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  • And, I do like natural remedies, and I'm a fan of Vitamin C, especially considering I don't get much sun due to a very pale complexion that burns quite easily, and the Vitamin C gives me a lot of energy I don't think I'd otherwise have

    • by Anasuya

      Though I have some serious issues with sinus and allergy problems, which tends to be something I have to battle all year long, I’m rarely actually sick with a cold or flu. In fact, my very healthy husband was recently sick, and I managed to escape the problems he experienced, even though I’d hardly call myself a particularly healthy individual (couch potato and reeces peanut butter cups, anyone?). But, occassionally, those sinus issues will drain into my chest and I’ll end up with soar throat or an irritating cough. My husband has long been a fan of cough drops, though I’ve never seen the appeal because I find that they taint everything you eat or drink afterwards with that awful medicinal taste. I’d much rather take a cough syrup or a pill, if possible, than suck on one of those

      things. But, when I wasn’t feeling too hot the other day because I’d ended up with a sore throat thanks to sinus drainage from the previous few days, I asked my husband who works at a grocery store to bring me home something. Of course, the first thing that pops into his head is cough drops! He brings me home these Halls Defense Sugar Free drops which have Vitamin C in it and are citrus flavored.

      Though I appreciated his effort, these just did very little for me. The taste, despite the appealing “citrus” flavoring, was not tasty in the least. It’s like mixing orajel with orange juice and then holding it in your mouth for ten minutes. Nothing at all appealing about that if you ask me. I did like that they were sugar free and had vitamin C in ...

      • it. Though, as I said before, I am not exactly healthy-minded, I’m also not a pure sugar nut. I’d prefer my medicine doesn’t have sugar in it. After all, if I’m going to ingest sugar, I might as well enjoy it, and medicine is hardly the avenue for enjoyment. And, I do like natural remedies, and I’m a fan of Vitamin C, especially considering I don’t get much sun due to a very pale complexion that burns quite easily, and the Vitamin C gives me a lot of energy I don’t think I’d otherwise have.

        But, in the end, this wasn’t much an improvement, taste wise, over regular Halls products. My husband tried them and thinks they are great, and much improved, but I just don’t see the difference. Sure, they are citrus-flavored, but that medicinal flavor is still

        so strong that I really can’t stomach more than one of these. Not only that, but like with other Halls products, I don’t really think they help soothe my soar throat any better than a glass of water would. They actually ended up propogating quite a bit of spit. I’m not a particularly dry mouthed individual, and sucking on one of these was like spraying my mouth with that thing at the dentists office. It was awful. I felt the need to carry a spit cup with me for fear of ending up looking like a drooling idiot! So, needless to say, I’m still not a fan of Halls products. They’ve stepped up a notch with the vitamin c and the citrus flavor, but they still have a long way to go before I’ll bother with one of their cough drop products again.

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