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3346 U.S. 301, Hamer, SC (right off 95 between NC and SC)
  • The best part of that is, we didnt notice this until we were actually in the water
  • Knowing what I know about Pedro Land though, I wouldnt risk my life on any of those rides
  • Pedro Land holds a very special place in my heart because of the time I spent there with my future wife and of course, I LOVE cheese

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      If anyone of you has EVER driven north or south on I-95, 20 miles from the stateline between North Carolina and South Carolina… you have seen the signs. If any of you havent, I am sure you have seen the bumper stickers.

      “SOUTH OF THE BORDER”, or what me and my better half effectionately refer to as Pedro Land. Pedro is actually the name of the latin gentleman in the sumbrero that they use as a mascot and he covers the place.

      I spent several months training in the great state of Georgia and Pedro happened to occupy space that was almost halfway between where I was and where my better half was. Needless to say, we spent every other weekend in room 116 (honeymoon suite) for those three months.

      If you are a fan of the worlds largest ball of twine, or foamhenge, or places that one can only describe as “cheesy”, this is right up your alley. If you fear things that go bump in the night, less than spotless cleaning, or the movie vacancy… dont even disengage your cruise control at exit 1.

      First I will say that I bet in its hay day (70’s maybe), this was probably the next best thing to Disney World. There is an arcade, what looks like an amusement park, pools, and signs that refer to miniature golf (though we have never found it). Thirty years later, not so much.

      Rumor has it

      that the real Pedro (actually a white guy) started off with just a beer stand and built it up to what it became. The story goes that after he passed away, his wife and children have had an ongoing dispute over who gets the place and have refused to put any money back into it and it really shows.

      The pool is under a dome that creaks and moans like it is about to give up any second now. The room is very erie because of the noise and you just imagine that glass or plastic roof caving in. The pool itself has cracked and missing tiles as well as stuff swimming around in it, chasing even smaller stuff swimming around. The best part of that is, we didnt notice this until we were actually in the water.

      Next to the pool is one of the most beautiful wooden bars i have ever seen. It, of course, is not used but that is probably for the best judging by the decades of dry rot, mold, and disrepair. That bar is a perfect symbol of the whole place.

      The amusement park, well we never actually saw it open but the time we spent there was between December and February. Knowing what I know about Pedro Land though, I wouldnt risk my life on any of those rides.

      The arcade… well lets just say that I am a big video game geek and for ...

      • the first time in my life, I ran out of fun before I ran out of quarters. Most games were out of order, or not working just enough to make the game not fun. Skee-ball sucks with only two balls and a crack just before the ramp sending the balls god knows where… now that I think about it, thats probably why there was only two left.

        There are gift shops galore (selling those darn bumper stickers), but be advised, if you go into one… you have been in them all. They all sell the same worthless junk.

        The restaurants werent that great… all except for one, so we will talk about that one in a second. The Sumbrero diner is about like a Dennys with half the menu. The food was edible if your staying there and dont feel like driving the three blocks to the waffle house, but thats about it. The Hot Tamale is basically like eating at a booth in a carnival. Tacos and corndogs and such, which arent that bad, but you wont want to eat them every day. There was one other place, but it was always closed so we never ate there. Many of our meals came from the Pizza Hut delivery up 301 in Dillon.

        One bright spot on the compound was the steak place called The Peddler. If you can get past the sombrero shaped building (think a mexican version of the

        famous Brown Derby), it has good food. We made it a point to eat there atleast once every visit. Many locals go there to eat and it is a place that I would get off of 95 to eat at, even if I wasnt staying with Pedro.

        The rooms were on the same level as every other no name, park right outside your door, motels that you have been too. Many room are closed for renivation (which the staff tells us means that they have been closed for years, with no work actually being done). Room 116 was our room, the honeymoon suite, but really the only difference between it and the others is the mirrored head board over the bed and the bright red carpet (cheese alert). Old pictures show that the bed used to have a sumbrero over it, but now it is just pink. 116 is the last honeymoon suite as the rest have died the renivation death. The staff also tell us that there are rooms with hot tubs in them (their biggest money makers back in the day), but none of them are open now. Real shame.

        Pedro Land holds a very special place in my heart because of the time I spent there with my future wife and of course, I LOVE cheese… but buyer beware. It wont kill you to go there once in your life, well maybe IF you go into the pool.

    Patricia says :

    Who owns Pedro`s South of the Border. I would like to purchase one of their hot tubs, but no one can help me. I heard that they were closing down the rooms. My husband and I would vacationed there on our anniversary each year. Now we can no longer as they are closed. We loved the hot tub and would like to own one for our home. Please let me know as to where we can purchase this tub. Sincerely, Patricia
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