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  • But I am so happy that she loves to drink this Chuckei drink from nestle
  • It’s a combination of milk and choco that makes her taste so delightful

    • by Reigne

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      This is the choco drink that my daughter love the most. She hardly drink milk actually that is why I am so worried in her.

      But I am so happy that she loves to drink this Chuckei drink from nestle.

      It’s a combination of milk and choco that makes her taste

      so delightful.

      At first actually she hardly get done with one because she is still analyzing the taste maybe.

      But as she get along with it and get used to it she is asking for more then.

      In one day I let her drink twice in the morning and in the ...

      • afternoon.

        She loves to bring one at school.

        At least with this choco drink I am assured that she can get the kind of vitamins and minerals in a milk.

        As she grows healthy and nourished.

        I am so satisfied with taste and all the nutrients of this drink.


        gives me assurance as a mom that mu kid is drinking the right kind of liquid that is good for her health.

        Same nutrients she gets of drinking milk because she hardly can drink a glass of milk because she doesnt want to.

        Me and my husband really thankful for this.

    LYDIA L. GAYUD says :

    My 4 years old daughter loves to drink the chuckie choco milk and consume 4-5 packs of 250 ml a day . she did not drink any milk since she turns 4 last Feb 21, 2010. Is this good substitute to milk or how many packs 250 ml you recommend per day for my 4 years old baby girl. need your help
    DocOc says :

    i’d recommend your daughter to drink on 2 packs of 250 ml a day, because of the sugar it contains, it may cause your child to have tonsilitis, well.. you can also give her 3 packs if she doesn’t drink for 2 days or so, and thats my opinion.
    Galega says :

    No doctor will recommend a kid to drink four packs of this choco drink on a single day. That you are allowing this for prolong duration is something serious. I think one pack a day will be sufficient. You should ask her to drink milk or other substitutes.
    Honeylet Aquino says :

    May 22 months old baby didnt drink any milk formula ,whenever i try to give her milk she just throw up as if she doesnt like it, starting like this when she change her milk formula when she was 1 year old, i bought many milk products to try on unfortunately she doesnt like it at all.. She’s a picky-eater though.., so i try CHUCKIE CHOCO MILK, , she drinks 4-5 120 ml pack every day.. Is this good for her?? Please i need some healthy tips for nutritionist or health care provider knows about it..
    Carmie Kane says :

    Hi there,

    Chuckie can’t be a substitute for a regular milk for babies. It is best to give her a milk drink that has all the allowed nutrients that she needs.
    Jai says :

    Hi Sorry but I have to disagree with you. Per the World Health Organization and UNICEF, babies beyond 1 yr old doesn’t need milk that is not a breastmilk. They need nutrients from solid food, not formula milk.
    Although, Chuckie is not a substitute for breastmilk, and not supposed to be consumed everyday by toddlers.
    Jai says :

    It’s okay for her to not drink any formula milk as she already is beyond one year old, unlike breastmilk that can be consumed until the baby is older. Formula milk is for toddlers also known as growing-up milk (the ones with “1-3″ “3 ” names) are not required and actually not recommended by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. However, Chuckie is not meant as a substitute nutrient-source. Maybe limit it to once to twice a week. Children beyond 1 yr old is encouraged to eat solid foods, and be that a source for nutrients.
    Galega says :

    The quantity you are giving is way higher than what is recommended. I would suggest you to speak to your pedia and see what she prescribes. Further, if your baby is not drinking a formula milk, than that’s not something to worry about. Give her plain milk and introduce solid foods.
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