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  • Nicole feels happy, but she learns that Tess doesn’t like Stuart

    • by Fifi Leigh

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      Flannel Pajamas is an independent film about the ups and downs of a couple’s relationship as they struggle to make it work. The couple first meets at a diner, on a blind date. The man’s brother is sitting at the next table, chatting with others. The couple clicks together, right away, and the camera focuses on them while the other couple with them starts to blur in the background. They share a lot of information about each other at the diner, which includes their hopes, dreams and differences, as they get to know each other better. They like each other, anyway, and they immediately jump into the relationship, although they both realize each others’ differences. As the man, Stuart Sawyer, romances the woman, Nicole Reilly, it seems like a typical boy meets girl romance. They are in love and inseparable. They enjoy a picnic at park, and he sends her a romantic card afterward.

      They spend holidays with family and friends, getting to know each others’ families. They check out each others’ apartments. His place is modern and professional, while her place is very small and simple. When she invites him to her place is when she shows him her flannel pajamas that she never wears and tells him the story behind her flannel pajamas. They get deeper in their relationship and he asks her to move in with

      him. He pays for her student loans and supports her aspirations. She invites him to her mother’s house for Christmas, and he agrees to go only if she invites his brother as well. As their relationship grows, she gains more confidence and gets herself fired from her job that she hates so much in order to spend more time with the man she loves and pursue her passions.

      While in bed together, he notices a scar on her butt and he asks her about it. She doesn’t want to talk about it because of her painful past. Stuart and Jordan meet the family, and they learn more about Nicole and her crazy family. Stuart even learns more about her scar from her mother and sister. Her family “…toasts to human endurance…” is another clue about her family’s sufferings. He proposes to her because he feels that she really needs him. He loves her and wants to protect her. They talk about having kids together some day.

      But, she wants to keep her name. They prepare for the wedding. Nicole feels happy, but she learns that Tess doesn’t like Stuart. Nicole knows that Stuart can’t stand Tess either. But the wedding goes smoothly, and everyone is happy for the bride and groom. As they drive back home, they have their first argument. Tension starts in the beginning of ...

      • their marriage together. But they try to work it out.

        He helps her start her own business at home. They argue over small things, such as when she wants him to go on an errand for her. Then, Jordan starts to get on Nicole’s nerves, and Stuart and Nicole argue about Jordan. Then, Nicole argues about being too lonely. They have been living together for one year in the apartment building, and they don’t know anyone in the building. Then, tragedy happens. At the funeral, Nicole tells Tess about her problems. She rarely has sex with Stuart because he prefers to masturbate instead.

        Tess adds that Stuart never said the words “I do” in the wedding. Nicole starts to have second thoughts about her marriage. She falls asleep on the couch in her flannel pajamas. They argue about getting a dog. She wants a dog, but he doesn’t like dogs. He wants to continue their romance like how it used to be when they were single, but she isn’t interested. She wants to move on. Stuart tries to get Nicole’s family and friends to help him save his marriage.

        He tells Tess that he doesn’t like her. He talks to Nicole’s mother, and she tells him more horror stories about the family, including what had caused Nicole’s scar. He still has feelings for her but no one wants to

        help him get her back and make it work. Nicole and Stuart argue again because he always wants to talk and she wants him to listen instead. They can’t seem to agree on anything. She wants a child, but he is not ready yet. He quits his full time job and works on a venture. She wants to move close to her family.

        She misses not having a Christmas tree because he is Jewish, but they decide to get one anyway. Nicole starts to pray a lot when she is alone. She is thinking about leaving Stuart because she wants to move on. They return to the diner where they first met in hopes to rekindle the magic they first felt for each other. But she tells him that she found an apartment for herself and she wants a trial separation. Stuart talks with his father and asks him about his affair. Nicole drops by to pick up some of her books, and they go on a ferry together, but they sit at different place on the ferry. He walks the NYC streets, watching a father play with his kid as well as eating together at a diner while he sits alone.

        At his apartment, he opens an empty drawer in his bedroom and finds two crosses. Then, he looks out the large window of his living room and just laughs.

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