, rich taste of tobacco;

        /> 3) retain a tight wrap; 4) burn out quickly if left unsmoked in the ashtray for any time; 5) offer good value for money.

        These individual points highlight the points which characterise the Villiger. It is a square-shaped cigar in cross-section. It is about four or five inches in length and should give a good half-an-hour of smoking, if not puffed at in an exaggerated manner. It is mild to smoke, but rich to taste, though it must be emphasised that it is not a Cuban cigar and it would not be mistaken for one. Nonetheless, it is a satisfying smoke which does not unwrap itself as some other, popular cigars do. One does not end up with small amounts of tobacco spilling out as also happens with other, thinner, cheaper cigars and it can be left in the reasonable expectation that it will still be in pretty much the same state if you walk away and leave it in the ashtray. It is a good value cigar, giving flavour, solidity of manufacture and good value for money.

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